The Hell Chess Film festival is an event celebrated in Campo de Gibraltar and Madrid, Spain. THE ONLY FILM FESTIVAL IN THE WORLD THAT SENDS A CUSTOMISED REVIEW TO ALL THE SUBMITTERS
This year we got a special Festival with a final surprise of our mission in cinema life.
We celebrate our screening and Awards Festival.
We celebrate the commemoration of the great Hell Chess film made by From the ruin to Paradise society. This is our fifth Edition .
This year you´ll receive a philosophical welcoming!
We invite all artists from the whole world to participate.
Every year since 2013, we project our Hell Chess film and we play chess in a tournament.
But this year the thing is going to be completed with your artistic works.
Including films and music.
Make a better place to live with the best of your souls!
And be elegant to express it!

The spirit of the Hell Chess Festival is so mysterious that you could feel a victory sensation even before starting. So, be sensitive now!

Sterling Silver Trophy to the best film.

Diplomas to:
Best Music/song
Best Director (filmmaker of the year)
Best Acting (women and men compete against each other in a single category)
Audience Award
Best Chess film (Ruy López Award)
One Honorable Mention.

This is a festival where a short film could win a feature because all compete in the same category.

We got a very special communication with the filmmakers, so all your films will be revised in a very complete way and you will receive our review to improve future projects. You will feel this festival is the festival all filmmakers needed to have.
If you cannot attend the festival in person, we ship all the prizes by traditional mail.

The rules are quite simple.
You can submit all kind of films and all kind of music without any limit.The artistic freedom is complete. You can submit short films, feature films, documentaries, video clips, trailers, Video Art or whatever digital sight and sound form. Films got no length required. Music neither.
But the risk, a deep colorful philosophy and the new forms of cinema language are better for us to be selected. As well as synthesis and capacity of being brief.
If you are already a Hell Chess winner, send us an email and we can provide you a free code to submit your new works. But only if you have been a winner in any of the past editions. This year we want to invite the uppermost films on Earth to be WONDERFUL. So this festival is almost a secret garden to drink the eternal water. So, be aware because we are almost a private castle! If you are here you got lucky.

No limits in languages, but ALL NON SPANISH OR NON SILENT MOVIES MUST HAVE SPANISH SUBTITLES. Anyway, we can provide you a certain help to make those subtitles if you are eager to make them. As the same time we are open to photos and music, so you can submit them in our contest.

Overall Rating
  • Muy agradecidos por la colaboración y comunicación con el festival. Muchas gracias.

    December 2023
    Response from festival:

    Gracias por ese documental de valores que hay que tener tan en cuenta.

  • Como cineasta y actor español afincado en USA desde hace más de 2 décadas, con experiencia en el circuito FilmFreeway, es raro encontrarse con festivales de la calidad de Hell Chess. Esta gente no solo ve y analiza cada película sino que ofrecen consejos/feedback de un valor inigualable, lo que permite brillar en el circuito. Te dicen lo que muchos festivales nunca te dirían, no solo lo que le gustó sino el potencial que tendría tu film si ciertos aspectos fueran retocados, etc. Gran comunicación y cero elitismo de los que espantan a muchos cineastas independientes. En una industria (por lo menos aquí en USA) que es cruel con presupuestos bajos, quizás idolatrando todo lo Marvel, lo MGM, etc., es genial contar con expertos como los del panel de Hell Chess. Postularse en cualquier categoría es una tarifa que se paga por sí misma. Otros "festivales" cobran como $200 por decir cosas que no son tan apegadas a la realidad de tu trabajo. Un festival que merece la pena y que pone (valga el guiño) en jaque mate a muchos otros que se quedaron en el intento. Volveré a postular más trabajo (teleserie drama eduardiano de 1913 que empezamos a rodar en septiembre) en el futuro.

    July 2023
    Response from festival:

    Gracias Freddy por la sensibilidad de haber entendido el mensaje de Hell Chess y el deseo de todo lo mejor para tu presente y futuras obras de cine.

  • It was great that The hitchhiker was your favourite song. Thank you very much.

    October 2022
    Response from festival:

    We appreciate your decision of being part from the Hell Chess festival world.

  • Muy bueno todo: comunicación y calidad.

    September 2022
    Response from festival:

    Gracias Alejandro por esa Obra tan única que hemos tenido el placer de recibir.

  • This is an interesting festival, and we will be submitting again.

    November 2021
    Response from festival:

    Thanks for your view and review.
    This year the path was difficult and you were nearby the way.