IMDb Film Festival. Connecting Filmmakers with the Industry.

VERY IMPORTANT. We are not an online film festival. We are against online festivals. Our exclusive event is designed exclusively for film professionals.

What does this mean?

That instead of your project being seen by a general public. Your project will be seen only by professionals from the film industry. Film producers, directors, distributors and sales agents. We have an extensive network of more than 9,000 international buyers. This makes it possible to generate many new opportunities for your career.

Don't wait until the last deadline to register your project, since at each deadline we make rounds with distributors. In each term we meet with the distributors and present the best projects of the festival to obtain the maximum opportunities throughout the year.

In addition, we recognize the power of social media exposure in today's digital landscape. All projects registered in the main categories, including Best Short Film, Best Feature Film, Best Music Video, Best Documentary and Best Screenplay, will receive a free Instagram post. , improving its reach and visibility.

So why should you join the New World Film Festival? We believe that times are changing and it is no longer enough to show your film in a movie theater. As a filmmaker, you invest substantial resources on the festival circuit, but what do you really get in return? Some laurels for your Instagram profile? A screening with a tiny audience? Our goal is to transcend these limitations by actively facilitating connections between you and industry professionals who can have a significant impact on your career path.

What sets us apart from other festivals is our deliberate choice to accept a limited number of projects. In doing so, we ensure that every detail is meticulously attended to, providing personalized attention to each participating project. Accepting thousands of projects each year would compromise our ability to properly focus the work of each filmmaker. Instead, we prioritize quality over quantity, allowing us to serve as a trusted platform for your creative endeavors.

Additionally, we pride ourselves on our distribution-oriented approach, which means there are no restrictions on the year of production or territorial release of your projects. You can register as many projects as you like, without limits, allowing you to fully maximize the opportunities presented by the New World Film Festival.

In short, the New World Film Festival stands as an exceptional platform connecting filmmakers with the film industry. Dedicated to accredited professionals, our exclusive event guarantees exposure to Los Angeles growers and distributors and an extensive network of international buyers. We reject the notion of online festivals open to the public, prioritizing personalized connections and tangible results for our participants. Join us today and take the next step in your film career.

Best Feature Film
Best Short film
Best Documentary
Best Feature Script
Best Short Script
Best First time Screenwriter
Best Female Director
Best Director
Best First Time Filmmaker
Best Producer
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Cinematography
Best Soundtrack
Best Script
Best Edit
Best Sound Design
Best Visual Effects
Best Trailer
Best Poster
Best Music Video
Best Drama
Best Comedy
Best Horror
Best Animation
Best Web Series / TV Series
Best Experimental Film

All genres, all style and all thematics.

Production Year: No limit.

Feature more than 60 minutes.
Short film / Series / Pilot TV: maximum 60 minutes.
Documentary: Unlimited.
Screenplay: Shorts up to 30pag. / Feature up to 180 pag.

1. We accept all languages. If the film is not in English or Spanish, we will need English or Spanish subtitles. We accept scripts in English, Spanish, German, French and Italian.

2. New World can use samples of your work in a promotional way for the festival (maximum 1 minute).

3. New World is not responsible for copyright violations. Each participant declares that he is not breaking any rule and that he owns the rights to the project.

4. Being an online festival, free for accredited professionals. The festival does not pay a screening fee.

5. Organizers reserve rights change, cancel or re-schedule the dates, venue, awards & categories without consent.

6. By registering your project, you agree that we can send information about your project to distributors or festivals that can search for projects like yours.

7. No fee waiver. All entry fees are non-refundable.

Registration implies acceptance of these rules.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you for choosing my Short Script, Appearances, as Award Winner in your festival; I am truly humbled and grateful.

    June 2023

    June 2023
  • Great festival! Thank you for the awesome award for best TRAILER "My House" film

    June 2023
    Response from festival:

    Congratulations on winning Best Trailer. Your trailer has reminded us of the Grindhouse trailers that were made for the premiere of Death Proof and Planet Terror. Especially the Trailer "Don't" from 2007. Congratulations!

  • Antonio Bellido Marin

    Agradezco al Festival el premio Wanner Bestt Experimental a Trip to the tax Paradise - Rumbo al Paraíso Fiscal. Es un cine de autor comprometido con la actualidad cuyo lema es: No Invada Europa "comprela". Espero conseguir facilidades para su distribución mundial.

    June 2023
    Response from festival:

    Muchas gracias Antonio. Enhorabuena por ganar el premio a mejor película experimental con "Trip to the tax Paradise". Nos ha encantado tu modo de narrar. Muy original.

  • Thank you so much for awarding my film with the "Best Actor Award". Hope to participate in a physical film festival and network with more other talented filmmakers around the world

    June 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you very much Jonathan. In action movies it is very difficult to find the tone as an actor but you manage it very well. At all times you know what emotions you should convey and that speaks highly of you. We hope to see more about you because you have a lot of potential. Congratulations.