"One of the Best International Film Festivals and top 10 Short Film Festivals in the United States. The RIIFF provides the kind of intimate festival experience that will change your life. Don't miss it. "
Chris Gore, The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide

Now in its 28th year, the FLICKERS' RHODE ISLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL celebrates the independent spirit in film and has become a haven for independent filmmakers from throughout the world. In 2023, the Festival presented 350 films representing works that were shot and produced in 106 countries. There were 94 World Premieres and US/North American Premieres. Expanding the Festival to its pre-covid presence was the goal of the 2023 event, which maximized its in-person screening offerings, expanded its industry panel events, and hosted numerous receptions, galas, and industry mixers throughout the week. This, along with expanded outdoor screening options (both on the coast and within Providence), and an online portal for on-demand and geo-blocked screenings, allowed the festival to raise the bar yet again in its industry presence and ever growing audience following both home and abroad.

FLICKERS is a 501(c)(3) non-profit arts organization that supports and promotes the film arts in Rhode Island and throughout New England. Over the past two decades, its production, the Rhode Island International Film Festival, has screened 6,720 independent films and videos out of 87,532 entries, presented 1,621 World/North American premieres, featured over 1,350 entries that were locally produced, and hosted 4,582 filmmakers and crew. Since its inception, over 595,000 film lovers, in-person and online, have enjoyed the Rhode Island International Film Festival and its programming, not including those in New England watching its weekly broadcast and cable programming series, doubleFEATURE, now in its seventh season.

In 2002, RIIFF was selected as a qualifying festival for Best Short Subject through the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In December 2003, RIIFF was cited as "One of The Top 10 Short Film Festivals in the United States."

In 2006, RIIFF was cited as one of the Top 12 United States Film Festivals by TravelSmart Magazine.

In 2010, RIIFF launched the Flickers North Country Film Festival at The Balsams in Dixville Notch, NH as part of its outreach in cultural tourism.

In 2010, RIIFF became a host for the annual Oscar® Night America for the state of Rhode Island.

In 2011, RIIFF continued expanding its outreach across the state of Rhode island, hosting exhibitions, symposia, special events and outdoor screenings. RIIFF is also a member of the New England Film Festival Alliance, which it helped found with the Woods Hole Film Festival and the Martha's Vineyard International Film Festival. The focus has now become international in scope.

In 2012, RIIFF solidified new programming models such as the Rhode Island Film Forum, ScriptBiz, the Future Filmmaking Symposium, and the Discover RI: Walking Tour, all free to attending filmmakers who have been accepted into the Festival. Programs continue to expand yearly including Acting for Camera Classes, Symposia and morning industry conversations.

On April 25, 2013, the Festival was notified by the Bureau of International Information Programs at the U.S. Department of State that the Rhode Island International Film Festival would be featured as one of the nation’s top summer festivals for an upcoming social media campaign promoting international tourism to the United States.

Eurochannel: a multi national, cable channel based in Paris, Sao Paulo and Miami agreed to become an official partner with RIIFF. The channel provided TV spots ten times a day during the month of August 2013 and had the RIIFF logo displayed on Eurochannel’s partner page. With IPads and smart phone devices the target platforms, Eurochannel provided both international and domestic visibility in niche cinema markets. Eurochannel is now an annual sponsor of the Festival.

In 2013, RIIFF was selected as a qualifying festival for Best Documentary Short Subject through the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In 2015, RIIFF became a BAFTA-qualifying Festival in the Short Film Division. RIIFF also partnered with Lexus Short Films and launched their 2015 Call For Entries.

In 2016, RIIFF celebrated its 20th Anniversary.

Flickers introduced the weekly series, "doubleFEATURE" on PBS. Running 58 min. the program featured interviews with members of the industry and short films that have screened at the Festival. The series is now heading into its Fifth Season with 35 fresh episodes produced each year.

In 2017, Flickers celebrated its 35th Anniversary.

In 2018, "The Silent Child" which had its World Premiere at the Festival won the Oscar® for Best Live Action Short.

In 2019, Nine (9) films from the 2018 Festival were nominated for Academy Awards® bringing the total nominations from the Festival to 66.

In 2020, Five (5) films from the 2019 Festival were nominated for Academy Awards® bringing the total nominations from the Festival to 76. To date, 13 films have won the Oscar®.

In 2020, the Festival presented a hybrid event while reacting to the impact of COVID-19. Along with using local Drive-In theatres, the Festival ran a virtual event online providing most screenings for free and a paywall for those requesting to be geoblocked. Webinars, Forums, filmmaker Q&A's plus meet-and-greets took place via Zoom on Facebook Live. The online event on all platforms registered more than 47,000 Views. In 2021, the online Festival registered 52,000 views.

RIIFF 2022 saw a return to in-person screenings along with a continuation of the online component. For the first time in two years, filmmakers returned to see their films on screen.

89 Films have been nominated for Academy Awards via the Festival and there have been 14 Oscar® wins as of 2022.

RIIFF is cited and recognized as the largest film Festival in New England and one of the Top Ten Regional Events.

RIIFF is a qualifying event for the Canadian Screen Awards.

Our most notable prizes are the selection of Best Short Film Live Action (Grand Prize), Best Documentary Short (Grand Prize), and Best Animated Short (Grand Prize) that in turn are eligible for nomination by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Eighty Four (84) films that were either premiered or discovered at RIIFF have gone on to receive Oscar ® nominations. From this pool, fourteen (14) have gone on to win the coveted award.

In 2022, Five (5) films from the 2021 Festival were nominated for Academy Awards® bringing the total nominations from the Festival to 84. RIIFF is also an official qualifying event for the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards.

RIIFF also recognizes excellence in a number of categories, including Best Feature Film,
Best Feature Documentary Film, and Best Director. Juried and Audience Choice Awards aim to highlight filmmakers who are pushing the medium of film to new and unexplored territories. For a complete list of 2021 awards, please go to this URL: http://www.film-festival.org/award21.php

To view industry, screenplay competition, and other awards: http://www.film-festival.org/awards.php


There are no category restrictions. Each work is juried solely on its own merits. The Festival seeks any combination of inventive, incisive, bold, vital and otherwise provocative work of any style or genre.


1. Formats accepted for exhibition: Digital H264 Files (and Blu-ray back-up if requested). Depending on the hall we utilize, we may request a ProRes File. Entries must be submitted as online screeners via FilmFreeway. Secure Vimeo screeners are welcome. Please link such screeners on FilmFreeway. We do not accept DCP files.

2. All entries must have been completed after January 2021.

3. Films must be presented in their original language with English language subtitles.


Entry Fee (Non Refundable)
(Fee Categories Refer to Festival copies)

• $50 per all entries regardless of length/except with discounts via FilmFreeway or early entries prior to Jan.15th. Note the FilmFreeway payment rate based on the submission date.

• Films submitted after the listed final deadline add a $10 late fee


• Features: 41 minutes or longer. Shorts: 40 minutes or less per Academy rules.


Submission of a work confirms that the Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival has permission to exhibit it during the Festival and any Festival Tours. Submission of a work implies that the Festival can employ moving image excerpts and reproduce stills for exhibition promotion. RIIFF also hosts a - Best of Fest - screening after the main festival. Permission will be asked for participation if you are selected.


The general program and screening schedule are the exclusive responsibility of the Festival Director. Films accepted and included in the program cannot be withdrawn from competition once the entry form has been signed and submitted to the Festival.


Every precaution will be exercised in handling entries, but neither the Festival organizers, employees, sponsors, nor participating organizations can assume responsibility for damage to or loss of materials submitted. All films submitted to play at RIIFF will be previewed prior to exhibition with a log kept of their condition. Filmmakers will be notified if a film arrives damaged.

• DEADLINES: -- Very Important: Festival entries must be postmarked or entered via FilmFreeway by January 15, May 15, June 1, and June 15th, 2023 for the respective deadlines.

• Accepted digital media are due to RIIFF for Traffic logging no later than July 15, 2023; or approximately one month before the annual festival.


All entries are initially reviewed by pre-screening officials. In June, the jury will consider the pre-screeners, semifinalists and any other entries submitted to the Festival they may wish to see (even those not passed on by the pre-screeners.) Following the jurors, decisions, a list of Finalists will be determined by the first week of July 2023. Acceptance of films to be invited and shown at RIIFF is by the Executive Director or Program Director via e-mail. Decisions on acceptances may continue during the month of July until all screening slots are filled. Filmmakers are sent ongoing emails keeping them informed of the progress of the programmers.


If your work is invited to screen at RIIFF, please submit whichever of the following materials you have immediately upon notification of acceptance to better aid in Festival publicity of your work in digital format: Black and white stills; color images; Press Books; one DVD video clip, MPEG, YouTube or Vimeo for web site inclusion. Make sure you contact the Festival prior to mailing posters since the screening venue will determine the size that can exhibited. Please be sure to check your spam filters in order to receive RIIFF eblasts that will be directed to accepted filmmakers. And most importantly, do not unsubscribe. We cannot add your email back once you've removed it.


It is RIIFF's intention to provide a worry-free environment where people can conduct business and view work with ease. Our staff will be happy to provide for you a list of local hotels, motels, hostels upon request. We will also provide each attending filmmaker with a hospitality package which will include maps, passes, special offers at restaurants, entertainment complexes and local attractions. RIIFF is a filmmaker Festival and as such creates its events around you with a goal to create a networking platform.



I, the authorized representative of the project being submitted (the "Film"), acknowledge and agree as follows in connection with the Film's submittal for consideration for the Flickers Rhode Island International Film Festival (the “Festival”):

1. Acceptance of a film does not guarantee airline or hotel accommodations for talent or production crew.

2. No media will be returned after the Festival.

3. The number of screenings, days and venues is at the sole discretion of RIIFF.

4a. All accepted films into the Festival will be asked to supply an H.264 file (and/or Blu-ray screener if requested) as part of the Festival's programming archives. This copy is for internal purposes only and becomes part of the Festival's historical record.

4b. Accepted films may be asked to participate in a best of festival program following the August event. No film will be screened without direct authorization and approval of the respective filmmaker.

4c.. A digital file of every film submitted to Flickers, whether accepted or rejected, will be included as part of an ongoing Festival Archive in partnership with the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island. This archive is meant to introduce students to a greater understanding of world cinema, and will be used strictly as an educational resource with restricted academic access. All entrants will be asked to agree to participate or reject this option. This is separate from the accepted filmmaker archive cited in part 4a.

5. I hereby represent and warrant to the Festival that: (a) I am duly authorized, on my own behalf and on behalf of all other persons or entities who have any ownership rights or interests (including, without limitation, intellectual property rights) in or relating to the Film (the “Film’s Owners”), to exhibit this Film at the Festival, (b) exhibition of the Film at the Festival will not violate any law or any right or consent of any person or entity; and (c) the Film is not subject to any litigation, arbitration, or other adversarial claim or proceeding, nor is the Film the subject of any threat of litigation, arbitration, or other adverse claim or proceeding.

6. I further represent and warrant, on behalf of myself and the Film’s Owners, that the exhibition of the Film at the Festival will not violate or infringe any copyright, patent, privacy right, publicity right, trademark, service mark or any other personal or property right of any person or entity, and that the Film does not constitute or include a defamation of any person or entity. I have paid and will pay in full all license fees, clearance fees, and other obligations, of any kind, arising from or associated with the exhibition of the Film at or in connection with the Festival.

7. In the event that the Film is accepted by the Festival, I acknowledge, on behalf of myself and the Film’s Owners, that the Festival's exhibition or presentation of the Film does not and will not create any confidential or fiduciary relationship between the Festival on the one hand and myself and/or the Film’s Owners on the other. I further acknowledge, on behalf of myself and the Film’s Owners, that I and we understand that neither I nor any of the Film’s Owners will receive any compensation for such exploitation. I acknowledge that no obligation of any kind is assumed by, or may be implied against, the Festival or the Flickers Arts Collaborative in the event of, by virtue of, or as a result of the Festival’s selection of the Film. I and the Film’s Owners understand and acknowledge that the selection of the Film by the Festival does not and will not in any way constitute an express or implied endorsement or approval by the Festival or the Flickers Arts Collaborative of the content of the Film or any opinion expressed therein.

8. I agree, on behalf of myself and each of the Film’s Owners, to indemnify and hold harmless the Festival and the Flickers Arts Collaborative, together with each of their parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, directors, employees, attorneys, creative advisors, agents and representatives (collectively, “Flickers Arts Collaborative Related Parties”) from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, fees and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees and other costs) that may be asserted by any person or entity or may be incurred by the Festival, the Flickers Arts Collaborative or any Flickers Arts Collaborative Related Parties at any time in connection with the Film or the Festival’s use thereof, and/or arising from any breach or alleged breach of any representation made by me to the Flickers Arts Collaborative, including, without limitation, any express or implied representation in these Terms and Conditions.

9. I warrant and agree, on behalf of myself and each of the Film’s Owners, that the Film is being submitted to the Festival voluntarily and without promise or inducement, and that the submission of the Film neither imposes nor creates any obligation or responsibility on the part of the Festival, the Flickers Arts Collaborative or any Flickers Arts Collaborative Related Parties to accept the Film for the Festival, to exhibit the Film at the Festival, to acknowledge the submission of the Film, or to return the Film to me or others. I further agree, on my own behalf and on behalf of the Film’s Owners, that I and the Film’s Owners, in submitting the Film for consideration, are waiving and relinquishing any right to assert any claim or commence any proceeding in any forum or tribunal against the Festival, the Flickers Arts Collaborative or any Flickers Arts Collaborative Related Parties, based upon, arising out of or otherwise relating to the submission, exhibition, or failure to exhibit the Film (including, without limitation, claims relating to any failure or refusal to exhibit the Film at the Festival, the exhibition or marketing of the Film at or in connection with the Festival, alleged oral or written representations by the Festival or its representatives relating to the submission or exhibition of the Film, and any other matters arising from or relating to the submission of the Film), whether such claims may be based on theories of contract, implied contract, tort, statute, or other legal theory. In the event that any claim is asserted or any proceeding is commenced in violation of the agreement set forth in the immediately preceding sentence, I agree, on my own behalf and on behalf of each of the Film’s Owners, to indemnify the Festival from any and all claims, losses, liabilities, damages, fees and expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorney's fees and other costs) that are incurred by any of the foregoing as a result of or in connection with any such claim or proceeding brought in violation of the representations and agreements set forth in this paragraph, including, without limitation, reimbursement of all attorney’s fees incurred or to be incurred by the Festival, the Flickers Arts Collaborative or any Flickers Arts Collaborative Related Parties in connection with any claim, arbitration or other proceeding brought or initiated by me or any of the Film’s Owners or any other representative of the Film.

10. In the event that the Film is accepted by the Festival, I hereby grant, on behalf of myself and each of the Film’s Owners, each of the following rights to the Festival, the Flickers Arts Collaborative and their related entities without reservations, conditions or qualifications: (a) the right to use footage, stills and/or titles, and information from or relating to the Film for promotional purposes; and (b) the right to issue and authorize publicity concerning the filmmakers and the Film and to use all associated names, likenesses and biographical information. I also agree to provide contact information for the director and producer(s) of the Film and to grant the Festival the right to provide this information to film industry organizations sponsoring Festival events at its discretion.

11. I represent that I am 18 years of age or older, or that, if I am younger than the legal age to enter into contracts in my state, I have provided the Festival with a written consent from my parent or legal guardian.

12. I further agree, on behalf of myself and each of the Film’s Owners, that any claim, dispute or controversy arising out of, in connection with, or otherwise related to the Film, the Festival, or these Terms and Conditions (including the breach, termination, enforcement, interpretation or validity thereof), as well as the determination of the scope or applicability of this agreement to arbitrate, will be governed by the internal, substantive laws of the State of Rhode Island and will be submitted to exclusive, binding arbitration before a single arbitrator in Providence, Rhode Island. Such arbitration will be administered by JAMS pursuant to its Streamlined Arbitration Rules and Procedures then in effect. The arbitrator will be selected by mutual agreement of the parties or, if the parties are unable to agree on an arbitrator, will be appointed by JAMS pursuant to its Streamlined Arbitration Rules and Procedures then in effect. The arbitrator shall issue a written award and shall have the right to award any monetary relief with the exception of punitive or exemplary damages. Additionally, the arbitrator shall have the power to award, and shall award, to the substantially prevailing party in any such arbitration, its reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs and expenses incurred in connection with the arbitration (including, without limitation, reimbursement of that party’s share of the arbitrator’s fees and JAMS administrative charges), as well as any other relief that the Arbitrator deems just and proper. The arbitrator’s award shall be final, binding and non-appealable. Judgment on the arbitrator’s award may be entered in any court of competent jurisdiction in the United States. In agreeing to this exclusive arbitration provision, I hereby waive and relinquish, on behalf of myself and each of the Film’s Owners, any right or entitlement that I or the Film’s Owners might otherwise have had to bring or litigate any claim or claims encompassed by this paragraph in federal or state court against the Flickers Arts Collaborative, the Festival, or any Flickers Arts Collaborative Related Party, and any right to a trial by jury with respect to such claim or claims.

13. I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the rules and regulations for submitting a film to the Festival, located at http://www.film-festival.org/enterafilm-detail.php, and that the information contained in the aforementioned document shall supersede any information obtained elsewhere, including, but not limited to, information contained in any Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) documents and/or rules and regulations documents from prior years.

14. In submitting my film, I freely and voluntarily give and express my full and complete acceptance of all of the terms and provisions set forth in these Terms and Conditions. I acknowledge that no oral representations, inducements, promises or assurances of any kind not set forth in these Terms and Conditions, have been made to me or the Film’s Owners by the Festival, the Flickers Arts Collaborative, or any Flickers Arts Collaborative Related Parties.

Additionally, I have read, understand, and agree to the terms and conditions stated for RIIFF Screenplay Competition if that is the competition for which I am applying.


As sole owner of the submitted work, I attest that the following is true and correct:

1. I understand that the reference "work" applies to all full length screenplays and all pilots, shorts and teleplays, essentially the script in whatever style, form, or purpose.

2. I have read, understand and agree with the official rules of the competition, and I request that RIIFF read, evaluate and judge my submitted work.

3. I warrant that I am the author of the submitted work, and that I have full and exclusive right to submit the work to RIIFF Screenplay Competition based on the terms and conditions stated herein. I further understand that collaborative efforts must include each author's authorization based on this agreement, and that if more than one author selects to abide by the agreement, the reference "I" throughout the agreement applies to each designee, jointly and severally.

4. I warrant that the submitted work is not presently under option and/or has not been purchased by a third party.

5. I have retained two copies of the work and release RIIFF of and from any and all liability for loss of, or damage to, the copy of said work submitted hereunder.

6. Multiple submissions: Each submission must be accompanied by a separate entry form, a separate submission release statement, and with the appropriate submission fee.

7. I understand that RIIFF will not seek employment for me, nor will RIIFF act in the capacity of an agent, manager, or representative in behalf of my work unless expressly asked to do so.

8. I hereby indemnify RIIFF, their officers, employees, representatives, readers, judges, sponsors, and affiliates from and defend them against any and all claims, demands, costs, damages, judgments, expense loses, or liabilities arising out of or in connection with any and all claims, whether or not groundless, that may be in connection with the submission of this work.

9. I understand that any dispute should be submitted to arbitration in the City of Providence, state of Rhode Island, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the American Arbitration Association then in effect. The arbitrator's decision shall be controlled by the terms and conditions of this agreement and will be final and binding, and shall provide for each party to bear his or its own costs of arbitration and attorneys' fees.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you very much for choosing my film as semi-finalist!!!!

    November 2023
  • The moment the email notification arrived, bearing the prestigious festival's logo, excitement and disbelief surged through me. It was a gratifying recognition of the hard work, dedication, and collaboration that went into bringing my vision to life. The realization that my film was chosen among countless submissions filled me with a sense of accomplishment that words can scarcely capture.
    Thank you to Flickers' Rhode Island International Film Festival.

    October 2023
  • It was an honor to be a part of this big film festival. It means a lot to us filmmakers. After the nomination, we did receive multiple emails regarding the event and related networking events so it shows how much the festival is putting the effort to enhance the film industry by supporting filmmakers. I did struggle to articulate the enormous amount of information and to find out when and where my film was going to be screened and who to contact and I actually did miss the event even though I was traveling to USA and near the venue. Then later on I found out that there is another screening/event so I got even more confused. Anyway I am grateful for this opportunity and I hope audience responded well to our film. It would be nice to see some photos of the venue while film is screened. I think if the Festival can take care of filmmakers after the festival is over, this festival can become very special one, especially for the ones who could not attend the festival.

    October 2023
  • I feel so blessed and grateful to be named a Semifinalist at this prestigious Film Festival with my spec script “The Sponsor. I wish I could have been there to meet other talented writers and filmmakers.

    September 2023
  • Thank you for selecting my screenplay 'Lucid' as a semi-finalist. I love everything and the communication is amazing. Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of this festival! Here's to many more!

    September 2023