The script is the core of any project.
We want to enlight the raw talent of writing. Not everyone knows how to write. We reward ideas, talent, and structure.
If in the wrong hands, a good script may end up as a flat movie, but a bad script never, ever is going to make a groundbreaking film.
If you got theses three winning factors, you have a good chance.

The SSS will have you experience :
- AWARD giving in Los Angeles.
- NETWORKING during the event.

The Script and Storyboard Showcase select the best works we receive, then we showcase the selected artist during the event and reward the winners during the award ceremony in Los Angeles.


- Best FEATURE script
- Best SHORT script
- Best WRITER >>>new<<<
- Best TELEVISION Script - TV Movie
- Best TV Concept >>>new<<<
- Best STAGE PLAY >>>new<<<
- Best DOCUMENTARY Script >>>new<<<
- Best PITCH

Framed award certificate for the winners, you come claim during the annual event.
Digital award certificate for the finalists, semi-finalists and quarter-finalists.

- Best FEATURE script
Min 80 pages, max 150 pages.
- Best SHORT script
Min 4 pages, max 20 pages, recommended max 15 pages.
Min 20 pages, max 60 pages. Submit minimum 1 episode, maximum 5, in the same PDF.
Min one scene or 1 page, no maximum. First deadline is FREE!
You may submit it as a pdf.
Min 5, max 10 pages, .pdf.
Min 1 page, max 3 pages.
- Best PITCH
Max 1 graph. 1 graph is not 1 page. Make it so, make it smart.
- Best TELEVISION script
Depending on the genre and format. Minimum 15 pages.
Depending on the genre and format. Minimum 2 pages, maximum 10 pages.

Accepted langage are English, French and Spanish.
Your document (any entry) must have a cover page with the title of the project and the name of the author / the authors.
Entries are non refundable.
The festival may cancel any submission not complying with the rules.

Overall Rating
  • So happy that my script made it to quarter finals in this past cycle. Great format and a great opportunity for aspiring screenwriters to get noticed. Don't hesitate to submit your screenplay!

    August 2019
    Logo sss
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Alberto for your appreciation. We're very happy you like the format!

  • Steven Wayne Knight

    This is a rather great Los Angeles venue to seriously consider IF YOU HAVE A GOOD SCRIPT. They do recognize your hard work.

    We were proud to be recognized by this very fair and extremely honest Showcase. The Script and Storyboard Showcase.

    One of the few I would recommend in the County where my family and I worked the streets as cops for 120 years. LOS ANGELES COUNTY. For the LAPD, LA Sheriffs Department , and LA County Marshal.

    Do not pass this up!

    Steven Wayne Knight

    July 2019
    Logo sss
    Response from festival:

    Steven, thank you for your comment, we appreciate it. And thank you for your service!

  • Nathaniel Baker

    Great festival, excellent selection of films, super support staff. Everyone went the extra mile to be helpful.

    April 2019
    Logo sss
    Response from festival:

    Wow, thanks for that. We do our best! We hope to wee "Adam and the Aliens" on the screen soon. All the best.

  • I was honored to be recognized by the Script and Storyboard Showcase.

    March 2019
    Logo sss
    Response from festival:

    Hi Chris. We hope "The Smallest Celebrations" will keep going places. Cheers.

  • Alexios Giannoulis

    Although an online event at first I believe this is an excellent opportunity for aspiring writers to get noticed.

    March 2019
    Logo sss
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Alexios. Congrats again for your POSTER GIRL treatment!