Sin City Horror Fest was founded in 2016 by friends and fellow filmmakers Mike Lenzini, Drew Marvick, Darren Flores, Justin Bergonzoni, and Clay Lake. The quintet have a passion for film and the horror genre and wanted to create an outlet for independent horror filmmakers to showcase and celebrate their work.

Sin City Horror Fest will return for its third year Friday, September 13th through Sunday, September 15th!

Our 2018 Award Winners!

Feature Film

Best Feature - Lost In Apocalypse
Best Director - Joe Badon, The God Inside My Ear
Best Screenplay - Abiel Bruhn and John Rocco - The Night Sitter
Best Cinematography - Robert Patrick Stern - Skeletons in the Closet
Best Editing - Survival of the Film Freaks
Best Actor - Burt Grinstead - The Lost Footage of Leah Sullivan
Best Actress - Elyse Dufour - The Night Sitter
Best Special FX - Skeletons in the Closet
Best Score - The God Inside My Ear
Best Sound Design - Lost In Apocalypse
Best Kill - The Nite Sitter
Best Killer - Skeletons in the Closet


Best Short - She Came From The Woods
Best Director -Andrew Torrez, Smiley Death Face
Best Screenplay - Aladdin Alisic, The Forsaken
Best Cinematography - Stuart Cameron, Latched
Best Editing - AirB-N-Dead
Best Actor - Max Williams - For Old Times Sake
Best Actress - Asabi Lee - For Old Times Sake
Best Special FX - Latched
Best Score - REWIND
Best Sound Design - Baghead
Best Kill - Portrait(s)
Best Killer - Stay

- SIN CITY HORROR FEST is open to all short and feature films that fall under the horror genre.
- All entries must be submitted via Private Link through FilmFreeway for review purposes.
- Must own all rights to the work that you're submitting or have permission which you must show proof of.
- The main contact submitting must be authorized to do so and must have permission from any sales agents or distributors involved.
- When completing the submission process you agree to have the necessary rights for screening the film at SIN CITY HORROR FEST.
- Submissions fees are non-refundable and final.
Foreign language films are welcomed however, we must insist that non-English dialogue movies be subtitled in English. We prefer not to have them dubbed.
- Only one film per entry however, you may submit as many films and shorts as you want.
- There are NO Specified Dates required for Production.
- Notification date will be on September, 14th 2018.
If selected the screening copy of the film must be to us by no later than October 1st 2018, and once selected, you guarantee that the film cannot be withdrawn from the festival.
- Festival screeners for accepted Short films must be submitted via digital file.
- Festival screeners for accepted Feature films must be submitted via digital file or Blu-Ray
- Entrants will permit Sin City Horror Fest to use the title of the work submitted, log-line, names, contact information and/ or likeness & publicity stills in pre & post publicity & promotional efforts.
- Please let us know if the screening will be a Premiere of any kind. World/ US/ Nevada/ etc.
-Dates for the festival are subject to change

Overall Rating
  • Kyle Kuchta

    I wish we could've attend this fest with our documentary SURVIVAL OF THE FILM FREAKS, but we heard nothing but good things. Excited to see this fest continue to grow and expand, and we hope to attend in the years to come!

    December 2018
  • Eduardo Granadsztejn

    Great festival and great communication

    November 2018
  • Great festival with a great line up

    November 2018
  • Tony Wash

    Absolutely grateful to have had our film as part of their second year. Though we were not in attendance it sounds like the festival screening went great and I've seen nothing but great reviews from people who were there. One of these days, our team will be in Vegas at the Sin City Horror Fest and cannot wait to hang out with everyone there!

    November 2018
  • Burt Grinstead

    Loved these guys! Their festival was top notch. I wasn't able to attend personally, but I had some family in the area, and they couldn't say enough about how cool it was. The heads of the festival were super communicative and very helpful. I hope to attend next year. If not as a filmmaker, at least as a fan.

    November 2018