Welcome to our IMDb qualifying film festival, VENICE SHORTS Film Awards. Venice was known as the epicenter of Hollywood. If a movie scene looks familiar, most likely it was shot at the famous Venice Beach boardwalk or the historical neighborhood of ‘Venice Canals’.
“Venice Beach’s birth in 1905 couldn’t come at a better time for Hollywood. Abbot Kinney’s “Fantasy By The Sea”, was just starting out when the brand-new movie industry came to California for its year-round sun. For the next hundred years, Hollywood’s love affair with Venice would bring entertainment to millions all over the world.”
—Edward Thomas Company

Venice Shorts is a monthly competition and an annual festival dedicated to short films of all genres from U.S. and international filmmakers. Our monthly festival is an online event and our second annual festival is scheduled to take place in California for the spring of 2021.

What makes our festival different from others is that we award U.S. and International short films separately. Each category receives a U.S. and International award. All monthly film winners are automatically entered in the yearly competition. All projects of all genres are welcome.

We encourage filmmakers from all backgrounds to submit their projects, as we aim to award a diverse group of filmmakers. Our objective is to provide an international platform for independent filmmakers from all over the world. Our goal is to support, promote, feature, screen, and recognize independent filmmakers and their projects through our monthly and annual festival. All winning projects are individually posted and promoted on our social media platforms and we will list our winners on film magazines and our website.

The annual event takes place in Venice, California and we will be showcasing short films from all over the world. Venice Shorts also has partnered with screening platforms to screen and distribute films to a greater international audience. All winners will receive a certificate, upon request (pdf). All official selections have the option to be promoted through our screening platform, L.A. Independent Film Channel.

Read about us on Film Daily magazine.

Award categories—includes separate awards for each U.S. and International categories:

Best dramatic—U.S. or International
Best director —U.S. or International
Best actress —U.S. or International
Best actor —U.S. or International
Best cinematography—U.S. or International
Best script —U.S. or International
Best producer —U.S. or International
Best edit —U.S. or International
Best animation —U.S. or International
Best experimental —U.S. or International
Best documentary —U.S. or International
Best composer —U.S. or International
Best horror —U.S. or International
Best comedy —U.S. or International
Best thriller —U.S. or International
Best science fiction —U.S. or International
Best fantasy —U.S. or International
Best student filmmaker —U.S. or International
Best youth actor —U.S. or International
Best youth actress —U.S. or International
Best Web Series /TV Pilot —U.S. or International
Best first time filmmaker —U.S. or International
Best trailer —U.S. or International

All genres are accepted with a maximum length of 50 minutes or less.
Multiple entries are accepted.
Entry fees are non refundable.
You may submit to as many additional categories as you would like.
If the film is released online, it is still qualified to enter the monthly competition.
There is no completion date requirements.

Overall Rating
  • It was great! Thank you!!

    November 2020
  • Daniel Pino

    Thank you very much Venice Shorts for accepting our music video: Sinner`s Blood "Remember Me". Excellent and friendly communication, highly recommended. It was our first time at a festival and being a semi-finalist was a great honor. ;)

    December 2020
  • Martin Otto

    What a great accolade! Thank you Venice Shorts!

    November 2020
  • Tommy Anderson Susie Schaefer

    Great Opportunity and communication during such an odd time for our industry. Glad to be chosen and to be a part. Thanks for the acknowledgements!!

    Here's to getting back to the meetings in the Theatres!!

    November 2020
  • Mofieni Iniya

    Thank you Venice Shorts for selecting my short film The Time of Your Life!

    November 2020