Founded in 2014 in the world's most important film destination, the Cannes Short Film Festival celebrates the best of international indie short filmmaking. CSFF brings together filmmakers from around the world for an amazing presentation of cinematic excellence and exciting innovation. Screening more than fifty short films, the 2021 CSFF is will be the 8th sensational annual event dedicated to short filmmaking, from Aug 16 to 23.

With an emphasis on new talent, discovery, and low-budget innovation, Cannes Shorts' vibrant programme of films combines a commitment to independent cinema’s ideals with a sound understanding of indie filmmaking possibilities.

Cannes Shorts began in 2014 at the gorgeous Studio 13 MJC Picaud cinema in downtown Cannes; then, requiring more capacity, the festival then moved to Cinema Pathé Masséna in Nice. The 2020 festival moved online due to Covid-19, and the online festival turned out to be immensely popular, with dozens of international filmmakers being able to participate (who would not otherwise have been able to make the trip to France.) Cannes Shorts will return to the Eventive platform in 2021.

Cannes Shorts is exclusive to FilmFreeway, and all short films are selected from FilmFreeway submissions. The festival especially looks forward to showcasing independent and first-time directors making use of low budgets and indie film spirit.

Cannes Shorts will be celebrating the year's best in short film genre:

Best Short Film
Best Short Documentary
Best LGBT Short
Best Horror Short
Best Sci-Fi Short
Best Animated Short
Best Experimental Short
Best Short Short
Best Music Video

Cannes Short will consider any short film under 50 minutes. The festival considers a Short Short to be under 5 minutes.

Overall Rating
  • Elizabeth Berliner

    It was a great honor for my Directorial Debut of the film PAWNS to be an Official Selection of the Cannes Short Film Festival 2020. With the restrictions of the Pandemic in play, Festival Organizers did a fabulous job utilizing the Eventive Platform to present many wonderful films! Thank you Cannes Short Film Festival! I look forward to submitting my next project!

    February 2021
  • Maybe February Films

    The Cannes Short Film Festival made sure it happened even if it had to go online and we really appreciate that.

    Sam is super responsive and helpful, and the communication was great.

    Thank you for having Wednesday in your program this year!

    Lisa & Jeremy

    October 2020
  • Valerie Rose

    I was ecstatic to learn that my film was selected by the Cannes Short Film Festival! It was such an honor. They were so nice, especially, Sam. They answered all of my questions with courtesy and patience. I highly recommend it! --Valerie Rose

    October 2020
  • Lee Hanson

    This festival was so wonderful! It was so great that they made it online this year so that people all around the world could see the films and stay safe.

    September 2020
  • Mike McDougall

    Delighted to be selected. Very friendly festival organisers.

    September 2020