WE ARE ALL OTHERS Short Film Festival of Social Diversity is a Mexico based short film festival about social issues. We accept fiction, documentary, and animation short films. The festival will take place from November 13th to 17th 2018 in Mexico City and several cities around the country.

We have 8 categories, the best short film of each category will receive the "Integrity" statue, made by the sculptor Miguel Angel Ramirez.

This call is open to all creators of short films from any part of the planet, under the following BASES:

1. THEME. The theme of the work must touch the social field in some of its many facets, ranging from local personal concerns to global social issues, with the exception of the Invitation to Reading Best Short Film Category, where we will accept short films of any subject as long as are related to a literary work.

2. LENGHT. The maximum lenght of the works will be 20 minutes for fiction or animation and 25 minutes for documentary.

3. FORMATS. Realization: any format. Delivery: digital format (see point 9. Delivery method). Exhibition: Digital.

4. LANGUAGE The works that were not made in the Spanish language should be presented dubbed or subtitled to Spanish.

5. NUMBER OF WORKS. An unlimited number of works may be presented per participant, each one with the corresponding documentation.

6. YEAR OF PRODUCTION. We accept short films produced from January 2015 until the close of this call.

8. ADMISSION PERIOD. The term of admission of the works begins with the publication of this call and will end on Monday, August 27, 2018.

9. DELIVERY. There are two options for sending the works:
a) DVD data and documentation will be received in the physical address of the headquarters in Mexico.

WE ARE ALL OTHERS: International Short Film Festival of Social Diversity
Tehuantepec 102-3, Col. Roma Sur, Mexico City, CP 06760, MEXICO.

b) They will be received online, through:
- Specialized web platforms like: FilmFreeway
- File transfer services like Wetransfer.
- Cloud storage services like Dropbox, Drive, Mega, etc. providing the link and password for access and download.
- Video sharing websites like Vimeo or Youtube providing the link and password for access and download.
- We accept any digital video format.

The work and the corresponding documentation must be sent to the following email: tso2018cortos@gmail.com

10. ACCEPTED WORKS. A maximum of 250 works will be accepted to be exhibited during the realization of the festival, among them, the nominations to the different prizes will be selected.

a) Best short film directed by a woman.
With the intention of promoting gender equality and enriching ourselves with the feminine vision of the world.

b) Best community short film.
We understand community cinema: the cinema that results from processes of collective participation in a neighborhood, work, student or independent spaces; with the condition that it is NOT done by professionals or film students.

c) Best student short film
To participate in this category it is necessary to present a student credential, strip or proof of studies of the short film director.

d) Best didactic short film
Given the intense use of the short film for educational purposes, we seek those who teach us better ways of living: alternative energy, food, social organization, economy, etc.

e) Best Mexican short film

f) Best international short film

g) Best thematic short film: Equity and Gender Perspective.
Gender Perspective and Equity is a struggle not only fair but also necessary for the economic, scientific, artistic, political and social development of the world.
Through this category, we seek to sensitize the entire population so that they understand that non-discrimination, equal opportunities and a life without violence for half of the human race is the only way to move forward and make this a better world.

h) Best short film Invitation to Read.
The content of the short film should "invite to read", being this critical, reflection or analysis of published books. Reading suggestions, experiences resulting from the reading of significant works. Here fit any theme, even fantastic themes, as long as they relate to literary works.

It is possible to participate with a single work in several categories.

12. PUBLICATION OF SELECTED FILMS. The titles of the works accepted for exhibition and of the works nominated for the prizes will be published on the festival website, www.todos-somos-otros.org on October 15th, 2018.

13. PRIZES. The best short films of each category will receive a commemorative statue of the festival. Special Recognitions for the short films that the jury considers. Participation letters to those who request it.

14. EXHIBITIONS AND AWARDS. The Festival will be held from November 13 to 17, 2018. It will be exhibited in various halls and cultural centers of Mexico City and other cities of the country.

The closing ceremony and awards ceremony will take place on Saturday, November 17. The programming and halls for exhibitions and awards will be announced in a timely manner.

15. ITINERANT FILM EXHIBITION. The selected works will be part of an itinerant exhibition that will be presented in various venues in Mexico and the world throughout 2019.

16. JURY. The jury is composed of film professionals and social organizations.

17. The participation in this International Short Film Festival of Social Diversity WE ARE ALL OTHERS implies the total acceptance of the BASES of this CALL. Works that do not comply with them will be discarded.

18. Any situation not contemplated within this call will be resolved according to the criteria of the organizers.

Overall Rating
  • Saudáveis Subversivos

    Parabéns pela bela iniciativa. Esperamos poder ver de perto a projeção de nossas futuras obras neste festival maravilhoso.

    December 2018
  • Un gran Festival con una Gran Labor Social; Muchas gracias por vuestro buen hacer y compromiso con el cine Social!!

    November 2018
  • Papermoon Cinema from Paper to the Moon

    An important and well organized festival, honoured to have been part of this year edition

    November 2018
  • Film Studies Center

    Excelente festival con una gran selección para proyección. Hay puntos para mejorar y eso los hará aún mejores. Gracias por todo.

    November 2018