Friends! We are waiting for you! You can influence the whole course of our festival.
The vote of three of the independent jury right in the room! The jury of filmmakers against the press and the audience!

Also, each Director of the official selection of the month can come and present his film to the public in the form of a show, trailer, a special presentation program of the festival.

It connects people, their kind hearts and creativity. Therefore, initially we set a goal to hold this festival every year in different countries. The first festival was held in 2018 in Moscow, Russia. Last year, the final of our festival was held in the capital of Belarus, Minsk. From 2021, the festival will be held annually in Moscow and Podolsk, and for the second time a year it will be held with screenings of the best films in other countries. The festival will host pitching of film projects and a script competition in Russian. The national section opens in 2021.


The festival is organized by the Vyatkin Publishing House. We publish books in author's gift and leather hand-made bindings, make documentaries, short-length films and presentation videos. The publishing house is a permanent member of international and Russian exhibitions, festivals and forums. The publishing house also participates in organizing charity events, psychological and thematic seminars, meetings with authors, film directors and actors.


Our festival will be the first to select films on the principle of a duel, as in sports. The films have to go through several stages: official selection, semi-final and final. The final will be held as a film battle, which will be evaluated by filmmakers, viewers and the press.

The purpose of the festival is to stimulate young filmmakers for the new cinema, appreciating their work and to acquaint the filmmakers with culture and life of the world. We accept all genres of films from all over the world and give the opportunity for new filmmakers to evaluate their films and compete with other famous cinematographers.

We welcome new ideas and forms, a new vision and creativity in all its manifestations. Films do not have to be premieres, but all the premieres will be separately marked by the organizers. The festival will show the best of the presented films.

Each film that has entered the official selection will receive a certificate. The prize of audience sympathy will be drawn. And at the end of the festival, of course, a buffet table and a photo session.

To all who want to visit our holiday, you need to get accreditation on the festival's website in advance and notify us by e-mail.

These are films made from the heart and for people of all genres, denying aggression and wars.


The final screenings
Screenings of "a single session" best movies not released in rent
Pitching of film projects
A script competition in Russian
Workshops and a round table for filmmakers
Excursion program
Interactive action
Children's program
Special presentation program
Gala concert and awarding of winners
Photo session with the winners and stars


The prize named after Dmitry Talankin

Best film-debut

Best musical film

Best family film

Best film/video of young filmmakers (5-16 years)

Best documentary

Best Short Film

Best animated film

Best film about Russia/Лучший фильм о России

Best screenplay in Russian (Applications are accepted from any country)/Лучший сценарий на русском языке (Заявки принимаются из любой страны)

Additional prizes:

For the most good-hearted movie
For non-standard creative approach
For the original idea of the film
For the best Comedy solution of the film
For the best student film
For creative courage
For the best directorial debut
For best actor\actress
People's Choice Award

Trophies and diplomas for winners, finalists, semi-finalists, laurels for official selection, certificates for live shows and the premiere of the film.

Nominal prizes for finalists who took 2nd place.

The contract with the producer.

Prizes and gifts in selected nominations from sponsors: free annual subscription to the platform for filmmakers, collectible books in leather, master classes, etc.

Main prize

This year there are a lot of good and very necessary films. Therefore, our updated team decided to introduce several more selection criteria. From the films of the official selection of each month, the nominees for awards and prizes will be selected. All of them will receive corresponding diplomas and will qualify for further participation not only for the main prize, but also for prizes of additional categories and prizes of sponsors.

Stage 1 official selection monthly. These films participate in the further struggle for the main prize. Any film from the official selection can be recommended for screening in the cinema. All who entered the official selection will receive the corresponding laurels-the official selection of the month.

Stage 2 semi-final. 4 participants will be selected in each category at the end of the year. Any of them claims not only for the main prize, but also for other incentive prizes from sponsors.

Stage 3 final. In each category there are only two participants who will compete for the main prize in the final. These films will be shown on the main screen of the Festival.Each pair will be appreciated by the teams of filmmakers, the press and the audience (1 vote per team), who always have different opinions. Each of them, as well as in the ring, surrounded by spectators and participants, will raise the plate with the number of the winner. Will their opinions coincide? You'll see.

It will be a real movie fight, where the best masters of cinema, spectators and judges will gather.

To be among the winners, you must submit your movies in HD to the platform FilmFreeway with subtitles in English or Russian. All films selected for live screenings in the cinema (as we will inform you in advance) must be presented in HD format with subtitles in Russian or English. Payment for the screening of the film within the festival is not provided for the authors.

Registration fee for participation is not refundable, it covers technical and organizational activities for participants.

The organizer of the festival is not responsible for issues related to the copyright of the film and the materials used in the film. The applicant and the authors of the film are responsible for these issues.

After you submit your film, you agree that we may use your data and movie data on social networks and the press to promote the festival and announce the film as part of the festival program (Poster, trailer, teaser, synopsis, press kit, photo Director, etc.).

Overall Rating
  • It was a great experience. Everyone was very professional and our film got a lot of exposure. Thank you so much.

    September 2020
  • Natalia Bombala

    Communication with this festival was exceptional–highly professional and friendly. Selected films were well promoted on social media. Furthermore, even though I couldn’t be present at the festival myself, it seemed as attending it offered a great chance for networking since there were a lot of side events for filmmakers organized within its framework. I’m very proud and happy that the film directed by me, Ubizo, received a special award for best directorial debut. Many thanks to the organizers and I hope I can attend KinoDUEL in the future :) !

    February 2020
  • ficamos muito felizes por ser selecionados e isso foi muito importante para nossa carreira

    December 2019
  • Pedro Jaen R.

    Very good festival! Interesting content. You help greatly to promote new films and authors.

    December 2019
  • Cristiano Esposito

    Thanks for your selection: proud to be there.

    December 2019