Welcome to the IMDb qualifying VENICE SHORTS, a festival dedicated to short filmmaking and independent artists. Venice was known as the epicenter of Hollywood. If a movie scene from California looks familiar, most likely it was shot at the famous Venice Beach boardwalk or the historical neighborhood of ‘Venice Canals’.

“Venice Beach’s birth in 1905 couldn’t come at a better time for Hollywood. Abbot Kinney’s “Fantasy By The Sea”, was just starting out when the brand-new movie industry came to California for its year-round sun. For the next hundred years, Hollywood’s love affair with Venice would bring entertainment to millions all over the world.”
—Edward Thomas Company

Venice Shorts objective is to discover and recognize indie shorts film and screenplays of all genres from all over the globe. Emerging U.S. and international independent talents have been officially selected and competed alongside Oscar winning artists and nominees of Venice Shorts such as Ross Kauffman, Jeremy Irons, and Gus Vant Sant.

Venice Shorts is a monthly competition dedicated to short films of all genres from U.S. and international filmmakers. All the monthly award winners can be further selected for the annual festival and screening with cash awards and promotions. The winners are promoted through LA Indies, and Film Daily. The winners are also are credited on IMDb and promoted through social media to film industry professional and other artists working in media. The winners of each month can also request for promotion and screening of films.

Films do not have to screen in our monthly edition for the public and are screened privately through programmers and members of the jury who will select the best of each category every month. This allows the filmmakers to compete without losing their premier status in other festivals. However, all the official selections have the option to promote and screen films through LA Independent Film Channel.

Once a year, our judging team selects the best films, scripts and artists of the year. The 24 finalists of the annual festival are selected from the previous award winning projects and artists in our monthly editions. All projects will be screened in our annual festival and compete for cash prizes, promotions and bonuses. We are planning our annual event for three days from June 12th-15th. Our annual event will have online screening.

$5,000 in Cash Prizes & Bonuses from LA Indies in our Annual Fest
$1,000 Cash Prize for Best U.S. Short of the Annual Festival
$1,000 Cash Prize for Best International Short of the Annual Festival

All the monthly award winners of all genres are nominated for the Best Short Film of the Annual Festival. All award winners are credited on IMDb and receive a laurel. All winners can also request a certificate.

Monthly Award categories—
Best dramatic—U.S. or International
Best Indie Short—U.S. or International
Best director—U.S. or International
Best actress —U.S. or International
Best actor —U.S. or International
Best cinematography—U.S. or International
Best script —U.S. or International
Best producer —U.S. or International
Best edit —U.S. or International
Best animation —U.S. or International
Best experimental —U.S. or International
Best documentary —U.S. or International
Best composer —U.S. or International
Best horror —U.S. or International
Best comedy —U.S. or International
Best thriller —U.S. or International
Best science fiction —U.S. or International
Best fantasy —U.S. or International
Best student filmmaker —U.S. or International
Best youth actor —U.S. or International
Best youth actress —U.S. or International
Best Web Series /TV Pilot —U.S. or International
Best first time filmmaker —U.S. or International
Best trailer —U.S. or International

All genres are accepted with a maximum length of 45 minutes.
Screening in our monthly edition is optional. Films can compete without screening publicly in our monthly festival.
Multiple entries are accepted.
Entry fees are non refundable.
You may submit to as many additional categories as you would like and nominate your cast and crew as well.
Each category is judged seperately on its own and requires its own entry.
If the film is released online, it is still qualified to enter the monthly competition.
There is no completion date requirements for the monthly competition.

Overall Rating
  • Yanatha Desouvre

    We are humbled and grateful to have been selected and win Best Producer for our short film The Sweetest Girl. Venice Short thank you. We are beyond grateful

    April 2021
  • Derek Sitter

    Top notch communication and clear-set goals. Great promotion and ideal for lovers of short film. Honored to be Best Narrative and really looking forward to in-person screenings. Submit to this fest.

    May 2021
  • Bill Jackson

    Proud to be involved great people great communication well worth submitting

    May 2021
  • We were very happy to have Monte Creek in your festival! It was great, friendly and very well organized! In this very hard times You did a great job!

    May 2021
  • Alexis Loizon

    great festival. Very professional, and passionate.

    May 2021