Cinema Perpetuum Mobile 2018 Manifesto

In the consumerist society, the festival is considered to be a commodity or a serving institution. The evidence of this is a great number of festivals of cheese, sausages, beer, smoked meats and rodents, springing up like mushrooms after the rain. The main function of an ordinary festival is to produce entertainment and happiness. Festival turns into building of the citadel of hedonism. Entertainment, happiness and hedonism are perceived as legitimization of consumption and dominant idea of commodity. We live in the epoch of Neo-Hellinism, when circuses once again become the ideological basis for the absolute authority and, in our case, economic system.

Belarusian cinemagoers, as members of the consumerist society, assess the quality of a commodity, voting with a ruble. Now we can see the results of this vote – the audience is getting bored at the cinema. They no longer feel happy to encounter the sublime on the screen and find no savour left in the magic of a cinema hall. Disappointed and frustrated, they try to find their happiness in other places. Standing in a queue to the unemployment centre, going to the sale of household goods at the department store or a local job fair – those and other ‘festivals’ of our age deprive us, the true representatives of the festival movement, of well-deserved laurels and reverence.

However, we are not afraid of hardships and ready to sacrifice the most precious for the sake of people's happiness. Let the hamster wheel of our perpetuum mobile machine fall on its side and turn into something that fully corresponds to the people’s aspirations and ideas of the sublime – into the circus ring. And the bedsheet we used to project films gets distorted under the pressure of market demands and turns into a chapiteau tent.
Let the famous acrobats impress us with their tricks and the lions trained by some famous tamers demonstrate their surprising sense of duty and gentle character. Everything is made for your pleasure: transgender midgets, muscular clowns, and an old bear with an accordion. We live in the era of the circus society and this show must go on. So you are welcome to take your seats, relax and sink into the world of happiness. Happiness that is honest and truthful! Happiness that fits our pathetic postmodern reality!
Let’s feed Achilles with turtle soup! Belarusian draniki will be the second course and kompot by Cinema Perpetuum Mobile the third! Here it is, pleasure for the eye. Here it is, our last performance!

Cinema Perpetuum Mobile is an international short film festival founded in 2011 in Minsk, Belarus. Our focus is on short film cinematography of all genres and topics.
From the very start, our goals have been to promote human values and cover crucial social problems through independent cinematography. Besides that, we search for new forms of cinema art and aim at establishing networks and cultural dialogue between Belarusian and international filmmakers. Last, but not least, we promote young Belarusian cinematography locally and abroad.

Films that have been produced after January 1st, 2018, with runtime no longer than 25 minutes are allowed to participate in the festival. There is no limit on how many works one participant can send. The participant that sends application must guarantee observance of copyright on the works sent. All responsibility for copyright observance lies on the contestant. The film submitting is confirmation that participant agrees to commercial use of the film during the film festival only.

Each non-English language work must have subtitles.

In case the film is selected for the program the Organizing committee may request a video file of a better quality and a subtitles file attached separately.
A video file must be provided in MPEG-4 (h264, h265, x264 codecs or equivalent) or OGV (Theora codec or equivalent) format, size - up to 2GB. Use of any other format may be allowed only on approval of the Organizing committee. Subtitles must be in English and in SRT or SUB format. Use of any other format is allowed only after coordination with the organizing committee.

To take part in the festival, the participant should provide to the Organizing committee the following materials:

participant's entry form
video file
subtitle file
The participant's entry form can be filled in online at

The filled-in entry form that will be sent to the e-mail address indicated; it must be printed, signed, scanned and sent to the following e-mail address:

Works can also be submitted as links to Vimeo, YouTube, or another video platform with the unlimited access to the link.

If needed, a DVD with the application can be sent via regular post. Please contact the organizers on for the details.

“No commercial value, for cultural purposes only” remark on the envelope is advisable. The disks sent will not be returned.

Overall Rating
  • Unfortunately i didn't have the opportunity to visit the festival.But i was at Minsk before one month and i met the people of cinema perpetuum film festival . They are very sweet and they really love cinema art.
    Keep up the good job
    Thank you for the award of best documentary for my film 'Rita'
    I hope to see you again

    April 2019
  • virginie vinet

    Serious and nice! Open to the world and independents artists, with a choice of high quality. Good job

    April 2019
  • Benjamin Raybone

    Fantastic festival with great communication at every stage!

    May 2018
  • Evan Luchkow

    I love everything this festival stands for! They are hardcore about showcasing cutting edge cinema. I really wish I could have been there in person. Thank you for screening my short!

    May 2018
    Response from festival:

    Dear Evan, thanks for the feedback.

    We are glad you've appreciated our festival and hope to hear from you next year!