The Hell Chess Film festival is an event celebrated in Campo de Gibraltar, Spain.
This year we got a special Festival with a final venue in Morelia (Mexico) and a special venue in Barcelona (Spain).
We celebrate our screening and Awards Festival.
We celebrate the commemoration of the great Hell Chess film made by From the ruin to Paradise society. This is our fourth Edition .
This year you´ll receive a philosophical welcoming!
We invite all artists from the whole world to participate.
Every year since 2013, we project our Hell Chess film and we play chess in a tournament.
But this year the thing is going to be completed with your artistic works.
Make a better place to live with the best of your souls!
And be elegant to express it!

The spirit of the Hell Chess Festival is so mysterious that you could feel a victory sensation even before starting. So, be sensitive now!

Sterling Silver Trophy to the Best Film.
And diplomas to the rest of the selected films.

We got a very special communication with the filmmakers, so all your films will be revised in a very complete way and you will receive our review to improve future projects. You will feel this festival is the festival all filmmakers needed to have.
If you cannot attend the festival in person, we ship all the prizes by traditional mail.

The rules are quite simple.
You can submit all kind of films and all kind of music without any limit.The artist freedom is complete. You can submit short films, feature films, documentaries, video clips, trailers, Video Art or whatever digital sight and sound form. Films got no length required.
But the risk, a deep colorful philosophy and the new forms of cinema language are better for us to be selected. As well as synthesis and capacity of being brief.
If you are already a Hell Chess winner, send us an email and we can provide you a free code to submit your new works for nothing. But only if you have been a winner in any of the past editions. This year we want to invite the uppermost films on Earth to be WONDERFUL. So this festival is almost a secret garden to drink the eternal water. So, be aware because we are almost a private castle! If you are here you got lucky.

No limits in languages, but ALL NON SPANISH OR NON SILENT MOVIES MUST HAVE SPANISH SUBTITLES. Anyway, we can provide you a certain help to make those subtitles if you are eager to make them.

Overall Rating
  • Great Festival!!!!! Thanks for the selection of my short film "Infernum"

    January 2018
  • Russell Emanuel

    Wonderful festival and we were honored to have screened there! Thank you!

    January 2018
  • gustavo arteaga

    A festival curating an eclectic programme with a genuine commitment to the films they pick, ranging from student work to films by established directors. They are clearly more concerned with content than provenance. Good communication, well organised live screenings, and always willing to go the extra mile. They thoroughly checked and corrected my poor Spanish subtitles to no extra cost. May this festival put together by a team of genuine film lovers continue to grow in years to come.

    January 2018
  • Mohammad Mohammadian

    Your festival is very nice, Thank you so much.

    March 2017
  • Shihyun Wang

    As a new filmmaker, I grew used to rejection. So it was a pleasant surprise to get feedback on my films "not selected" by "Hell Chess". A quick note telling me how I can improved my film showed their interest in helping filmmakers like me to excel. Although most people would give up after the first rejection, I submitted 4 more films. 3 were rejected with great advises. Eventually, "The Last Chance to Save Earth" was accepted and "Girl Indigo", which won "Best Film" of 2017.

    When my Spanish Speaking friend watched the announcement with me, he pose the award video to double check google translate as he can't believe we won. It is unthinkable that someone with little experience and low budget can even be considered in such a prestigious film award. But life is full of choices, their choice on my film was a brave one. It showed that films are not made by cameras, but by heart. If you are as passionate in telling your stories as I am, and you can only submit to 1 film festival, send to Hell Chess. When you make the choice to send your film, you are a winner already.

    March 2017