Montreal Independent Film Festival (MIFF) has turned into one of the most popular emerging international festivals dedicated to the cinematic language and independent filmmaking.

The IMDb qualifying seasonal and annual festival is an innovative event with live screening in Cinema du Parc of Montreal. The festival nominates projects and selects the best of the season. MIFF promotes the winners to thousands of film industry professionals and artists working in media. The winners of the season are nominated to be a finalist of the annual event.

Cannes award winners and Oscar nominees have also joined emerging independent artists to compete in various sections of the festival. With thousands of entries every year, the programming committee selects film and script projects and nominates artists for various sections of the competition which also includes awards and honorable mentions of the seasonal festival in acting, directing, cinematography, screenwriting, editing, music video, experimental cinema, animation, student film, etc.

Through MIFF magazine and channel, we offer daily, hourly and weekly screenings and promotions of independent features and shorts throughout the whole season for the official selections. We screened hundreds of independent shorts and features in the last year from all over the globe. Some of our indie films had thousands of views and were selected by other festivals and secured distribution deals.

MIFF Canada has created many opportunities for independent film projects and artists to be noticed, awarded, screened and recognized in the film industry. The festival also continues to select jury members who are assigned to various sections of the festival in each edition. The festival invites filmmakers, critics, actors, writers, composers, cinematographers and many agents and distributors from all over the world.

We are an organization committed to selecting, awarding, promoting, featuring and screening international and Canadian projects of all genres.

Next Annual:
March 23rd to March 26th

Annual categories:
Best Feature Film
Best Independent Film
Best Short Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Canadian Film
Best Female Director
Best Script
Best Youth Artist 

Seasonal Categories:
Best Narrative Feature
Best Narrative short
Best Feature Documentary
Best Short Documentary
Best Canadian Film
Best Horror
Best Comedy
Best Animation
Best Science Fiction
Best Web Series/TV Pilot
Best Experimental
Best Human Rights
Best Environmental
Best Female Director
Best First Time Filmmaker
Best Independent Film
Best Student Film
Best Music Video
Best Unproduced Script
Best Thriller
Best Trailer
Best Director
Best Script
Best Producer
Best Cinematographer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Editor
Best Composer

Films must have been completed in the past 3 years.
Our annual festival offers screening to the projects with the director and a leading cast member available for the premiere in Cinema du Parc of Montreal.
MIFF channel and MIFF magazine screening and promotion is offered to all the official selections of the seasonal and annual festival. However, screening is not mandatory in order to compete in various sections of the festival. 
We consider films regardless of their premiere status. Even if your film has already premiered at another festival, whether it screened at a physical venue or online, it’s still eligible for consideration.
Online screening is optional in the seasonal competition and it has to be requested by the producer and is not mandatory for entering various sections of the competition due to premiere status of projects.
The applicant holds the sole responsibility of copyright clearance of any copyrighted material in the film.
The festival has the right to use a trailer, stills, pics and posters for promotional purposes in various film magazines, social media, websites, etc.
Entry fees are non refundable since our programmers need to evaluate each project twice.
English or French subtitles are required for foreign language films. Films in English or French do not require subtitles.
Shorts must be less than 50 minutes. All projects over 50 minutes should submit to the feature category.
The festival will only communicate with the submitter of the film project.

Overall Rating
  • Louisa Sharamatyan

    Dear Montreal Independent Film Festival team,

    You are one of the best film festivals we have taken part in.
    Our team would like to thank you for the excellent organization of the festival, as well as all the members of the jury, thanks to whose decision our film "The American Good Samaritans" has been selected as an Nominee in festival .

    I wish all of you a all the best for the festival and in your personal life.


    Manvel Saribekyan,

    Film Producer.

    January 2023
  • Eddie Cordiano

    Great festival and experience ! Thank you, Montreal Independent !

    January 2023
  • Sina Nazarian

    Thank you for the support & recognition of arthouse cinema.

    Very delighted to have been nominated for the Best Experimental film.

    Thank you,

    Sina Nazarian

    December 2022
  • Un excelente festival, buena comunicación y súper atentos para cualquier duda, GRACIAS por permitir que mi cortometraje VIRIUM pudiese lograr ser visibilidad

    December 2022
  • RK Greene

    'Beau' was honored to be a nominee for the Montreal Independent Film Festival 2022,

    December 2022