Celebrating its 5th year bringing emerging filmmakers and professionals together. We accept all genres from every gender, color, ethnicity, country and level. Including first time filmmakers to professionals, produced in your home or studio from across the globe! We love INDIE FILMMAKERS!

This year, 9FilmFest contest will have 9SI (9 Signature Item) and Open categories. There will be 9 (nine) Finalist Films selected for 9SI category. There will also be 9 (nine) Finalist Films selected for 9Fest Open category.

This year we will have 9SI (9 Signature Item) category. All films must be less than 9 minutes. All films must contain signature item - DOG. The second category, 9Fest Open, is open to all genres (Sci-fi, comedy, documentary, drama, music, etc) short films must be under 30 minutes in length.

Our Audience looks at the filmmaker’s creativity using the signature item within their film. When the 9Fest Finalists are announced 30 November 2017, it will be exciting to see the world through filmmaker’s eyes. Awards for Best Film, Cinematography, Actress and Actor will be presented on 17 December 2017.

Prize winning Films at 9FilmFest will receive an amazing opportunity of recognition! In collaboration with Heartland Film Festival, the Best 9 Signature Item Film and Best Film 9Fest Open will automatically be included in the 2018 Heartland Film Festival.

9Fest is open to all genres - comedy, animation, documentary etc. The creative world is at your fingertips. 9FilmFest’s goal is to support filmmakers, applaud their hard work, spark creativity and provide opportunities for discovery. We want filmmakers dreams to come true.

9Fest looks forward to your amazing stories.

Awards & Prizes

9Fest Best Film (9SI and 9Fest Open) categories will screen at 2018 Heartland Film Festival. This is an automatic honor to be received by 9Fest Best Films! In collaboration with Heartland Film Festival support.

All selected 9 Finalists will receive our ‘’Official 9Fest Finalist’’ laurel certificate. The category winner receives ‘’Official 9Fest Winner" laurel certificates for these categories:

Best Film
Best Director
Best Actress
Best Actor
Best Cinematography

Rules & Terms

9Fest is open to all entries. 9Fest has two categories: 9SI and Open.

9SI (Signature Item) - All films must be 9 mins or less, from opening to final credits.
All films must include 9SI (Signature Item) which is "Dog".

OPEN - All films must be 30 mins or less. Genre is open. Can be Comedy, Drama, Sci-fi,
Experimental, Animation etc.


• Your film must have English subtitles, if English is not spoken as dialogue.

• Two (2) Electronic Color Production Stills. These should be different images of direct action from the film rather than behind-the-scenes photos. These must be horizontal files (jpg 300 dpi). Please name the slides with film title.

• One Electronic Color Director’s Face still. This still will be used in program and PR. Files must be at least (jpg 300 dpi). Write full name and slang name of Director and film title.

• Finalist films will be screened at 16:9 widescreen.