With 33 years of experience, Stockholm International Film Festival continues to explore and promote the great directors of tomorrow and is established as one of the leading film festivals in Europe. With a passion for visionary filmmaking, the festival keeps on pushing forward the boundaries of cinema.

Founded in 1990 by a group of film enthusiasts, Stockholm International Film Festival has evolved to become one of the major annual cultural events in Sweden.

During the 30th Stockholm International Film Festival over 150 films from 60 countries were presented to more than 150,000 visitors and over 1000 industry officials and accredited journalists.

Previous guests include Francis Ford Coppola, Pablo Larraín, Vanessa Redgrave, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Jacques Audiard, Andrea Arnold, Wes Anderson, Ava DuVernay, Ken Loach, Darren Aronofsky, Gus Van Sant, Claire Denis, Xavier Dolan, Quentin Tarantino, Ai Wei Wei and Martin Scorsese.

Our mission is to promote the directors of tomorrow. With a passion for visionary filmmaking we celebrate creativity, diversity and independence in the art of cinema.

Following the decision of an official festival jury of film critics, filmmakers, actors and producers, the Stockholm International Film Festival Awards will be presented to competing feature films in the following categories: Best Film (Bronze Horse), Best Documentary (Bronze Horse), Best Director (Aluminium Horse), Best Screenplay (Aluminium Horse), Best Cinematography (Aluminium Horse), Best Actor (Aluminium Horse), Best Actress (Aluminium Horse), Best First Feature Film. (Aluminium Horse), Best Short Film (Aluminium Horse).


- We only accept submissions through FilmFreeway.
- We only accept digital submissions (i.e. private Vimeo link or similar online video service).
- For your film to be considered by the programing staff the correct fee must be paid in full.
- 1 Km Film is only open for Swedish short films.
- Stockholm International Film Festival is under no obligation to contact the submitting party and/or refund the submission fee should the applicant not have adhered to rules, set out here or below.


– 1 –
The Stockholm International Film Festival is organized by the foundation of the same name and is supported by the Swedish Film Institute and the City of Stockholm.
– 2–
The purpose of the Stockholm International Film Festival is to broaden the forum for innovative quality films in Scandinavia beyond what is currently available through commercial outlets and traditional film institutions.
– 3–
The 34th annual Stockholm International Film Festival consists of the following main sections:
I - Stockholm Competition. Groundbreaking directors compete for the heaviest award on the festival circuit, the Bronze Horse. Open to directors making their first, second or third dramatic feature.
II - Stockholm Documentary Competition. Personal and original documentaries from around the world in competition for the Bronze Horse.
III - Open Zone. The most influential directors in world cinema are contenders for the FIPRESCI award.
IV - Icons. A showcase of major performances by the leading actors and actresses in current cinema.
V - Discovery. Powerful and diverse stories from debut directors.
VI - American Independents. The United States of America through the eyes of its most independent filmmakers.
VII - Twilight Zone. Mind-bending genre films suited for the darkest hours.
VIII - Stockholm Short Film Competition. Edgy shorts from across the globe in competition.
– 4–
If a film has had its world premiere prior to November 20th, 2022 it is not eligible. The film shall not have been broadcasted, publicly screened, screened at any festival in Sweden (i.e. Göteborg Film Festival, Tempo Film Festival, Monsters of Film, Lund Fantastisk Film Festival, Uppsala Shortfilm Festival etc.) or made available to the public as VOD, SVOD or in any other way.
–5 –
Following the decision of an official festival jury of film critics, filmmakers, actors and producers, the Stockholm International Film Festival Awards will be presented to competing feature films in the following categories: Best Film (Bronze Horse), Best Documentary (Bronze Horse), Best Director (Aluminium Horse), Best Screenplay (Aluminium Horse), Best Cinematography (Aluminium Horse), Best Actor (Aluminium Horse), Best Actress (Aluminium Horse), Best First Feature Film. (Aluminium Horse), Best Short Film (Aluminium Horse).
– 6 –
Preview screeners accepted as secure online links only. Please refrain from changing the link address or password. If you do, please notify the program department immediately or the film will not be considered.
All submissions fitting the festival's requirements are screened by the programming committee. The reports and decisions of the programming committee are final and confidential. Please note the premiere requirements under section 4.
– 7 –
It is the responsibility of the participants to make sure that the rights to their films are cleared for the festival screenings before a film is submitted.
– 8 –
The submission deadline is September 15, 2023. By this date the entry form must have been filled out and the film delivered to the festival.
– 9 –
Entries must be presented with their original soundtrack. Films that are not in English in the original version must have english subtitles.
– 10 –
If the rights of the film are transfered to any third party (distributor/sales agent) it is the responsibility of the original rights owner to inform and guarantee that the commitment to screen the film at the festival is fulfilled.
Participating films must in all cases be delivered to the festival no later than 14 days before the first screening unless special arrangements are made with the festival. If prints require KDM, it must be sent to the festival no later than one week prior to the screening. The festival does not cover the costs associated with the creation of the screening copy.
– 12 –
Each film will be shown at least on three and at the most on five occasions at the festivals sole discretion. The films awarded with a Bronze and/or Aluminium Horse could have one additional screening after the announcement at the Award Ceremony. The Stockholm International Film Festival will not give any financial compensation for the film screenings (i.e. screening fee).
Any additional screenings will be held according to specific agreement between the festival and the rights owners concerned.
- 13 -
The festival will cover all the shipping and handling charges of film(s) to Stockholm prepaid door to door via UPS. Please note that rights owners must follow the festivals shipping instructions closely and respect deadlines. The festival takes responsibility for the insurance of the films while they are in Stockholm. Participants must pay all subsequent transportation charges from Stockholm prepaid door to door. In case the participants do not agree to ship their film(s) to Stockholm prepaid, they must use the official festival shipper. The festival agrees to pay for shipping charges only if the Stockholm Film Festival ́s account is being used and shipping instructions given by the festival are followed. If not, the rights owners will be responsible for any additional shipping and handling charges.
– 14 –
All prints will be returned no later than two weeks after the closing of the festival. Films will be sent to the original sender’s address unless otherwise specified.
– 15 –
Participation in the Stockholm International Film Festival is conditional upon a strict compliance with its rules. In questionable cases the festival organizers will base their decisions on the rules outlined by the International Federation of Film Producers Association (FIAPF).
- To be considered a Swedish short film the film must be produced in Sweden and/or be produced by a Swedish director and/or producer. The latter is defined as either Swedish residents and/or a company registered in Sweden.

We will notify everyone on our decision mid-October at the latest. Please note that the festival will not answer any inquires regarding selection status.

Sections and prizes are subject to change at The Stockholm International Film Festival's sole discretion.

By submitting your film you are accepting the regulations set forth by the festival herein, and you agree on the following:

That you are the rights holder of the submitted film or have the necessary mandate to act on its behalf in order to authorise screening and participation at Stockholm International Film Festival.

Your film has not been screened publicly in Sweden prior to the festival and has not been made available publicly online.

If your film is submitted as a work-in-progress it will be finalized no later than October 1st 2022.

That your film will be made available in the festival screening library powered by Cinando and exclusively open to accredited press and industry professionals only.

Hereby the rights holder accepts the festival Regulations and grants the festival the right to screen the film (up to 5 times, note that the winner of Best Film in the Stockholm Competition is screened a 6th time) in Official Selection of the 34th Stockholm International Film Festival regardless section. Should the film be acquired by any local distributor after the film has been submitted for our review then the present rights holder guarantees that this commitment will be taken on by that distributor. If the film is confirmed for Stockholm Film Festival Competition the rights holder commits to inform the director(s) that they are invited to attend the award ceremony in Stockholm.