The Slamdance Film Festival is set to take place from February 20-26, 2025, across multiple venues in and around Hollywood, CA including the Landmark Sunset 5 and the DGA Theater Complex, with additional locations to be announced. Continuing the success of previous online editions, the festival will also offer a virtual experience accessible to everyone through the Slamdance Channel, our artist-curated streaming platform.

Ticket prices are designed to be financially accessible, with in-person passes starting at $50.00 and many programs free to the public!


The Slamdance Film Festival is a showcase for raw and innovative filmmaking that lives and bleeds by its mantra: By Filmmakers, For Filmmakers. Thirty years strong, Slamdance has created a track record for showcasing breakthrough artists that is beyond dispute. Filmmakers who first presented their work at the festival are now amongst the biggest names in the entertainment industry. Alumni who have shown their early short films and debut features at Slamdance include Rian Johnson (Knives Out), Ari Aster (Midsommar), Gina Prince-Bythewood (The Old Guard), The Russo Brothers (Avengers: Endgame), Bong Joon Ho (Parasite), Lena Dunham (Girls), Jon M. Chu (Crazy Rich Asians), Lynn Shelton (Little Fires Everywhere) and Christopher Nolan (Dunkirk).


The Slamdance Film Festival accepts films in every genre, on any topic, from every country around the world. We spotlight low-budget Narrative and Documentary Features by first-time directors, Breakout Features from non-first time directors, short films across genres, and episodes. We do not disqualify any films based on premiere status or date of completion.

The festival program is selected entirely from our blind submissions pool and no films are given special treatment based on who made them or who they know. Over 200 Slamdance alumni filmmakers are responsible for the programming and organization of the festival. Comprised of a variety of backgrounds, interests, and talents, but with no individual filmmaker’s vote valued more than any other, Slamdance committees have been able to stay close to its original DIY spirit and continue to champion the bleeding-edge of contemporary filmmaking.


* Grand Jury Award for Narrative Feature
* Grand Jury Award for Documentary Feature
* Grand Jury Award for Breakouts
* Grand Jury Award for Episodes
* Grand Jury Award for Narrative Short
* Grand Jury Award for Documentary Short
* Grand Jury Award for Animation Short
* Grand Jury Award for Experimental Short
*Grand Jury Award 6xty
* Unstoppable Grand Jury Award
* Audience Award for Narrative Feature
* Audience Award for Documentary Feature
* Audience Award for Unstoppable
* Outstanding Acting Award
* George Starks Spirit of Slamdance Award
* Summer Chastant Episodic Award


Established in 2018 by Slamdance alumni directors Anthony and Joe Russo (Avengers: Endgame), the Fellowship is designed to foster and support young filmmakers while creating a platform for new and emerging talent. Anthony and Joe will select one filmmaker to receive a $25,000 prize, access to an office at AGBO, their Los Angeles based studio, and mentorship from the Russos and the AGBO team.

By entering the Slamdance Film Festival, you agree to follow its rules and guidelines.


• We consider films in any language, from anywhere in the world. If your film is not in English, make sure it has English subtitles where necessary.
• We consider work in progress. Please include a title card describing what is unfinished at the beginning of the submission screener.
• We consider films regardless of their premiere status. Even if your film has already premiered at another festival, whether it screened at a physical venue or online, it’s still eligible for consideration.
• We consider films regardless of their completion date. You can submit any film no matter when it was made.
• Features previously or currently being released in the US by a third party distributor are not eligible for consideration.
• Features previously self-distributed by the filmmakers online are not eligible for consideration in Feature categories.
• Only directors' debut features with a budget under 1 million USD are accepted to the Narrative and Documentary First Feature competition. If your work is not your first feature film, submit it to our Breakouts competition.
• There's no additional eligibility criteria for short film categories. All shorts are eligible!
• Films made by or about people with disabilities of any genre/format/runtime are eligible for the Slamdance Unstoppable Program.


• For Unstoppable submissions on FilmFreeway all prompts must be fully completed to avoid disqualification
• Films made by or about people with disabilities of any genre/format/runtime are eligible for the Slamdance Unstoppable Program
• Any disabled role(s) must be portrayed by disabled actors. Films that feature able-bodied actors portraying disabled people will NOT be eligible for Unstoppable.
• Unstoppable submissions MUST have captioning.
• Any questions or concerns regarding Unstoppable eligibility can be sent to: AND


• All screeners must be uploaded by the appropriate deadline.
• Deadlines close at 11:59 PM PST.
• We will contact entrants if there's anything wrong with the submission. If this occurs, you will need to fix the submission issue by the requested deadline, otherwise we can't guarantee that your film will be watched in time.
• We don't provide refunds for festival entries.
• Entrants can update their screener by uploading a new video file provided your original link url does not change. The link must stay the same after you have submitted your entry. If it is replaced programmers will lose access to your screener and it may not be watched in time for consideration.
• We strongly recommend that ALL submitted films regardless of category include English subtitles (whether the film is in English or another language) so that they may be accessible to all of our Programmers. Films in a language other than English MUST have English subtitles.


• Deliberating programmers determine a festival selection through discussion and voting.
• Each participating programmer has an equal vote and no festival competition selections are made outside of this process.
• Our programmers are not required to read submission cover letters and other supporting materials, but we encourage you to submit them in case they want to learn more about you and your work.
• We don't share programming feedback with entrants.
• The Slamdance programmers' decisions are final.


• Accepted filmmakers will be notified via email, phone or text. Filmmakers must confirm their participation by the given deadline, otherwise they might lose their spot in the line-up.
• Accepted filmmakers must be the authors of their submitted work and be ready to sign an agreement stating that they own all rights to their film and its components ahead of screening at Slamdance.
• If accepted, entrants are responsible for delivering their festival exhibition copy, trailer, screener link, press stills and press-kit on time.
• All accepted films must have Closed Captioning in English ready in time for their festival screening. We highly recommend you work on this while you wait for your festival acceptance since it will make your film more accessible to audiences wherever it may be shown.
• If accepted, filmmakers are expected to attend the festival.
• We don't cover filmmakers' travel expenses.
• We don't provide screening fees.

*****And filmmakers Please note! Submission to the Slamdance Film Festival comes with a one year free subscription to the Slamdance Channel (!

Overall Rating
  • Kiarash Dadgar Mohebi

    Words can't express how incredibly thankful I am to the Slamdance Film Festival for not only selecting 'The Steak' for their esteemed program but also for honouring it with the prestigious AGBO Award. Slamdance has truly carved out a unique space for independent filmmakers, providing a platform where creativity knows no bounds and where bold, innovative storytelling thrives. Big Thanks to Slamdance Family!

    May 2024
  • We're big fans of what Slamdance stand for, and when we've got films that suit their vibe we definitely submit! This year we had two debut features screen: Demon Mineral and The Bitcoin Car. The icing on the cake was Demon Mineral taking home the Audience Award for Documentary Feature.

    March 2024
  • There's nothing like it in the whole world. An incredible supportive community driven by a small team that works better than a thousand. An energy that you never felt before and it's impossible to verbalise. This is more than a film festival, it's the home that every uncompromising filmmaker has ever hoped for. I wish every filmmaker to experience it because if you'll ever get the gift of being selected you'll never forget your Slamdance week. I'm forever grateful to this family for changing my life.

    February 2024
  • Ikuya Onodera

    We are glad to join Slamdance from Japan!

    February 2024
  • Abby Falvo

    Slamdance was an amazing experience. I was lucky to be invited to screen my short film. As large as the festival is, they were still incredibly communicative and gave so much information I never felt lost or confused about travel or lodging or anything. All of the organizers were available for questions, and had zoom meetings before the festival to get all the shorts filmmakers together and answer any questions. We really felt taken care of. Once there we networked, met the programmers, and took part in all the events. We met a lot of amazing people. The community that surrounds this festival is enough of a reason to attend in person, but also the programming was top notch and I loved taking in all the amazing films.

    February 2024