Are you confident your screenplay would sell if it was given a chance? If it had an awesome cover design and was available as a paperback and e-book on Amazon, would it be a best-seller? Would you like to have your screenplay published on 15 October 2022?

Thousands of FilmFreeway screenwriters have already taken part in this unique screenplay contest since it launched in early 2016, with many of them appearing on Amazon's best-sellers list for screenplays. Take a look at our FilmFreeway reviews to see what they say about their experiences in the contest!

This is not your standard screenplay contest... It’s the most exciting, refreshing and potentially rewarding contest we think you'll find, designed so that you can sell your screenplay as a paperback and as an e-book while you participate.

- By entering the contest, you'll become an internationally published screenwriter with Dizzy Emu Publishing

- Your screenplay will be available for sale as a paperback and e-book on Amazon

- The result of the contest is determined by screenplay sales, not by a small panel of judges

- All writers who enter the contest receive ALL of the royalties for their screenplay’s sales, paid directly to them from Amazon

- Writers retain ALL rights to their screenplay

- The entry fee includes a cover design based on your synopsis, plus you may also submit your own artwork if you wish by emailing it directly to us

- Just because the contest ends doesn’t mean your screenplay’s availability has to – you can keep it available for sale for as long as you like and continue to receive all of the royalties

Each writer who enters the contest receives ALL of the royalties for their sales directly from Amazon. They also retain full control of their screenplay's rights and pricing.

For e-book screenplay sales, writers receive approximately 70% of the sale price of $2.99.

For paperback screenplay sales, a 100 page screenplay sold at $9.99 earns the screenwriter approximately $4.00. This is the list price minus the production costs and Amazon's commission.

The overall contest winner is the writer of the top-selling screenplay over the three month contest sales period and wins a full Publish & Marketing package from Dizzy Emu Publishing - this includes building you a website and making a video trailer to help you promote your screenplay. Additionally, as with all entrants, the winner will also receive all of the royalties from their screenplay sales.

The current window for submissions is 15 July to 30 September 2022, with a go live date of 15 October 2022.

When you submit your screenplay, please ensure you have completed the overview/synopsis section for it on FilmFreeway as this will form the blurb on the back of your paperback screenplay and help to inform the cover design.

Entrants are given full instructions on how to set up their publishing accounts prior to the go live date of 15 October, meaning they can monitor sales, update their royalty payment information, order discounted paperback copies and make changes to their screenplay's listing on Amazon.

Each writer who enters receives ALL of the royalties for their sales directly from Amazon - Dizzy Emu Publishing does not take a penny. To be clear, yes - ALL writers in the contest receive ALL of their royalties, not just the winners of the contest.

Screenplays can be of any genre or length but those under 22 pages are published as an e-book only.

If you do not wish for your contact details to be included in the published version, please ensure you submit a version of the screenplay which does not include them.

Please see for full details.

Overall Rating
  • Peter Gartner .

    Great idea for a festival. Thanks for choosing my script.

    August 2022

    August 2022
  • G. Lloyd Helm

    Hard to evaluate. They seem like they are trying, but ya never really know until you hear something about the screen play you submitted from a producer. I got kudos from the contest but they mean nothing until one has a producer to actually look at the script.

    August 2022
  • Thank you guys so much can’t wait until I finish the next screenplay.. you guys ROCK!.

    February 2022
  • Matthew Donaldson

    Excellent Contest. Run by true professionals. I had an absolute pleasure dealing with them.

    February 2022