Art, in all forms, inspires us. From the first drawings of the prehistoric man to Artificial Intelligence driven illustrations, the journey of art has been one of curiosity, progress and redemption. The form of cinema is the most impactful of them all. It is only this art-form that has the power to blend time with space. The real and the imaginary correspond to one another in films. It is only in cinema that we can reflect, introspect and often modify our realities as well as our history. It is a medium to look into our past and our future.

The transnationality of films often translates one civilization to another. Cinema is a calling card for universal values of humanity.

We are here to celebrate this power of films : the power to unite, the power to transform and transcend. We are the 4th Dimension Independent Film Festival!

The annual screening of FDIFF would take place in Paradiso. Paradiso is an unique venue which offers the audience a cozy atmosphere to enjoy their watching experience. Paradiso is based in Bali, Indonesia.

​In an ever-changing world, we need stories to grasp the patterns of living.

​Tell your story. Submit to us. We will take it to the world.

Submit your work today!

We are currently accepting applications in 15 Main Categories. Once you submit your application, your film is automatically considered for other 10 sub categories wherever applicable. You will get FDIFF Certificate of Cinematic Excellence for all your wins. You can also opt from our five On Demand Publication Services.

Main Categories -

Best Narrative Feature
Best Short Film
Best LGBTQ+ Narrative
Best Documentary Film
Best Women’s Film
First Time Filmmaker
Best Web Series
Best Short Script
Best Feature Script
Best Pilot Script (Web series / TV / Stand up Comedy)
Best Music Video
Best Animated Film
Best Experimental Film
Best Trailer/Teaser
Best Comedy

Sub Categories -

Best Director
Best Producer
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best Supporting Actor
Best Supporting Actress
Best Editor
Best Cinematographer
Best Original Music
Best Costume Designing

Publication on Demand -

Review in Focus
Interview in Focus
Best Expert Opinion on Film
Best Expert Opinion on Screenplay
Feature in Focus

For Films:

1. Every Nominee, Official Selection and Winners will receive Official Laurels of FDIFF and monthly Winning Movies will compete with each other to be screened at our venue Paradiso, Ubud in the December Premiere.

2. All Award-Winners will receive Certificate and Laurels and IMDb Credits as we are IMDb verified

3. We do have an online screening every month. Winning films can opt out if they want to. They are automatically qualified further in the competition.

For Screenplays :

1. Every Nominee, Official Selection and Winners will receive Official Laurels of FDIFF and all Winning Script Writers will get a slot to talk about their script at our venue Paradiso, Ubud in the December Premiere.

2. Finalists and Award-Winners will receive Certificate and Laurels

3. All the monthly winners will automatically be nominated for the Annual Screening Event

4. Grand Winning Best Screenplays will have a Reading session in the Annual Event


1. All films must be submitted electronically through We accept submissions exclusively through FilmFreeway

2. Foreign-language films must supply English subtitles.

3. While we enjoy hosting premiers, we welcome submissions from films that have screened at other film festivals.

4. We do not accept works-in-progress at this time

5. Films or Scripts submitted to us must be completed after 1.01.2000

6. Each film will be watched by at least two different panels of judges. You can track the watches on Vimeo tracker if you are using Vimeo. However, we've had cases in which watches weren't recorded correctly, including for some of the films which were accepted. Please note that they are not always reliable.

7. We communicate with you at every step. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us anytime via mail or DM

8. You may submit as many entries as you like. Each entry requires its own entry fee.

9. Entry fees are non-refundable.

10. Reviews and Interviews will be published on our Festival website which you can use in your Press Kit.

11. The Submitter is solely responsible for the rights of film. If any dispute occurs, FDIFF won't take any responsibility in terms of ownership.

Overall Rating
  • nipon dholua

    This is a wonderful festival and I highly recommend it. Your communications were clear and prompt and I look forward to entering your competition again. All the best!

    May 2023

    I was honored to have my short film, THE RETURN, included in the 4th Dimension Festival. Thank you for the OUSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT award. I hope to be back with future projects.
    Bo Tanas, THE RETURN

    May 2023
  • tommy anderson

    Great Opportunity and communication during such an odd time for our industry. Glad to be chosen and to be a part. Thanks for the acknowledgements!!

    May 2023
  • Rashad Haughton

    Honored for Half :Samurai to have been a part of such a great festival. Highly recommended.

    May 2023
  • I am overjoyed and thankful that "A Summer Surprise" won for Best Feature Script. I recommend this festival.

    May 2023