Montreal Independent Film Festival is an annual and a monthly IMDb qualifying festival dedicated to international and Canadian shorts and features of all genres.

All the award winning artists of the monthly editions are further nominated for the annual awards and the red carpet ceremony which will be covered by media at the Cinema du Parc of Montreal. The annual award winners will also receive cash prizes, bonuses, and promotions in publicity.

The monthly IMDb qualifying fest is an online competition but it also provides important additional services to all international filmmakers in screening, marketing, distribution and publicity. We announce our monthly award winners on the 10th of each month.

The official selections of each monthly edition have the option to screen and promote their films through Toronto Film Channel.

The monthly festival has promoted and screened hundreds of international films in the past few editions and it has featured hundreds of artists in various recognizable film magazines. However, the promotion, screening and publicity are our additional features in our monthly edition and have nothing to do with the competition. Films can enter the monthly competition without these features in publicity and screening.

The festival is truly a great international platform for all filmmakers and it is not only about giving out trophies but recognizing talents and supporting the career of artists working in the film industry as writers, directors, producers, actors, cinematographers, editors, composers etc.

Montreal Independent Film Festival truly cares about the language of cinema, independent filmmaking, filmmakers, arts and all the artists involved in each film project.

Our programmers and the members of our jury are professionals working in media from Canada and all over the world. We also select our juries of the month from our previous award winners to judge and vote for various categories of the festival. The award winners can apply to the artistic director of the festival to become a jury of a monthly edition in the category they were awarded.

We are an organization committed to selecting, awarding, promoting, featuring and screening international and Canadian films.

Best Narrative Feature
Best Narrative Short
Best Canadian Film
Best Feature Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Director
Best Producer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Cinematographer
Best Editor
Best Script
Best Animation
Best Horror
Best Science fiction
Best Comedy
Best Experimental
Best Web Series/TV Pilot
Best First Time filmmaker
Best Female director
Best Indie Film

Films can be from anywhere in the world since the festival is an international competition.
The festival has the right to use a trailer, stills and a poster from the films for promotional purposes.
Entry fees are non refundable.
There is no premier status requirement for films that would like to enter the monthly competition.
Films can also be available online and in other platforms and still enter the competition.
Completion date of films should be in the past 4 years in order to enter the competition.

Overall Rating
  • The cast, crew, and myself, would like to thank the Montreal Independent Film Festival for selecting our ACTRA featurette "The Devil's Tail". In this creatively difficult year of 2020, it brings a deep appreciation and knowledge that so many are working to keep the creative fires going to enable us these online festivals. Thank you! Gregory Terlecki: Going Beyond Violet Productions.

    October 2020
  • Maria Soccor

    This was such a fantastic experience of a film festival during a most uncertain time in the world. I was so happy to receive Best Female Filmmaker for Lords of BSV, my feature documentary in September, 2020. I am so grateful to be able to exhibit our documentary and now our film is a semi-finalist! Thank you for bringing filmmakers endless joy!

    October 2020
  • Thank you very much for including Umbra in your movies lineup! Montreal is one of those dream destinations and hopefully once the corona situation ceases a visit is en route! Again thank you very much and I wish you all the best!!

    October 2020
  • Thank You for the Opportunity to Represent Hood history, Shoot Zulus a Multicultural Classic Award Winning Action Musical and bring a Foreign Film Oscar statuette back home to Hochelaga, Maisonneuve. In honor of Oscar Devereaux Micheaux and old school advice from a woke Bro "Mais fais le! T'es capables! Awaye, Just do it Richard!" Jean-Claude Lauzon (Léolo). "Superpowers can't save souls."

    October 2020
  • Its a great feeling our short film" Confidences d'une Hitlerjugend"offically selected at Montreal Independent film festival

    October 2020