15th edition accepting submission now.

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"I appreciate and accept the 2020 Best Feature Script award. This festival is a class act who understands that writers need incubators and more exposure to the film industry." Oscar Sanders, June 2020

"I am beyond thrilled to have had my play 'Red-Handed' selected as a semi-finalist this year. It went beyond expectation and I am impressed with the process from start to finish." Alan David Pritchard, Feb 2021

"Delighted to win Best Synopsis for my novel 'No Name'. You've helped give me the confidence to plod on till the end." Louise Johnson, Sept 2020

"This is a great contest and I will enter it again." ESONE FILMS, August 2020

"Having this opportunity to be weighed and measured alongside a diverse and talented pool of fellow writers is an honor." Terri Hayes, June 2020

✍️ WHO WE ARE ✍️
Since 2016, we awarded 117 authors and selected an additional 487 authors.
We reward ideas, talent, and narrative structure.

The script is the core of any project.
We want to enlighten the unique talent of writing and the original skill of storytelling, regardless of the genre and style.

The Script Awards Los Angeles is an International script and authors competition.
The contest was previously named the Script Showcase.

The Script Awards Los Angeles offers a unique opportunity to talk about your script.
Share your craftsmanship, explain your point of view, unroll your writing process: other writers are interested, and so are we.

✍️ Best Feature Script
✍️ Best Short Script
✍️ First time writer
✍️ Best Writer
✍️ Best Book
✍️ Best Television Script: SERIES
✍️ Best Television Script: TV MOVIE
✍️ Best Stage Play
✍️ Best Student Script
✍️ Best Synopsis
✍️ Best Treatment
✍️ Best Pitch
✍️ Best Documentary Script
✍️ Best Storyboard
✍️ Best Unscripted

✍️ EVENTS ✍️
We are in our 5th year of activity.
With about 2 showcases a year, our events run smoothly, always putting the writers under a positive light.
Wether in person in Los Angeles, or digitally with our video roundtables, as a writer; you are the star.
Please check our past videos!

We follow all protocols in place in the State of California.

Every submission MUST come with
- at least a logline or best: a 10 lines synopsis (in "overview")
- an author biography
Cherry on top:
- a writer's note or short letter of intent is greatly appreciated by the judges.

- Best FEATURE script
Recommended Min 70 pages, max 200 pages.
- Best SHORT script
Recommended Min 1 page, max 40 pages.
Recommended Min 15 pages, max 65 pages. Submit minimum 1 episode, maximum 5, in the same PDF.
Recommended Min one scene or 1 page, no maximum. First deadline is FREE!
You may submit it as a pdf.
Recommended Min 4, max 15 pages, .pdf.
Recommended Min 1 page, max 3 pages.
- Best PITCH
Recommended Max 1 paragraph. 1 paragraph is 5 to 10 lines maximum, not 1 page.
- Best TELEVISION script
Recommended Depending on the genre and format. Minimum 15 pages.
Recommended Depending on the genre and format. Minimum 2 pages, maximum 10 pages.
- Best BOOK
Recommended 200 pages maximum. single pdf.

Accepted langage are English, French and Spanish.
Your document (any entry) must have a cover page with the title of the project and the name of the author / the authors.
Entries are non refundable.
The festival may cancel any submission not complying with the rules.

Overall Rating
  • Neil Kendricks

    This festival did not have an impact on my career or filmmaking practice. They contacted me as a finalist, but then radio silence. I was hoping for networking opportunities, which did not materialize. Perhaps, the festival was a more positive experience for the award winners.

    June 2021
  • I want to thank Script and Storyboard Showcase for choosing my script as a quarter finalist. It has been a pleasure to enter this contest. Great communication on notice of selection.

    June 2021
  • For one of the first festivals I submitted my screenplay too, Script & Storyboard is a great place for first time writers! I highly encourage others to submit their work as well.

    June 2021
  • I am beyond thrilled to have had my play 'Red-Handed' selected as a semi-finalist this year. It went beyond expectation and I am impressed with the process from start to finish.
    I cannot review the hospitality and networking aspects as I live outside the US and was not part of any of those events/ processes - but wish to extend my heartfelt thanks for recognising my writing.

    February 2021
  • Michael Oborn

    Thank you. Great work. Looking forward to next year. Keep me up to date with script and Storyboard Showcase.

    February 2021