Toronto Women Film Festival celebrates and recognizes films made by talented female filmmakers from all over the world. The festival is an IMDb qualifying seasonal and annual festival in partnership with Toronto Film Channel and sponsored by Toronto Film Magazine. The festival also screens best films about women every year in Carlton Cinema of downtown Toronto and various art centers in Toronto.

Every seasonal edition, the festival focuses on female driven stories, independent female directors, producers, writers, actresses, cinematographers, editors, and all female artists contributing to the language of cinema as women in film.

Toronto Women Festival has become one of the most popular festivals dedicated to female talents in the film industry. The festival also promotes and provides online screening through Toronto Film Channel to about 150 shorts and 25 features every year. Every year in July, we also screen films about women for three days through Carlton Cinema and Toronto Film Channel.

The festival also selects films created by all genders from all over the world from various backgrounds, cultures and traditions dealing with women in society. Films created by male directors about female characters are qualified to submit to the festival as well and may be selected for live screening in the cinema for the annual program.

The seasonal festival aims to discover, promote, screen and award female filmmakers and stories dealing with women in societies around the world.

The members of our jury have been selected from award winning artists working in media from Canada, United States, Austria, Germany, Japan, Iran, India, Sweden, United Kingdom and all over the world. Award winning artists of Toronto Women Film Festival can also apply to become a member of the jury for a new edition of the IMDb qualifying competition in order to vote for one of the assigned categories under the supervision of the artistic director and the festival management team.

It is important to recognize talented female voices and female artists from all over the world. Our seasonal screening is offered to all the official selections and nominees upon request from the producers.

Narrative Feature
Narrative Short
Feature Documentary
Short Documentary
Best Experimental
Best Comedy
Best Science Fiction
Best Horror
Best Animation
Best Web/TV/Pilot
Best Music Video
Best Student Film
Best Actress
Best Female Cinematographer
Best Female Scriptwriter
Best Female Producer
Best Female Editor
Best Female Director
Best Female Composer
Best Human Rights
Best Environmental
Best Poster
Best Canadian Female Filmmaker
Best First Time Female Filmmaker
Films About Women

Films must have been completed within the past three years.
Films must be either produced, directed or written by a female or include a female cast or female characters, themes, or a female cinematographer or editor.
Male directors can submit a film to Films About Women Category and also nominate a female director, female producer, female scriptwriter, and any member of the crew and cast as a female artist.
Non-English language films need to have English subtitles.
Shorts must be less than 50 minutes.
Premiere status is not required, and all films are qualified to submit.
The festival has the right to use promotional material.
The filmmaker has secured all the rights.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
If the film is selected for the live screening of the annual, the director must be able to attend the screening in Toronto.

Overall Rating
  • Blessing Films

    Thank you Toronto International Women Film Festival for recognizing 'Spirit of Akhenaten', and seeing through the unique soul of our pharaoh and his spiritual beliefs.

    October 2022
  • I was happy with the selection from Toronto International Women Festival. Their networking, communication and hospitality was great and very professional. They were kind enough to publicise my film "Shielding Sheila", in the Toronto Film Magazine which I was very grateful for. Thank you. Joyce Grey-Carter

    September 2022
  • Amélie Truffert Drawbridge

    Thank you for nominating A Journey With A Hope !

    September 2022
  • Olivia pfaff

    Thank you for including us in your film festival. Communication was excellent and it was very receptive. We appreciated the streaming screening and the beautiful award as 🥇. We will definitely enter other projects in the 🔮.

    September 2022
  • Luisa Micheletti

    Very glad to be on the official selection with my first film "Soror". Thank you all and I wish the best for the festival and all the films selected.

    September 2022