Welcome to the 5th annual FilmQuest Festival!

Gaining raves for its quality of selections, prestigious Cthulhu Trophy, and one of MovieMaker Magazine's 50 Film Festivals Worth the Entry Fee (2017 & 2015), FIlmQuest celebrates the majesty of genre filmmaking in the realms of fantasy, horror, sci-fi, and the beyond (including action, thriller, western, kung-fu, and more). In 2017, the festival continued to usher in the very best genre filmmaking in the world, showcasing incredible talent, creating new friendships and collaborations, and proving to be a must-stop destination for filmmakers moving into our 2018 season.

FilmQuest has been designed specifically to cater to the empowerment of the filmmaker through various events, awards, swag, connections, and more. In creating the festival, we thought long and hard about what it is that makes a festival great. We asked ourselves the tough questions. What we’ve come up with is, we believe, a festival experience that is the kind most filmmakers dream about.

Industry professionals and celebrities have also taken part in our Grand Jury, including Doug Jones ("Hellboy," "Pan's Labyrinth"), Dameon Clarke ("Borderlands," "Dragonball Z"), Christina Robinson ("Dexter"), Amrita Acharia ("Game of Thrones"), Daniel Logan ("Star Wars"), and Carlee Baker ("The Woman"). The Juries will award our filmmakers in over 45 individual categories. Our selection committee is also made up of a group of industry professionals from various fields, such as directors, actors, producers, professors, writers, animators, casting directors, and more.

Want more? We will also be hosting exclusive parties, panels, and more! So get involved today and consider becoming a part of one of the most exciting film festivals to emerge on the circuit in years! We look forward to seeing your submissions!

We encourage you to explore our website (www.FilmQuestFest.com) for new information and updates as it comes, including who is on the Grand Jury, the Selection Committee, the Official Selections, venues, and more. As the year progresses, we'll be updating our website and this page with more info on what to expect, the celebrities who will be involved with FilmQuest, our events, workshops, panels, and more!

Prepare for Fantastic at FilmQuest, one of the world's fastest growing genre film festivals!

We’ve created a festival that gives away awe-inspiring awards, fills your bag with the swag a pirate would be envious of, connects you to other filmmakers and celebrities in ways that encourages future collaboration, and offers an event to explore that will be talked about for years to come in FilmQuest.

We have the FilmQuest Cthulhu trophy designed specifically for FilmQuest and manufactured by the same company who makes the Golden Globes, making what we are sure will soon become one of the most coveted awards on the festival circuit. And this is just the beginning. The trophy will be available for over 20 categories, with high quality plaques available to the rest.

More prizes and awards are added frequently, so stay tuned and don't miss out on FilmQuest!

TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR ENTRY SUBMISSION : All film submissions must be postmarked by July 2, 2018. All submissions must be complete, with all of the items on the checklist order completed to be considered for the submission. All submissions received after July 2, 2018 will be considered for next year's festival unless otherwise notified. Notification of acceptance into the 2018 film festival will occur no later than July 17, 2018. If accepted, a screening print or digital copy must arrive at FilmQuest's office not later than July 2nd, 2018. All screeners must be clearly labeled. These screeners will become the property of FilmQuest unless a self-address, self-stamped package is provided with original submission.

All entries selected into FilmQuest grant FilmQuest the right to use any footage from the screener, and all submitted publicity photos and any other materials sent to us pertaining to this entry for FilmQuest's promotional purposes, without limitations. Complete press kit for films will be requested only after acceptance. All prints must be picked up after the screening and signed for by the filmmaker.

ELIGIBILITY : We will accept films completed after January 2015, unless otherwise noted. We will accept films that have previously screened in other festivals. Entry fees are non-refundable, and may be paid in the form of Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, check or money order paid in US dollars, only through a US affiliated bank. A $2.00 processing fee will be added to all credit card payments. SCRIPTS : Scripts must be bound and formatted correctly. Feature film script length should be at least 40 pages and not over 180. Shorts scripts at least 2 pages. Scripts will not be returned. Please include synopsis bound with script after title page. Final deadline for scripts is June 1, 2018. All scripts must be accompanied with a synopsis. We also accept digital script submissions either via FilmFreeway or email.

AWARDS ELIGIBILITY: Only films that have been completed and released after January 1st, 2017 will be eligible for rules in compliance with the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences standard for Oscar Qualifying. Films completed and released before this date will still be eligible for acceptance and screening at the festival, just not major awards consideration.

PARTICIPANT AGREEMENT : I, the undersigned, represent and warrant that I have full legal right and authority to submit the heretofore mentioned film/video project for consideration by FilmQuest, and that all necessary consents, licensing and approvals have been obtained with respect thereto. I agree to hold FilmQuest and its sponsors harmless in any and all matters pertaining to the consents, licenses, and approvals of heretofore film/video project. I understand that my submission is in no way a guarantee of acceptance or nomination into and at FilmQuest. No one from FilmQuest or its sponsors has guaranteed me admission into the festival. I, the undersigned, have read the terms and conditions appearing herein, and agree, without exception, to all the terms and conditions stated.

For FULL rules and conditions, please visit our website at www.FilmQuestFest.com

Overall Rating
  • Jorge Andrade

    Really cool atmosphere. Excellent films. I certainly felt appreciated and valued as a filmmaker. I will submit again.

    April 2018
  • Kristofer Kiggs Carlsson

    I had an amazing time at Filmquest.
    The people where so friendly & made me and my team feel extremely welcomed. At Filmquest the love for filmmaking is in the center.
    Make sure to experience the whole festival. Each day is a new adventure.
    I highly recommend it!

    February 2018
  • A really cool experience. I don't enter festivals very often, but this was a cool opportunity to compete and try to complete a film in a week.

    January 2018
  • Christina Barsi

    This festival was impressive before I ever even set foot in Utah, Provo, the quaint town where the festival is now held. The communication was most impressive. I was trying to organize a live event in addition to screening our film with the festival and Jonathan, the fest director, was beyond available! He made me feel so welcome and comfortable right at acceptance.

    Once I did arrive, the organizers recognized me right away & remembered my film by title. Again, super welcoming. The films were also fantastic! It was truly an honor to be able to screen amongst them. And it was a testament to the integrity of their selection process as well. The panels were a wonderful bonus!

    I walked away with new connections, great business opportunities, and new friends that included the festival directors themselves! Jonna Jackson lives in my town and is one of the most generous people I now have the pleasure of knowing and get to continue to spend time with! Love you guys and thank you for a heartfelt festival with integrity!

    October 2017
  • Jeffrey Howe

    Incredibly friendly staff, a lovely downtown business district setting where you can walk to everything, and the gorgeous backdrop of the mountains made this a great experience.

    October 2017