The Audience Is The Jury

The Festival for a warm, nice evening out with the family!

Yes! You've all read it correctly: we have only ONE jury and that is the audience who's watching your jewel of creativity.
The Audience will choose the winners: one national (Belgium) and one International.
On top of that, there is the Prize of the Press!

This festival is held every three months and has a live screening!
Where is this live screening you ask? It's held at "De Schuur" (at café Bar-Choc) in Kalmthout (Nieuwmoer), Belgium.

Who can enter the festival?
Well, everybody! We accept entries from all over the world.

Awards & Prizes

The winner will receive a beautiful trophy If the winner is not present at the time, the trophy will be send (worldwide shipping).
Additionally, the winner will receive an official certificate of winning and a laurel of winning (in various formats).

Prize of the Public International.
Prize of the Public National.
Prize of the Press.

Let us be very clear: we DO NOT publish your movie online, just the film poster and/or trailer.

Rules & Terms

Movies need to be submitted in 1280x720 or 1920x1080 pixels (full HD).
The total allowed length of a short movie is up to 50 minutes.

Subtitling: unless spoken in the Dutch or English language, all movies need to have
english subtitles.

Publication: the winning movie will have its movie poster published on Moving Pictures Festival. The winning movie's trailer will also be put online on our website and social media.


The public's decision is final.

34 Reviews

Overall Rating
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    Ray Kermani

    we had an amazing experience! Awesome festival

    October 2017
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    Keith O'Grady

    I unfortunately couldn't attend, so it was good to have such great communication from this festival, and it's very well organised. I love the idea of it, that the films compete through the managers of the festival first, and the best progress to the final, and the final is then viewed and judged by the audience. Thanks very much for selecting my film!

    October 2017
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    Steven Karaoulanis

    Thank you for selecting our film. I wish next time my film to pass the second round.
    I came in contact with the festival via email and they had a friendly and fast communication. Unfortunately I couldn't visit the festival but I hope next time to visit Belgium. I would appreciate to send me the laurel for my poster as you said a few days ago.

    April 2017
    Moving pictures festival logo 800x800pix
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your review

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    Ivan Kuzmin

    Thank you for including my movie Two Late in your initial selection. Pity it didn't make it to the live screening, so I can't comment on the organisation of the event, apart from the fact that communication was efficient and fast.

    April 2017
    Moving pictures festival logo 800x800pix
    Response from festival:

    Thank you

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    Dylan Simmons

    I had a great time attending the festival last month. On behalf of the crew and cast, I would like to thank everyone at the festival who voted for "Mimicry" as the Best International Short Film.

    April 2017
    Moving pictures festival logo 800x800pix
    Response from festival:

    Thank You , your movie Mimicry was great.