The Concepción Independent Film Awards arrives at its fourth edition, with the mission of showing good cinema for a week to the BíoBío region, to Chile and to the whole world. The festival tries to provide a social view of film production, however, it is not limited to this theme, but offers a range of themes and genres for the enjoyment of lovers of the seventh art.

Award for Narrative Short
Award for Best Social theme Short
Award for best experimental short
Award for best documentary short
Award for Best Animation Short.
Award for Best Narrative Feature
Award for best social theme feature
Award for best experimental feature
Award for Best Documentary Feature.
Award for Best Music Video
Special Awards

The call for the festival for the sections in competition begins on March 05 until August 01, 2018.
2.1. Any person, individually or collectively, can participate without limit of origin.
2.2. Short films will have a maximum of 40 minutes; The feature films will be over 41 minutes long. Music videos can not exceed 15 minutes.
2.3. Categories of participation:
Narrative Short
Social theme Short
Experimental Short
Documentary Short
Animation Short
Narrative Feature
Social theme Feature
Experimental Feature
Documentary Feature
Animation Feature
Music video
2.4. Each director can present as many movies as he wants.
2.5. Subtitles: Films registered must present subtitles in English in case they are filmed in other languages.
2.6. Films that do not respect these regulations will not be considered.
2.7. The theme of productions is free.
2.8. The movie will be submit through
3. Call:
First call: until March 21
Second call: until April 04
Third call: until April 18
Fourth call: until May 02
Fifth call: until May 16
Sixth call: until June 6
Seventh call: until July 12
Eighth call: until August 01

The Selection Committee of the festival will evaluate all the works submitted under the aforementioned requirements and will choose the Projection Section, which will be communicated to each producer and / or director of each of the selected proposals.
4.1. Works that use non-original material will not be accepted in more than 10% of the total work.
4.2. Neither will be selected the works that do not have the technical quality necessary for a correct projection.
4.3. The festival selection committee reserves the right not to communicate the reasons and causes for which a film has not been selected.
5.1. The Projection Section will be made public on the web and social networks of the Festival, on August 03, 2018.
5.2. The festival is committed to communicate through e-mail those films that have been selected.
6.1. Once the Projection Section is communicated, those responsible for the selected productions must send to the Festival:
• A photograph director.
• Two pictures of the movie in jpg format.
• Press kit of the short (Data sheet, synopsis, etc.).
• Film projection copy.
6.2. The author (s) must first ensure that the content of their work does not infringe the intellectual property rights or other rights of third parties, and will exempt the Selection Committee from any legal liability.
6.3. In no case is the payment of exhibition rights or projection fees.