Ffilmic is a Film Festival happening in Llanfyllin full of films, workshops and talks.

This is Ffimic’s seventh year and we aim to create access to independent and non-mainstream films as well as enabling access to informal film literacy education for all ages.

The Take 8 Film challenge:
Each team will receive at the launch night a film genre, line of dialogue and prop which must appear in your 5 minute film.

You have 10 days to script, shoot and edit your film.

Awards for:
Best Film in 14 & Under age category
Best Film in 15+ age category

Plus other awards.

The entry form must be completed and returned by Friday 24th October, 6.30pm

The Ffilmic Challenge will occur between Friday 24th October - Monday 3rd November

At least one persons contact details must be supplied for each team.

All cast and crew must be volunteers.

All footage must be shot within the given time period of the project. No stock footage or footage shot or created at another time may be used. Animation and special effects are permitted, but must be created during the challenge period.

Films should be between 1 – 5 minutes long.

The finished film should have 5 seconds of black then the following information: Team Name, Age Category and Film Title before the Film starts.

Credits should be a maximum of 1 minute in addition to the 5 minute maximum run time (e.g. 5 minute run time plus 1 minute credits for a total run time of 6 minutes) any film over 6 minutes will not eligible.

At then end of the film the End Card must be included; it is available for download @ www.ffilmic.co.uk/submissions.htm

If shot in a 16:9 ratio and/or anamorphic, your film must be letter-boxed.

Your movie must be delivered no later than 5pm on Monday 3rd November in one of the following formats: mini dv, QuickTime movie or high quality avi.

If you are posting an entry then it must be postmarked no later than Tuesday 4th November

Material must be deemed appropriate for viewing by under 18’s. Films will be disqualified if they contain images of graphic sex, nudity, gratuitous violence or foul language.

Each member of your Team must sign a release form on return of the film acknowledging you hold all licensing and copyright permission for the material used in your film. Failure to sign this form will mean your film cannot be screened. Actors in the film must sign a release form. Teams are encouraged to work with a local composer or musician/s to write and record for the film. It is permissible for a participating group to use pre-recorded music (e.g. royalty free, a friend’s band’s music) but they must sign a release form. Teams must submit the following documents with their completed film:

A copy of the completed film
Film Entry Form
Release Forms (Team, Cast, Music, Location)

Submitting a film grants Ffilmic Take 8 complete non-exclusive rights to the finished Film for screening in film festivals, for promotional use, and exhibition on the web. This in no way infringes your rights to screen or distribute the film in any way you deem fit.