The UKFF Script Competitions has 3 exciting categories.
1) Feature Script - Could your Feature Script be the next big thing?
2) Micro Script - Can you tell a complete screen story in 3 pages?
3) 10 Minute Screenplay - The perfect length. Enough time to develop a short story film.

The Deadline for all three categories is 9 January 2020.

Unlike other script competitions UKFF doesn’t just give awards or money as a prize but aims to get their winning scripts into production. In fact, they are well known for successfully connecting scriptwriters to the film industry and getting the films made. With 5 of their winners’ scripts made in to films (2 of which went on to win Crystal Bears at the Berlin Film Festival); 1 in preproduction; and a further 4 optioned - their record speaks for itself.

As 2018 winner Joadie Jurgova says -
“Entering The UK Film Festival’s screenplay competition was the best chance I have ever taken. It took my script and breathed new life into it, attaching an award-winning director and placing it with a prestigious international production company in less than a year. The support since winning has been phenomenal, respectful and generous. If you are looking for a script competition that you can place your trust in, this is it.“
Joadie Jurgova (2018 winner - The Canadian)

They continue to place scripts with well-known production companies. Last year’s winner, THE CANADIAN by Joadie Jurgova (quoted above) is now in pre-production with the producers of RUSH, Egoli Tossell with a twice Berlinale winning director, Petros Silvestros.

The UK Film Festival does more than just support feature scripts. Ever since the 3 Minute script competition began the winning script has gone into production or preproduction and 4 of the writers' resulting films have subsequently gone on to be multi-award winning at film festivals around the world including, the Berlinale, Aesthetica, Bilbao, Galway and Underwire. The films have been Official Selection in 41 other festivals and 2 have gained prestigious distribution deals.

Winners will receive immediate marketing to the industry, winner's laurels and the associated publicity. Winners and runners up in each category will also receive the latest version of Final Draft 11 (value $250) with many new features, as well as a free script listing and placement on InkTip. Producers have made more than 400 films from scripts and writers they found through InkTip.

The Winning Short Scripts (both 3 Minute and 10 Minute) will, besides receiving the Winner's Laurels and the associated publicity, be supported by UK Film Festival and their Associates including InkTip to help give this script the best chance of production and promotion. The winning scripts will be passed to various production companies for possible production. It should be noted that every year since the short script competition began the winning script have been optioned, has gone into production or is in preproduction: and 4 of the writers' resulting films have subsequently gone on to win film festivals around the world i.e. The Berlin Film Festival Crystal Bear for Best short Film - two years in a row as well as the Aesthetica Film Festival. One was short listed for a Bafta. The films have been Official Selection in 31 other festivals.

The Winning Feature Film Script will be nurtured by UK Film Festival and their Associates including InkTip to help give this script the best chance of production. Please note that we are looking for a feature film script to co-produce to follow up our recent Crystal Bear wins at the Berlin Film Festival. An option was taken on the winners 3 of our previous Feature Script winners "Cottontail" by Dave Paterson, "The Double" by Max Laidlaw and "The Canadian" by Joadie Jurgova. This is an opportunity we want to offer to all our Feature Script Winners.

Our winners are also offered exposure to producers through automatic free membership of InkTip who to date have had over 400 scripts go into production straight from the InkTip slate.

Please submit the following...

1) For the 3 Minute Script Competition - The script only.

2) For the 10 Minute (or less) Screenplay - The script only.

3) For the Feature Script Competition - The Script only.
In addition you may also include (but this is optional) by email to - 1) a 1 page synopsis, 2) A treatment /Outline of the script (up to 5 pages preferably including log line and pitch paragraph)

if you cannot upload additional material as one document please email 1) and 2) to and indicate that the script has been submitted on filmfreeway.