We are inspired by the new wave of French Cinema and we believe cinema has the freedom to tell any story in any way to make people feel, share and experiment.

We accepts films from all over the world : we are an international film festival.

We proceeds to a high-end selection, with the objective is to mix interactive talent competition with a human scale quality selection.
OUR SCREENINGS take place once a year in PARIS, FRANCE.

2019 took place at LE MAJESTIC BASTILLE.

2018 took place at the GRAND REX and CAFE DE PARIS.

2017 took place on the Champs-Elysées, July 3rd, at the movie theater LE BALZAC.

We currently are accepting submissions.
Our final deadline is on December 23rd, 2019.

We are still looking for thought provoking, inspiring, out-of-the-box, creative, sincere, honest, vivid films for our 2020 selection.

If you think you can fit, please submit to us.

WE DO LAURELS and CERTIFICATES and a yearly SCREENING, check it out on our pictures and on our Facebook page.

Accepted lengths :
- shorts under 30 min,
- features under 2hours (narrative, behind the scenes and documentary only)
- scripts longs or shorts accepted under 120 pages, french or english written.

Accepted languages :
- any language if subtitled in French or English or Spanish
- English, Spanish, or French with or without subs.

All fees are non-refundable.

The Paris Play Film Festival manages a platform (http://parisonlinefilmfestival.com) which pushes online a dedicated page for each and every nominated film.
You submission to the festival MUST include a video (trailer or excerpt), with NO privacy settings, so we can embed this video on your profile page on our website.
We do NOT screen the films online, only trailers or excerpts.
If your submission does not include such a video or a link that we can embed, we will not be in the position to nominate your film.

>>> FOCUS <<< (trailers, demo, behind the scenes…)
You can submit your actor demo, DOP reel, movie trailer, your home made commercials, and scripts.
As a newcomer, a talent, an artist, you gotta get noticed. You gotta attract attention to your work. This is why we created the FOCUS branch, so you can get your demo watched, and shared. If you’re selected, your get free advertisement and you can expand the connexions. If you get to win, you get it all with your demo, which you would have done anyway.
Behind the scenes : we accept bloopers, bonus made for DVD...

>>> TALENTS <<< (LGBT, scripts, students…)
You can submit your short form (narrative or not), as your dance film, music video, LGBT expression…
There are some movies that demand special awareness, because they are « avant garde », because they are close to pieces of art, because they are often close to cross the line, because most of the time they just don’t care about the genres. This is just your talent expressing itself, so is the TALENT branch of the POFF.
Trailers and teasers accepted.

>>> VENTURE <<< (Short forms by genre)
You can submit your short form, choose your genre so your work can be recognized / spotted !
We choose a wide range of genres, so pick yours and show us what you’re capable of and what you did !
Documentary : if you submit a behind-the-scenes documentary, a making-of, a DVD bonus... : please submit to the FOCUS / Behind the scenes category.

DATE of the festival is subject to change to get the right venue for the event.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you very much for selecting my supernatural horror script, The Resonance, as a Finalist.

    September 2019
    Logo play ff
    Response from festival:

    Thank you Fernando!

  • Radoslav Stoyanov

    I'm very happy that my short script 'Sugar Cube' was selected as SEMI FINALIST at such a good festival. Thank you, and all the best of luck!

    March 2019
    Logo play ff
    Response from festival:

    Thank you! All the best for the next steps you'll take!

  • Nancy wennan zhang

    Great team! Great festival! Thanks for having me to be part of it. All my best wishes!

    October 2017
    Logo play ff
    Response from festival:

    Hi Nancy, thanks a lot ! All the best for your projects to come !

  • The Play film festival wrote me to say the film was selected but then that for certain categories it was a preselection. they never wrote back to give the final results. I finally saw that the film wasn't selected on their website and wrote to them and they never replied.

    July 2017
    Logo play ff
    Response from festival:

    Olivier, you have been selected thanks to the quality of your film DIABOLICAL POKER. Then the process goes as listed on our website. You wrote to us an email on May 17, we reply the same day, you also responded the same day. We do not email all the non winners, we email the final winners. You have been notified as 'selected' via our email, and the FilmFreeway notification. As you didn't win, you have not been notified again, but you did the right thing and checked our website.
    We wish you all the best for your next submissions to other festivals.

  • This festival was quite helpful, and enjoyable towards the facet of my accolade of appreciation towards the Finalist award of Best Short Script.

    July 2017
    Logo play ff
    Response from festival:

    Michael, thanks a lot, all the best for you, see you soon !