Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival 2023
- Physical screenings in the city
- Online Networking, Workshops & Events
- Film Market Representation
- Lift-Off Global Network Season Award Qualified Nominations
- Season Award Winners Screen at Every Lift-Off Film Festival!

The centre of Europe and a capital city bursting with a unique culture, Berlin is a city filled with opportunities for the ambitious filmmaker. A place for the creatively inspired to thrive. A place for your talent to be discovered that has got to be seen to be believed.

Berlin Lift-Off is the first festival in the Lift-Off Global Network's circuit of film industry-relevant city-based film festivals. Playing a pinnacle role in professionally showcasing filmmakers looking to get their work in front of a truly global audience. Berlin Lift-Off comes with unique opportunities for our filmmakers' skill sets to be showcased inside a market that is hungry for new talent and fresh ideas.

For more information, please head to our website:

The films are scored and the top voted films are then promoted into our internal Network Round, where the Jury and our Network's Professional Members vote for the winners. Winners are announced, prizes and Season Award Nominations are given for the content chosen during this final round.

Lift-Off Season Award Nominations are handed out based on merit within each category and are judged against the current crop of nominations we have so far from our City based festivals this Season. Digital online submission screeners only. Feedback is sent shortly after the commencement of the festival.

Aside from the accolade of winning out of all of the Lift-Off Festivals from every programme screening physical or online, the winning films will commence around the world tour where it will be screened at each and every Lift-Off Film Festival during the forthcoming season.

If you pay a submission fee, we will screen your work. Our programmes are separated into categories based on your content's level of storytelling, production value, message and acting. During the festival we have two voting committees - our professional jury and the public.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Our online festivals are NOT a pay for vote platform. If you invite your friends and family to watch either the physical or online screenings it is encouraged that they engage with as much of the content as possible and vote accordingly. This is why two votes are always counted from each audience member with both votes resulting in 1 point for each film. We are doing our best to invite new and exciting audiences to genuine indie film content - if you can encourage your audiences to do the same we will build a wonderful network of opportunity for all, no matter where you are starting out.

Proudly, we have no other restrictions for your work. This includes your work's premier status, it's age and/or whether your work has been made available online.

Overall Rating
  • Chris Oledude

    From Christopher R. Owens, President, CESO Enterprises, Inc.

    On behalf of CESO ENTERPRISES, INC., Alyssa Dann, Chris Oledude, and all of our production participants, I would like to compliment the organizers and operators of Berlin Lift-off Film Festival. When we created our first music video (which was long enough to be a short film), we knew nothing about film festivals. With the help of FilmFreeway, we started researching. The categories were good. Everyone who contacted us on behalf of this festival was helpful. The submissions looked excellent.

    It was indeed exciting to discover this new world and to be so warmly welcomed by the inhabitants! To have GEORGE FLOYD: SAY THEIR NAMES selected for inclusion was an honor in and of itself.

    We were happy to “get the word out” and continue motivating people worldwide to consider the injustices embedded within our nation’s criminal justice system. After all, situations where a powerful segment of the population uses its law enforcement apparatus to abuse and oppress other segments of the population are recognizable in and common too many societies.
    We recommend submitting your work and we certainly intend to participate again in the future.

    Peace and stay safe!

    May 2022
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for your kind words, Chris. It was a pleasure screening your Music Video and I hope you get all the exposure possible to get this amazing film out in the world.

  • Noriko Tokeshi

    thanks for the brst oppotunity!

    March 2022
  • minna re shin

    My team and I are extremely honoured to have our classical music video "Sonate Tableaux: Mouvement 1" chosen as an online Official Selection at the Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival and extremely thrilled to have it selected as a finalist in the Network Round. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to be part of this year's festival and to share our short film along with the eclectic lineup of quality films with audiences around the world. We really appreciate the communication from the festival and the weekly live posts on YouTube; it has been an enlightening, enriching, and exciting experience.

    March 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Minna, it was our pleasure to screen your short. Huge congratulations on being a finalist, lots of people loved the film in both rounds of the festival! It's lovely to hear you enjoyed the other films too, as that is what it is all about. Thanks for tuning into the livestreams and for joining us on the Network Hub. You will always have access to that platform, so stay in touch and always reach out if you need anything!

  • Allyson Glenn

    Thank you Berlin Lift-Off for selecting Above the Deluge for your festival. It was really fun to look up all the films selected and watch how the judges ratings shifted over the duration of the festival. Very well organized!

    March 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Allyson, pleasure to screen your animation in our Trendsetters Programme! Really glad to hear you enjoyed the festival and the process. We love following filmmakers' journeys so do stay in touch with us and let us know if there's ever anything we can assist you with! Good luck with the rest of your festival circuit.

  • Zach Tolchinsky

    I'm very surprised by this festival's lack of information. The communication was very lackluster and short notice. They gave us a festival pass but with a very short window to activate it. Maybe 2 days. We didn't get the email in time and were not able to view the film or the festival without paying for it. We didn't receive Laurels or any indication that the film had even screened at all? I was really looking forward to this festival, but their website and vague communication made this an unpleasant experience. I'm not even sure our film was involved due to the nonexistent communication. To be honest, I'm not sure what we paid for as we didn't even get to experience any of what this festival has to offer. Very disappointed and let down by these organizers.

    March 2022
    Response from festival:

    Hi Zach, it's disappointing to read this review, not least because your film is so brilliant - enjoyed by both audience and jury - and is actually in the second round of the festival as we speak! It is in the running for a prize/ Season Award nomination. Laurels were sent to you in the very first invite email, which you received and followed the instructions from to participate in the festival. You were also sent constant communication throughout the festival month (which I can actually see from the backend of our email system you did open most of). In total about 20 emails were sent to you. These were sent to the email address on your submission (which perhaps is not your personal contact, hence the confusion here?) I'd be more than happy to continue the conversation via our help desk at to get to the bottom of this experience.