Annual Kenya Animation Festival is the first East African Animation Festival that challenges Animators from East African Community to produce original entertaining animation content within 60 days. Annual Kenya Animation Festival 2019 is organised by SeventyTwo Media Group, a media company that produces and distributes African content to a global audience. The festival fills a gap in the market by creating a network platform for East African Animators who are pushing boundaries of their work to the fullest range of expression and creativity as well connecting the animators to a global audience, content buyers and corporates.

The Festival objective is to:

1.) Create a platform for East African Animators to be recognized, celebrated and connected to various networks.

1.) Present a highly selective, annual showcase of the best new works of animation from all over East African countries, with programs/ content for both kids, families and adults.

2.) Champion and support Animators from East Africa who use Animation to pursue unique aspect of story telling and who are unconstrained by conventional notions of what animation is capable of.

3.) Encourage Collaborations and Partnerships between Animators, filmmakers, distributors, content buyers and corporate brands.

Kenya Animation Festival is dedicated to show and celebrate the best animated shorts and features from across East Africa. It will be a feast for the eyes!

The festival Key Highlights are:

1.) Animation Master Class Workshop  - 15th June 2019 (Only for the participants, it shall be online and physical in Nairobi,Kenya).

2.) 60 Days Competition To Animate - A 60 day competition for East African Animators to animate a short given a theme.

3.) Kenya Animation Screenings- Exclusive Screening of the best nominated submissions on the 26th - 29th August during the Kenya Animation Festival Gala Awards.

4.) Kenya Animation Awards - The glamorous gala awards that shall award all winners of the first Kenya Animation Festival 2019 on the 30th August 2019

Best Kids Animated Content - 60 Days Competition To Animate
Best Music Video Animated Content - 60 Days Competition To Animate
Best General Animated Short- 60 Days Competition To Animate
Best Kids Story - 60 Days Competition To Animate
Best Story General Animation Category- 60 Days Competition To Animate
Best Character Kids Category - 60 Days Competition To Animate
Best Character General Category- 60 Days Competition To Animate
Best Character Music Video Category - 60 Days Competition To Animate
Best Public Audience Choice- 60 Days Competition To Animate

There is no registration fee for the festival competition however the participant must register before 14th June 2019 and complete the online registration form.
The Participant must be residing in an East African Country.

All submitted animation content must be originally produced during the 60 days. 

Participants are open to choose any local languages they prefer but animations recorded in a language other than English must provide English subtitles (not dubbed).

To comply with the government, the submitted content should not contain any elements of Politics, Insults/Abuse towards any person/ association/group/tribe or religion, Offensive language, LGBTQ or Advertising any brand/product/company or anything other than the name/brand provided for the competition

All participants will receive a brief and theme for each competitive category on the first day of competition i.e 6:00AM 15th June 2019. The theme must be included in the content

To qualify for consideration, all submitted videos must include the title cards which shall be sent to participants at 6:00AM 15th June 2019.

All submissions entered into the competition must have been produced only during the 60 days i.e. 15th June to 13th August 2019.

The jury appointed by the Kenya Animation Festival shall nominate up to ten (10) finalist animations short for each of the four categories between 14th August to 20th August 2019. The list of finalists shall be made public on 21st August 2019. The winners will be announced on the 30th August 2019 at the awards ceremony to be held in Nairobi, Kenya.

All nominated animations shorts shall exclusively be screened during the Annual Kenya Animation Festival Awards from the 26th August to 29th August 2019.

A total of four prizes shall be awarded, There shall be one prize in each of the three categories:

Best Kids Animated Short - $5,000

Best Animation Short- $5,000

Best Animated Music Video- $2,500

All participants must have the full rights and ownership of any character, audio,music or beats submitted in the content apart from the music provided for the competition. 
By participating to Kenya Animation Festival, the participant grants Festival the rights to use his/ her animated short for the festival promotional marketing, broadcasting, screening or distribution. The participant also grants SeventyTwo Media Group (the organizer) to showcase his/her submission on SeventyTwo Media TV Non-commercially. The participant however, has free will to distribute his/ her animated content.

 Festival organizers reserves the right to withdraw any of the submissions entered into competition in the case if the participant does not full all terms and conditions of the festival or does not meet minimum quality requirements.

Overall Rating
  • I think it was awesome great networking quality work lots of fun can't wait for the next edition

    September 2019
  • Kevine Mbacha

    For a first, you guys outdid yourself. This platform was the 'giddy up' diverse East African animators needed to know what it takes to test their limits as well as their arts. Keep raising the bar higher, can't wait for the next festival.

    September 2019
  • mark njoroge

    amazing, professional and great networking opportunity

    September 2019
  • diana mwangi

    great event, i loved it and was glad to be part of.

    September 2019