Respect Belfast Human Rights Film Festival will take place between the 2nd and 10th of August, 2018. The festival will screen a range of films/documentaries that promote a wider understanding of Human Rights subjects, such as, Immigration, Asylum, Women’s Rights, War & Conflict, Mental Health, LGBT Rights, Workers Rights, Environmental Concerns, Healthcare, Austerity & Disability Issues.

As part of our programme, we also aim to deliver a series of films, events and panel discussions exploring the wider cultural, human and socio-political implications of conflict and the countless ways these have been presented through film, both historically and in contemporary cinema.

This will combine a range of short fiction and documentary films as part of our ‘short film’ competition with a wider range of classic and contemporary feature-length films that offer a more discursive look at many of the human rights issues at hand.

Best Short film (Short drama's or documentary's no longer than 15 minutes)

Best Documentary Feature

Best Drama Feature

Film's must be dedicated to human rights issues or offer advocacy for those affected by social or political injustice.

Overall Rating
  • A great festival with a good atmosphere and friendly, helpful hosts. Excellent selection of films and good opportunities to meet other filmmakers with similar ideas!

    April 2017
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    Alessandro Nunziata

    Bellissimo festival il cui significato si eleva grazie al contesto in cui è immerso!

    March 2017
  • false
    Canan Dönmez

    Thank you so much Respect BHRF Festival!

    March 2017
  • false
    Javad Daraei

    I loved the atmosphere with all the people and could network very well.. It was well organized and an amazing experience for a young filmmaker like me.

    March 2017
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    Sam van Zoest

    Good communication and marketing. Friendly staff.

    March 2017