WSXA Paris 🎖 International Awards is a FilmFreeway Gold festival and a partner award event of ARFF International.

As an International & Independent event, We award and showcase Feature & Short Films, Feature & Short Documentary works, Commercials, New Media, Music Video and Animations. It is possible to experience the WScreen archive by the monthly chronology below:

// 2022 Showcase //
WSXA Paris 2022
ARFF Paris 2022

// 2021 Showcase //
WSXA Barcelona 2021
ARFF Barcelona 2021

// 2020 Showcase //
ARFF Paris 2020
ARFF Amsterdam 2020
ARFF Barcelona 2020

// 2019 Showcase //

// 2018 Showcase //
July 2018 // WScreen Showcase:
Aug. 2018 // WScreen Showcase:
Sept.2018 // WScreen Showcase:
Oct.2018 // WScreen Showcase:
Nov.2018 // WScreen Showcase:

// 2017 Showcase //
Jan.2017 // WScreen Showcase:
Feb.2017 // WScreen Showcase:
March 2017 // WScreen Showcase:
April 2017 // WScreen Showcase:
May 2017 // WScreen Showcase:
June 2017 // WScreen Showcase:
July 2017 // WScreen Showcase:
Aug. 2017 // WScreen Showcase:
Sept.2017 // WScreen Showcase:
Oct.2017 // WScreen Showcase:

// 2016 Showcase //
Jan.2016 // WScreen Showcase:
Feb.2016 // WScreen Showcase:
March 2016 // WScreen Showcase:
April 2016 // WScreen Showcase:
May 2016 // WScreen Showcase:
June 2016 // WScreen Showcase:
July 2016 // WScreen Showcase:
Aug. 2016 // WScreen Showcase:
Sept.2016 // WScreen Showcase:
Oct.2016 // WScreen Showcase:
Nov.2016 // WScreen Showcase:
Dec.2016 // WScreen Showcase:

All the Officially Selected filmmakers have a unique chance to be mentioned as ''Filmmaker in the Spotlight'' via our social channels.

WSXA & ARFF International Community announces the Selections to serve the Official Laurels and also to showcase the selected creations online with the Trailer Cut. Please feel free to experience the WscreenShowCases:

* All the Finalists, Winners & Honorable Mentions will receive the Official Laurels, also have an opportunity to receive their Official Certificates.

Additionally, your title would be referred to the best fit ARFF International Edition such as
ARFF Barcelona - ARFF Paris - ARFF Amsterdam & ARFF Berlin International Awards in order to compete for the yearly awards.

Optionally it's possible to have the WSXA Promo Pack, Director on Spotlight and Q&A - Interviews with the Director, Cinematographer, Producer, and the team members to be shared on our social channels with over 10K Network Members.

WSXA International // WcreenShowcase changes the country of the Network Events each year. Please stay tuned for the updates.

1. Official Selections & Nominations will be announced on the specified dates (CET time zone) and will be published on our blog page to serve the Official Laurels on the following weeks.

2. Our board has access to all films and they vote without sharing your work publicly.
Please be sure that you have the proper English subtitle on the trailer and the full movie.

3. WSXA does not post the entire creations online unless we offer an exclusive collaboration to the right owners. we only screen your trailer, snippets, and sequences regarding the available online files provided. WScreen & ARFF International has access to online data shared through FilmFreeway and other channels.WScreen Awards is focused on the trailer showcase screening. All the Official Selections also has a chance to be referred for the Award Events to receive the Offical Certificates.

4. If your creation has the potential for collaboration - distribution, (co)production, or any commercial usage, WSXA International keeps the right to make previews with 3rd party. Still, the final action will be taken with the owner of the material here (submitter). And our team will contact you for confirmation through the possibilities. Previous yearly selections and the winner creations will be accessible with password protection in the safest way.

5. All entries should be sent via FilmFreeway or the other associated platforms with an online screener. Please don't send discs or any downloadable files to us. Accepted ''Project in the Spotlight'' participators do not have any privilege and selection guarantee in competition. The Festival will inform you in advance if your film is selected for the annual showcase. Following up with the Yearly Shortlist is the filmmakers' responsibility.

6. By submitting to the festival you confirm that you own the rights of the film and accept all the Rules&Terms. The submitter is responsible to provide the correct info and data on FilmFreeway in each section about the film and the team.

7. Festival keeps the right of changing the section of the selected film from the section which is submitted. WSXA Selections could be listed in the ARFF International Editions as well. Until further notice, all the WSXA film screenings will take place online, optionally with an in-person network event. The same film can be submitted in different sections to have more opportunities. WSXA International - WcreenShowcase change the festival concept. Please stay tuned for the updates.

8. Festival has the right to download for using snippets, sequences, still images from the submitted material with music&sound to share on print or online, social media, and the website. Also to share the IMDb data of the associated industry members.

9. Festival does not offer any refund through withdrawal or the movies haven’t been selected for the monthly/yearly editions, mistaken certificate/ticket/spotlight orders, and the cancelled events due to local and global circumstances. Priority Submissions or Now Submitting Invitations do not have any guarantee to be selected. ARFF International keeps the right to disqualify the film in case of unresponsive emails for the screening and due to violating messages or comments by e-mail on social media and will be followed up with legal action. Festival does not offer Free Submissions, Fee Waiver formerly.

10. Music video and Animation works have the chance to be the winner of specified categories such as; Best Director, Best Cinematography, Jury Award, Globe Award and Audience Awards.

Thank you for sharing your unique creation and being a part of our network.

Overall Rating
  • Excellent organization and very friendly team.

    October 2022
  • Maria Brenda

    Thank you for recognizing my work.

    July 2022
  • Alexander Senicki

    No question about it, WSXA Paris // Int'l Awards is a fabulous film festival and it was an honor to receive an Honorable Mention to be sure!

    July 2022
  • mick cusimano

    The were awesome! I had questions and the answered them. I had travel restrictions and they accommodated me! Looking forward to next year!

    July 2022
  • Mark Rose

    This invitation was amazing to receive from WSXA, who were among the first to recognize Alaska Long Hunters when we first aired. Thank you so kindly! Mark Rose

    July 2022