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“99 is a carefully curated selection of documentaries from around the world swooping down into extraordinary lives.” — Rob Alderson, WeTransfer

99 is a new kind of documentary film festival: both online and in real life.

It is a free and not-for-profit video platform streaming documentaries in 10 languages + a series of live screenings in different cities where our languages are spoken. Our main event is a quarterly film screening in Lyon, France.

Our objective is to democratize documentaries thanks to multilingualism and to help filmmakers get wider audiences and more impact.


"99 has embarked on a beautiful campaign to share films with the world. Subtitling my film into a half-dozen languages opens the door for cross-cultural impact in ways I’ve always dreamed about. Their initiative to share powerful works of art with the world is a noble calling, and I’ve watched as my film has reached new people. I’m grateful for the opportunity to have my film play on their platform."
— Matthew K. Firpo, filmmaker

"99 translated my documentary into additional languages, ultimately helping the film reach a much wider audience, and become globally relevant. Films are made to be seen, and reaching an international audience like this is invaluable”.
— Asmita Shrish, filmmaker

“My short documentary was translated into 9 languages by 99, which helped it gain a lot more exposure and massively increased its global reach. I have a lot of respect for, and trust in the team, who has always dealt with me in a professional and honest fashion and who I believe has a real passion for short film and a lot of respect for filmmakers.”
— Andy Oxley, filmmaker

If your film is selected, we will offer you:

• €100 (flat fee, non-exclusivity)
• 10-language subtitling and streaming on 99.media, without any advertising. We will NOT monetize your film.
• Your interview, published below your film, translated into all our languages.
• Promotion through social media, newsletters and international media partners.
• Paid screenings around the world to reach new audiences (revenue share, 50/50)

→ More info: https://www.99.media/en/submit
Still have questions? Please contact us (hello@99.media).
We’re here and happy to help!

What we’re looking for above all is stories! Relevant, unique, moving, fun stories that get people thinking and talking with each other.

We’re looking for insightful, daring, caring documentaries with a universal message.

The films have to tell a story that is not otherwise being seen, or hardly being seen, since we believe the power of documentary film is to reveal and enlighten.

A great and simple way to determine what we are after is to watch the films we have featured this far → https://www.99.media/en/films

• Non-fiction only.
• Short films (1-20 minutes)
• We require films to have all necessary rights secured for us to feature them.
• Please provide us with English subtitles if necessary.
• Submission fees are not refundable.

→ Still have questions? Please contact us (hello@99.media).
We’re here and happy to help!

Overall Rating
  • Bo Clausen

    Amazing expericence! Glad to be part of it!

    October 2020