Freedom of speech means that any individual can share their ideas publically without fear of censorship. When public-access television was created in the early 1970’s, the airways were flooded with new, locally produced programming that was by the people, for the people. Traditionally, public-access television can be broken down into three categories, public, education, and government, or better known as PEG. While both education and government are important, the public sector of the PEG cable television system gave independent producers an outlet to share their thoughts and ideas without the fear of being censored. The 508 Film Fest aims to follow a similar model and provide a new outlet for artists to create unique, valuable, and locally-relevant programming that can easily be accessed by the community.

The 508 Film Fest will be held on October 25, 2019 at the Ashland VFW at 311 Pleasant St, Ashland, MA. A total of 12 films will be chosen from the 4 categories and they will be screened at the event. We invite your friends and family to attend for a night of fun entertainment and great food!

The 508 Film Fest is hosted by WACA TV. WACA TV is Ashland, MA’s independent, PEG cable television network. Their mission is to help residents and local organizations realize their potential through the medium of cable television. WACA-TV encourages, and facilitates, the production of quality programming created by the community for the community. We are dedicated to providing the best quality programming for our residents while strengthening expression, communication, understanding, and appreciation of diversity in a community.

Out of the official selection, there will be a $250 first place prize for each of the four categories.

The 4 categories are:
Narrative Short Film
Documentary Short Film
Narrative Medium Lenght
Documentary Medium Lenght

A “Community Favorite” award will also be voted on by the audience during the night of the festival and awarded to the winner. That prize for that award is $100.

The 508 Film Festival accepts the following programs:
Short Narrative and Documentary (less than 5 minutes)
Medium Length Narrative and Documentary (between 6-35 minutes)

All genres are welcome. Non-English language films must be subtitled in English. Entry does not guarantee acceptance into the festival.

All film submissions must have a connection to Massachusetts. Some examples are:
- Films shot or edited in Massachusetts
- Director, or other crew member, is currently living in Massachusetts
- Actors are from Massachusetts
- The film is set in (or references) Massachusetts
Please explain your connection to Massachusetts in your submission.

Early Bird Deadline is May 31, 2019
Regular Deadline is September 4, 2019

The 508 Film Fest will accept submissions that have premiered elsewhere and multiple entries are allowed. You just need to fill out a separate entry form. Entries will only be accepted if they are submitted through FilmFreeway. Rough cuts and incomplete projects, however, will not be allowed.

Students must submit a copy of their student ID to qualify for the student rate. Copies of student ID’s can be emailed to


The screening will take place at the Ashland VFW on October 25, 2019. A panel of 4 judges will select the 12 films that will play at the festival. Those selected will be notified via email on October 7, 2019. WACA TV and the 508 Film Fest reverse the right to make changes at any time for any reason. No film may be withdrawn from the festival once it is submitted.

If your project is selected, you are responsible for the delivery of a 3 line synopsis that will be used in the festival program by October 15, 2019.

If you have questions regarding the submissions process, please email us at

Overall Rating
  • Matt Bruneau-Richardson

    I had a wonderful time at the 508 Film Festival. It was well organized with a great lineup of films, and the team behind it were very communicative - even after the event. I look forward to submitting to 508 again in the future

    November 2019
  • Sophia Cacciola & Michael J. Epstein

    Fantastic community fest! Definitely worth submitting.

    November 2019
  • The 508 Film Fest was a lot of fun and included delicious dinner and cake! And also great films and passionate organizers.

    October 2019