The South Europe International Film Festival is one of four Festivals presented by Fusion International Film Festivals.

With Directors Dan Hickford & Steve Grossmith at the helm; the duo love to spend as much time as possible connecting with creatives before, during and after each festival.

Our mission is to bring in film, script & photography projects from ALL over the globe. We host festivals 'Where Creative Minds Meet.

What can Fusion International Film Festivals offer that you can't already get?
The fact is that the films, scripts & photography projects that we showcase will in the vast majority of cases be exclusive to the Film Festival circuit during that time and, from regions & countries from around the world.

Just imagine the breadth of work on-show. For genuine cinephiles, this kind of stuff is cinematic heaven. But you can't maintain a Festival with that alone. It’s the experience. We’re proud to say that what we are is a “Boutique” set of Festivals. This means that this experience is substantially different from going to a Festival held at a local multi-plex or concert hall and that means a huge advantage for you.

Our South Europe International Film Festival is all held in one convenient location; All of the screenings, meetings, networking, industry panels, Awards Night and even hotel rooms. That means that we will always be there, supporting you and your project from before the Festival starts to the closing ceremony. So we won’t be hard to find, or difficult to locate, we know how important it is for Festival organisers to be on hand and to supply that all important personal touch. How do we know? We know because we already have huge experience in running other Film Festivals and from that we also know how to make it a better experience for you. With Fusion, it will be.

Independent filmmakers and creatives face many challenges; the large competition for viewers’ attention, finding funding and getting a distributor can only be overcome by the industry coming together and creating opportunities for those who need and deserve it. Our Festival’s aim are to create an opportunity for filmmakers to show their work to the right audience at our intimate and relaxing events, and get one step closer to success by receiving recognition for their art.

An up-and-coming filmmaker can get his/her name out there and increase their awareness just by being nominated at one of the Fusion International Film Festivals. The filmmaker can receive acknowledgement upon completion of their project and having it screened. There is also the potential for awards and recognition; showcasing our Laurels on a nominated project already means that you have the talent, this means it can also attract media, professionals and film fans that are eager to see new films.

With Fusion International Film Festivals you will have the opportunity to meet like-minded people, discuss films and get to know people you wouldn't have otherwise had the opportunity to speak with; this is something that we actively encourage and you can be confident that our Festivals will be full of new projects and fresh talent.

We believe a key ingredient is the programming, so all of our Festivals are inviting and engaging. This includes professional panels, workshops, script development and even fun filled social events and, through the influence of compelling stories, Fusion International Film Festivals goes to the heart of what moves us and at the same time, reveal stories which we may not be able to see in any other venues.

We are the ideal platform for the exchange of ideas and the sharing of experiences; your journey begins by submitting today!

It has been an amazing ride for us and the feedback and reviews from filmmakers has been incredible and we would like to thank everyone that entered all of our Festivals – the growing reputation and success we have is sincerely because of you.

All nominated projects will receive a high resolution Official Selection Laurel for marketing use; winners will receive an engraved high quality trophy and certificate.
All selected films & scripts will be invited to attend the Festival and all selected films will be screened during the Festival week. Winners that cannot attend the awards night will be contacted by the Festival team after the event to send the award to the provided address.

Multiple awards will be presented during the awards evening and all winners will be posted via social media. Below is a selection of recognised categories which will be included during the awards evening at our fantastic Awards Ceremony! This is all we charge for at the Festival and is a 4-5 hour event, that includes a three course meal and wines. All winners will take a trophy away with them. Our professional photographer is also there to take red carpet pictures that will all be accessible post festival :-

Best Of Festival
Best Scientific & Educational Film
Best Short Film
Best Short Documentary
Best Feature Documentary
Best Foreign Language Documentary
Best Animated Film
LGBT Award
Best Screenplay
Best Foreign Language Film
Best Comedy
Best Supporting Actor/Actress
Best Actor/Actress
Best Director
Best Film

And many more!

GENERAL RULES & Submission Requirements
To be eligible for consideration, all films must meet the following requirements:

* Multiple entries are allowed.

* We do not require premier status.

* All entry fees are non-refundable.

* We do not accept or pay any screening Fees for any film entered including any part of its soundtrack (including all music and/or musical tracks).

* We do not recognize or accept or pay fees, charges or licenses for any agency, individual, company, official body or NGO acting on your behalf that covers any part of your film (including all music and/or musical tracks).

* You grant us the right to publish your film poster on our Social Media platforms.

* Unfortunately, we are unable to issue letters of invitation for Visa's for any individual under 18.

* Our judges have access to all films/scripts and they vote without sharing your entry publicly.

* Films accepted into the festival must arrive with shipping and customs duties or taxes pre-paid, three weeks prior to the Festival opening.

* Short Films must be no more than 59 minutes in length including credits. Feature films must be no less than 60 minutes in length including credits.

* We accept all genres in any language, from around the world but please make sure that you have subtitles in English (where applicable).

* Entries must be submitted DIGITALLY (Via FilmFreeway or a Vimeo link with a private password or sending us the link to download your film).

* Please make sure that you supply a synopsis!


You agree to indemnify and hold harmless Fusion International Film Festivals / Fusion Film & Media Europe limited and their agents, from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to all legal fees, and any and all court costs) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, defamation, slander, fees that that cover any part of the screened film including it's soundtrack and any part of its musical score , disputed data and loss of or damage to the screening videos entered.

By submitting your film to Fusion International Film Festivals / Fusion Film & Media Europe limited the individual, corporation or agency submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorised to commit the film for screening (including all music and/or musical tracks)., and understands and accepts these requirements, rules and regulations.

Overall Rating
  • Jordan Heron

    I've met Steven and Dan a few times on the festival circuit now. They care about film, they care about filmmakers, and they care about putting on a great festival. I'll be back...

    May 2019
  • Maryanne Galvin

    While we weren't able to make it to Valencia, Spain, our experience with Fusion/South Europe International Film Festival was superb. From start to finish, the festival directors and staff were organized, pleasant and effective with each and every communication. We are eternally grateful for the nomination and award for our short A Scratch for Every Itch. With some luck, perhaps we'll get to participate in some future Fusion Festival in the future.

    May 2019
  • Vanessa Marlowe

    Steve and Dan are exceptional at creating a welcoming atmosphere for filmmakers and artists globally. Their personable natures, and highly supportive, professional, and easygoing team, makes each festival experience not only a well-organized affair, but a blast to boot. Thus, creating a friendly environment to nurture professional relations for years to come. Very glad to have attended and been awarded in Valencia. Much gratitude!

    May 2019
  • Dante Majorana

    FusionFestivals stand out, because of the professionalism, attention, and presence of Steve and Dan, before and during the events, but especially as they are a perfect environment for film people worldwide, to share ideas, envision common possible new projects and watch audio-visual stories not always easy to find elsewhere. Our time in Valencia was great and already we're already moving forward to new ideas with people we met during the great event. It was an honour the be winners for Best Original Screenplay Of A Feature Film Prize, thanks to the jury and everyone who worked hard to make this event a success filled with promises.

    May 2019
  • The Church of Almighty God (CAG)

    Witness the wonderful charm of Fusion Film Festival again! Big thanks for the Best Visual Effects or Design award to our film “The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything.” Festival directors Steve and Dan are welcoming and did great job in organizing the festival, from the screening and the award night, everything was well organized. We also have good and timely communication with each other. In a word, we had a fantastic experience and have been looking forward to the West Europe International Film Festival in August.

    May 2019