Pula Film Festival is the most popular film festival in Croatia (71.751 visitors in 2013), a big screen, open air, summer festival founded in 1954 which makes it the oldest national film festival in the world and one of the oldest festivals in general. London newspaper The Guardian in 2005 wrote that Pula is "one of the three most spectacular open-air festivals in Europe". Its National & Popular programme, opening and award ceremonies are traditionally held in ancient Vespasian’s Amphitheatre (constructed in the mid-1st century B.C), popularly called Arena, that in summer becomes one of the biggest open-air cinemas in the world (along with Locarno and Taormina)

The Grand Golden Arena for the best film
Golden Arena for: directing / the script / the best leading actress / the best supporting actress /the best leading actor / the best supporting actor / camera / editing / music / scenography / costume design

Golden Arena for the best film / director / leading actor/actress