The Laughlin International Film Festival (LIFF) creates an exciting, professional and prestigious event that operates as an annual platform for U.S. and International filmmakers to showcase their films, network with fellow filmmakers and enjoy the casinos and attractions of Laughlin, Nevada. Films are screened in state-of-the-art digital theaters in the heart of Laughlin over four days, in conjunction with social networking events, film workshops/panels, parties and our annual Saturday Night Awards Show. The LIFF Team is working with the local Laughlin Stadium 9 Cinemas, Laughlin Outlet Center and our Host casino the Tropicana Laughlin to bring you an exciting and unique event that you don't want to miss!

Laughlin, Nevada sits on the Colorado River across from Bullhead City, Arizona near the tri-state intersection of California, Arizona and Nevada. Laughlin is roughly 95 miles south of Las Vegas and and 290 miles from Los Angeles. The weather in Laughlin during October is ideal with views of scenic mountain ranges accompanied by a refreshing river walk between the resorts.

LIFF is a great destination for any Filmmaker looking to catch some great films, attend industry workshops, network with filmmakers from all over the world, while exploring the Colorado River and the Casinos of Laughlin. We encourage filmmakers to rally their cast & crews for a fun road trip to Laughlin and an exciting and affordable weekend. LIFF hosts a Filmmaker Lounge in the Tropicana Casino throughout the festival, as well as parties on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights at various locations across Laughlin. We host an annual Filmmaker's Breakfast on Sunday with a Director/Producer Panel, raffle and complimentary mimosas! We usually present 1-3 Filmmaker workshops held on Friday and Saturday of the Festival at the Tropicana.

LIFF also coordinates a Shuttle Bus from Culver City, CA & Ontario, CA to Laughlin, NV, making greater travel and trip convenience.

Come join us for LIFF, where Hollywood meets the Colorado River!

For more festival information visit:

LIFF Awards are presented on Saturday Night of the festival at the Tropicana Pavilion Theater. All Award categories receive LIFF Awards and some categories have additional prizes including possible rental packages and special high value prizes from our industry Sponsors, including a Cash Prize from the Tropicana Hotel & Casino. In addition to our awards for each category we have other awards given for Best Actor/Actress, Cinematography, Score, Production Value... and more!

General Rules and Terms

Feature Films -- over 45:00 minutes
Short Films -- less than 45:00 minutes

All film submissions must be shipped prepaid and packed in proper packaging to arrive at the LIFF submission address postmarked no later than their respective deadlines:

EARLY-BIRD DEADLINE – March 18, 2018 - $30.00
REGULAR DEADLINE – May 13, 2018 - $35.00
LATE DEADLINE – June 17, 2018 - $45.00
FilmFreeway EXTENDED & FINAL DEADLINE – July 22, 2018 - $50.00

*Films must have been completed within three calendar years prior to the calendar year of the festival (i.e. for October 2018 festival, films completed no earlier than October 2015.

*Films can only be submitted to LIFF twice, permitting they were completed within two calendar years prior to the film festival calendar year. Films can only be accepted to LIFF one time.

1. Films submitted to the festival can be feature length (over 45 minutes) or short film (under 45 minutes) in English or in the original language with English subtitles.

2. Films submitted to competitive categories in the Laughlin International Film Festival must not have major distribution in the United States of America or anywhere in the World, unless selected by the festival committee as an official LIFF Pick. The Laughlin International Film Festival does not require accepted films have their premiere at our festival.

3. By submitting your work to the Laughlin International Film Festival you are claiming your entry as your original work, and assuring that it does not infringe on the copyright or other rights of other individuals, companies or studios.

4. By submitting to the Laughlin International Film Festival, all listed creators authorize the submission and accept LIFF’s general rules, terms and conditions. All films are nominated and voted upon by an impartial jury of filmmakers, industry professionals and aficionados.

5. You must be 18 years of age or older to enter your film or work into the Laughlin International Film Festival. If a participant is under 18 years of age, he/she can submit their film in the Youth category, but only if a Parent Consent Form is complete and signed by one of the participant’s parents or legal guardians.

6. DVD Screeners or Online Screeners are our preferred submission formats. Two (2) playable DVDs or an Online Screener Link are required for Submission and must be formatted in Region 1 or Region 0.

*DVDs must be labeled clearly with the title, running time and contact information (including name, email, address and phone number).

7. LIFF will not transfer PAL for viewing - send NTSC format only.

8. Film Submission DVD/Blu-Ray Screener discs will not be returned by LIFF, with the following exception: LIFF allows filmmakers to send self-addressed, pre-paid return-packaging with their submission material in order to have their DVD screeners returned. Returns will be made at LIFF’s convenience after determination regarding acceptance or non-acceptance of the film. For accepted films, the return will be after the film festival. Paid postage and a neat legible address printed on the return packaging are required for return of submission materials. LIFF cannot return original materials submitted for review, unless pre-paid return-shipping material is included in the submission by the filmmaker.

9. Only complete paid entries will be processed. This includes entry fee, entry form and either two (2) playable DVD or Blu-Ray Screener discs in Region 0 or 1 or an Online Screener link. Please do not send Press Kits with submissions, as Press Kits will be requested upon acceptance prior to the festival. All international entries must be sent 'free domicile' to the LIFF office with all transportation charges, duties, and taxes prepaid by the shipper.

10. If your Submission is accepted: a full-resolution copy of your film (preferably High Definition Quicktime File for short work and a playable Blu-Ray for feature films) will be requested immediately and must arrive at the Festival headquarters no later than 21 Calendar days from the last day acceptance announcements are mailed out.

*LIFF will request accepted films provide one of the following Video formats for Festival presentation (subject to change): Full Resolution QuickTime Pro-Res File via Dropbox or on a USB Thumb Drive, DATA Blu-Ray Disc / DATA DVD-R Disc. HDCAM, HDCAM-SR, Digital Beta Cam are also acceptable formats, but 35mm & 16mm prints will not be accepted. DCP Files will be an option for Feature Film Screenings Only, with Un-Encrypted Files preferred. Keys for Encrypted DCP Files will need to be provided ahead of the festival for testing, with long expiration windows set on the key. We prefer a Dolby Encoded Stereo LT/RT audio configuration for surround sound presentation, but this is not required. If submitting a Quicktime file, please make sure to include a 2 Track Stereo or LTRT Mix, in addition to a 5.1 mix if available. The LIFF Team will try and work with filmmakers as much as possible to accept any type of formats and make conversions available for presentation.

*Please do not send the only copy of your film, or non-replaceable items. The Laughlin International Film Festival takes the utmost care in the handling of your entry material, but LIFF is not responsible for films and/or materials stolen, missing, or lost in transit.

11. Confirmation of receipt of a film entry will only occur under special arrangement. Notification that a film has NOT been accepted by LIFF will be primarily by FilmFreeway Notification and status change. Notification of acceptance to the festival will be by both by FilmFreeway and E-mail receipt of Acceptance. Upon receipt of acceptance notification, filmmakers are requested to immediately e-mail to acknowledge receipt of their acceptance letter and follow further instructions.

* All LIFF correspondence will be done via E-mail or US mail ONLY to the original submitter’s contact info provided on the submission forms and FilmFreeway Submission. Please make sure Filmmaker/Submitter Contact information: Email, Address and Phone Number are correctly listed on Filmmaker's FilmFreeway Account to ensure LIFF uses the correct address as a default.

12. If an entry is accepted by LIFF, a required “Materials Packet” will be requested thereafter for exhibition and promotional purposes. The Materials Packet that is requested for accepted films will be primarily digital and will include some of the following: stills from the film; press materials; headshots and filmography of Director, key Cast and Crew; and Video trailer (if available). Please do not send in press materials until asked to do so by LIFF.

13. Entrants agree, by submission of their film, that if they are accepted, they will allow usage of clips from their film for: promotional print, the Internet, television, radio, and at live Festival events, when requested by the Festival programmers.

14. Tickets for all film screenings and all festival associated events can be purchased at as well as on-site at the theaters.

15. All accepted films will receive four (4) complimentary all-inclusive LIFF passes for the duration of the festival, however LIFF has the right to adjust the number of complimentary passes dependent on how many films LIFF accepts and other coordination details. Six (6) additional all-inclusive passes can be purchased at a 25% discount off the advertised price, per accepted film. Individual screening tickets and all day passes can be purchased at 20% off for cast & crew members of accepted films who do not receive an All Inclusive Filmmaker Pass. Only cast & crew members listed by the film’s submitter or in the credits are eligible for these discounts, and all discounts only apply to tickets sold on-site during the Film Festival. It is important for a selected film to have a presence at the festival and LIFF encourages all selected films to have at least one member of the film's production staff / and or cast, present, for the screenings and special events of the festival. We always like to formally introduced/acknowledged attendees at various events during our festival and offer Q&A sessions after Film Screenings.

16. In the event that any award or prize-winning work has multiple authors/creators, LIFF will aim to present awards and/or prizes in such a way that they can be divided equally among listed creators, if possible. In the event that only a single award can be granted to multiple authors, LIFF is not responsible for determining how awards will be shared.

17. The number(s), date(s), time(s), and locations of film screenings are subject to the discretion of the Laughlin International Film Festival, LLC. LIFF reserves the right to change festival programming at any given time if need be, including combining categories for exhibition purposes. Please note festival dates, screening times, venues, social events, award Gala and Q&A sessions are subject to delay or change at any time.

18. Entry fees are payable by Credit Card through or by special arrangement using Visa, Master Card or American Express via PayPal to: - or Check/Money Order to: Laughlin International Film Festival. Fees for foreign entries should be paid by credit card, in traveler's checks in U.S. dollars or International money orders in U.S. dollars.

19. The Laughlin International Film Festival reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. Entries in our competitions are void where prohibited by law. Entry fees must be paid in U.S. dollars before films will be viewed. All fees paid to the Laughlin International Film Festival at any time or location: including the Internet, are non-refundable.

20. Any filmmaker or member of a film entourage causing a disruption or acting aggressively, disrespectfully or threateningly to any of the volunteer staff, festival guests, Facility workers or employees of LIFF may have their film pulled from exhibition at any time without refund and/or their festival passes revoked.

21. Filmmakers are hereby notified that LIFF is not required to provide hotel rooms and/or travel accommodations for any filmmakers or attendees.

I, the undersigned, acknowledge and agree that to the best of my ability, I am duly authorized to submit this film to the Laughlin International Film Festival (LIFF). I hold LIFF harmless from damage to or loss of the submitted film materials en route due to improper containers or otherwise, including during the course of the Festival's possession of the film.

The act of submitting the entry form via paper or electronically on FilmFreeway constitutes acceptance without reservation of all rules, terms and conditions of the Laughlin International Film Festival. If accepted, ALL Filmmakers are required to sign our exhibition form stating they own the legal rights to their submission materials including the rights to present the material in front of the public without infringing on any copyright laws.

We look forward to watching your film and Thank You for submitting and supporting the Laughlin International Film Festival!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at:

All Official LIFF details can be found at:

Overall Rating
  • Matthew Bilmes

    I wasn't able to attend the festival but the organizers were excellent communicators! I even won a category and they were able to mail my prize and award check to me. Highly recommend.

    November 2018
  • Paul Kelly

    A super-organized film festival. Thank you for screening my short---Final Polish. All Filmmakers: Whether you have had a film there or not, bookmark this festival for next year and every year.

    October 2018
  • Jeffrey Ault

    Very organized festival and the communication from the Festival Staff is excellent. Laughlin is a fun, weekend getaway on the Colorado River. The Casinos are older and very smokey, but the festival screenings are fine. Make sure to plan some time to hit the River.

    October 2018
  • LIFF was referred to me by some friends and they told me that I wouldn't find another festival that is filled with such kind individuals and filmmakers, and they were right. This fest was an amazing experience from the moment I arrived at check-in, to the filmmaker's lounge, to the screenings, to the awards ceremony. Erik and Mara couldn't have been more kind and hospitable. The staff was incredible. Every time you walked into the filmmaker lounge, you were greeted with a smile and drink! LIFF should definitely be on your list of "must do" fests. I'm proud and very happy to be an alumni of LIFF!

    October 2018
  • G. Robert Daily

    I had a pretty good time! It was a great festival! I even meant some new people and it was a good conversation! I may visit there again someday. :) And thanks again for accepting my Caregiver Wanted short film. I'm honor.

    October 2018