Mustard Seed Film Festival is the first and only South Asian film festival in Philadelphia. Mustard Seed Film Festival screens contemporary, socially engaged films by South Asian directors that highlight marginalized voices and focus on themes salient to the South Asian citizen, immigrant and diasporic experience.

Mustard Seed seeks to increase access to South Asian films in the Philadelphia area and build community through storytelling and art. As a festival, we recognize that India is often centered as representative of South Asia and we seek to destabilize that focus by providing a wide variety of representation of other countries such as (but not limited to) Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and the diaspora.

Films made by women, LGTBQ and non-binary directors will be given particular consideration, as well as films made by directors of indigenous, Dalit and refugee communities.

This year will include a special program on Indo-Caribbean identity. Films that explore this theme are strongly encouraged to apply.

Mustard Seed Film Festival does not award any prizes in line with our belief that each film selected is an invaluable addition to the festival. We do offer $100 honoraria for feature length films and provide additional honoraria for artists who can attend the festival.

CERTIFICATION OF ENTRANT: I, the contact person for the film submitted with this application, agree to the following:

I have read, understood, and completed all eligibility requirements for which I would like this film to be considered.

* To the best of my knowledge, all of the statements in this application are true.
* If selected for the festival, I agree to pay for film shipping costs. Mustard Seed Film Festival pays for return shipping.
* By submitting your film to our festival you are giving us your consent to allow us to screen it, if selected.
* All final works must be completed and shipped 4 weeks before screening date. This contract is binding and will be held responsible for the information in your submission.
* I agree to allow Mustard Seed Film Festival to screen my film at post festival events.
* Mustard Seed Film Festival will only accept films directed by artists who identify as South Asian and whose work focuses on socially engaged themes in South Asian contexts, both in South Asia and in the diaspora.
* Mustard Seed Film Festival does not have a cash prize and does not have a submission fee. All submissions that meet the above criteria are welcome.

Overall Rating
  • ruhi radke

    Natasha and Hariprasad are the nicest people. They were so accommodating and helpful in planning our trip and making it possible for me to come out for the festival! This is a very cool festival and has an amazing vibe to it.

    August 2018