Founded in 2017, the Oslo Film Festival has been taking place annually, in physical locations and online during the Covid-19 quarantine. Aiming to bring the best independent films to the heart of the Norwegian capital, OFF accepts submissions of all genres and from all walks of life. Among our top priorities is to encourage young aspiring filmmakers to follow their dream. Therefore, we have opened several affordable categories only applicable to students.

We always host our Festivals in local cinemas and multicultural spaces, supporting the city's historical venues while creating events that are accessible to all. Our screening categories span a wide range including shorts and feature films, documentaries, animations and music videos.

The Oslo Film Festival is organised by HFP, a pioneer organisation that runs Film Festivals and other events showcasing and championing ideas of diversity. Through our global series of film Festivals that spread over 13 countries, we open the path to voices with a compelling story to share. Our main mission is to honour independent cinema and establish a network of artists eager to join forces and spread their work across all nations. HFP runs 25 film Festivals worldwide.

The Festival's award-winning films are presented at the end of the screenings and are announced on our official website and social media.

All winners receive our official award certificate.

✓ All films must be submitted in English or with English subtitles (if in a different language).

✓ All films must have been made in or after 2022.

✓ Short films must not exceed 45 minutes.

✓ Filmmakers are responsible for sorting out the copyright on their own materials.

✓ By submitting to us, you give us consent and right to screen your film in front of a live audience, and, under special circumstances, online screening.

✓ Nominations: These are all the films that have been nominated for an award in a category. Not all nominated films will be screened.

Official Selection: These are all the nominated films selected for screening, which will be notified via email. If you received a Nomination email, but no Official Selection email, it means your film will not be screened, but is still a contender for an award in its category.

Award Winners: Chosen from the Nominations (which includes the Official Selection).

✓ Film Critique: With this service, an experienced film professional will review your project and write a 1 to 2 pages critique (depending on the length of the film) of the submitted film. Both films and screenplays can be submitted into this category. Film critiques are sent to filmmakers within 1 to 3 months after the Film Festival event. This service cannot be combined with discount codes and is offered as an add-on option. In order to combine the Add-on Film Critique with a category, write down the Category of your choice on your Cover Letter or Director's Statement.

✓ We may promote clips from your film on social media, based on the press kits you provide us with.

✓ We retain the right to change the date and venue of the festival under special circumstances. All filmmakers will be informed about any changes through email and our online platforms.

✓ We place no restrictions on your work in terms of premiere status or whether your work has been made available online.

✓ We do not accept partial screeners, trailers, or screener links that require access other than password protected links.

✓ Any technical issues with the submitted films are 100% the responsibility of the filmmakers. If, at the time of judging, your video file doesn’t work or doesn’t have English subtitles (if in a language other than English), it will be automatically rejected, without a refund. Please contact the festival team ASAP if there are any issues with the submission process, and a solution will be found.

✓ We cannot provide refunds.

✓ If you have submitted your project in the previous year, please do not resubmit the same project to the current edition.

✓ By submitting to us you agree to our terms and conditions and to receiving marketing newsletters and discounts about film festivals in the form of emails. We will never sell your information to third parties.

✓ We reserve the right to update our terms and conditions.

Overall Rating
  • Riccardo Cavosi

    Very happy to be part of the Official Selection at Oslo Film Festival! Great Communication from a very kind and professional team! “The Birdwatchers” was nominated for Best Short!
    Thank you again OFF!

    January 2022
  • A wonderful festival! I was very honored to learn that my screenplay CRACKSMEN was given the Award of Recognition this year. Thank you, Oslo Film Festival! I hope to be able to visit you in person when the world is back to health!

    January 2021
  • Rolv Lyssand Bjørø

    I was there this year with my film "Another World" and was very impressed by the festival and the level of the films screened there. The festival staff is friendly, professional and take your screening very serious. It was also a great opportunity to network with other filmakers. Not only do they take good care of the attendees but they also arranged enlightening round-table sessions in between screenings. This festival is definitely worth a trip to Oslo

    December 2019
  • April Kelley

    A wonderful festival - we were thrilled to be a part of it and it was simply a bonus that we won. Thank you so much.

    December 2019
  • We were not able to attend the 2019 festival. Our feature film, Paris la Blanche, was awarded "Best Feature Film." Thank you! The communication from the festival staff was outstanding and the event appears well-organized. I wish we could have experienced the festival first hand! Another year! Congratulations to everyone who took part in the festival and to all the award winners.

    December 2019