Horror Screenings Film Festival Bloody Mirror is a film festival dedicated to horrors.

The festival is a part of an international project MoviExpa (Los Angeles, CA), distributing independent films Worldwide to the audience, cinemas, channels, and online services.

We hold the festival live in popular venues (cinemas, conference halls, parks, etc.) to get closer to the audience.

During the event, each film receives the audience evaluation by 6 criteria: script, directing, acting, camerawork, music, and impressiveness. Filmmakers receive detailed results personally after the event. Based on those results the best film receives the Audience Award.

A professional jury panel that includes award-winning filmmakers, producers, as well as representatives of distributors, buyers, and online streaming services, also reviews selected works and gives their awards.

We receive submissions from more than 150 countries so we reach a loyal audience from those countries.
That’s why if we have permission from the filmmaker, we broadcast the film on a special channel on our website.
In this way, we bring the film to an audience from all over the world
Movies are being screened on a special channel on our website without a download option during the festival days and with the permission of the copyright holder only.

Since our festival is a part of a distributing project, each film is being analyzed for a possible strategy for further development. If the filmmaker has an interest in this, the team will provide a plan after the festival.

So, what can you expect when you submit your film to our film festival:
🟢 Live screenings of your film in front of the severe and multinational audience
🟢 Audience feedback with the evaluations of your film. This feedback is very important for further film distribution as well.
🟢 Promotion of your film on our social media and among our customers and site visitors
🟢 Professional jury awards.
🟢 Official Certificates and unique festival laurels for your film.
🟢 The Winner receives the Trophy: the local gift inspired by the award-winning movie.
🟢 Your film will be observed by buyers and channels representatives collaborating with our project and our festival.
🟢 You can receive a further distribution plan from our team based on your film screening results

And most of the fun, pleasure, honor, and big hug emotions from Georgia!

Best Feature horror (51min and longer)
Best Short horror (50 min and shorter)
Best Supernatural horror
Best Paranormal horror
Best Monster/Witchcraft/Vampire horror
Best Slasher/Gore horror
Best Zombie horror
Best Psychological horror
Best Comedic horror
Best Special effects
Best Director
Best Actor/Actress
Fan Award Winner
Audience Award Winner

The event WINNER receives the Trophy directly at the event after the results are announced.
All the Award Winners receive the Award sign, the certificate, and the laurels.
The selected films may receive offers for further distribution in theaters or/and TV or/and streaming services

The official festival language is English.
The festival accepts films in any language from around the world according to the terms mentioned in the rules of the category.
All films in the not English language must have subtitles in English.
All films must be completed in production in 2019 or later.
The festival accepts web links or uploaded to the festival website materials only, DVDs are not accepted.
After a film has been officially selected, the filmmaker will be notified.
Official selection does not mean that the filmmaker’s film will be screened or awarded at the festival.
All submissions must be completed by the date indicated on the festival’s website.
All submissions to the festival are to be paid by credit card or PayPal via the platforms mentioned on the festival’s website.
The submission fee is non-refundable.
The festival does not give any fee waivers.
The selected films are shown live at the venues determined by the festival producers for the current festival edition.
Films might be shown online on the festival website in addition to the live screenings if the filmmaker gives permission for it.

Awards, Prizes, Winners Determination.

The Category Award Winners are determined by the Festival Jury.
The Fan Award Winners are determined according to the voting on social media.
The Event Winner is determined by the voting during the live screening event audience voting results. The attendees fill out the event protocols rating the selected films by their estimates (from 1 to 9). After the event is concluded the estimates are counted. The Event Winner receives the most estimates among all the films. The Section Audience Award Winners receive the most estimates among the films included in the Section. If the Event Winner and the Section Audience Award Winner are the same films, the Section Audience Award goes to the next film after the Event Winner received fewer estimates. If there are films that receive equal estimates, the festival producer’s protocol estimate is prevail to determine the winner.
The Event Winner receives the Trophy directly at the event after the results are announced.
All the Winners receive the Award sign, the certificate, and the laurels by contact email. They may receive the awards directly at the event if they (or their confirmed representatives) are present at the event.
The festival’s producer reserves the right to change prizes and awards without any notification to participants (or winners).
Winners are responsible for all applicable federal, state, province or territory and local taxes, if any, as well as any other costs and expenses associated with prize acceptance or use not specified herein as being provided.
The Festival Producer may set the additional awards, award signs, and prizes before the event.