Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival is part of the Lift-Off Global Network. Now in its ninth season, the Lift-Off Global Network is one of the largest showcases for globally based true-independent filmmaking talent.

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Our Professional Membership is an annual subscription of $89, it entitles you to the following benefits...

- Fee waivers across our entire festival network - (worth $700)
- Free tickets to all of our events around the world
- Access to a real-time global jobs board - work within the industry
- Access to a huge scripts database
- Contact screenwriters from all over the world
- Upload your own scripts
- Apply for global production support
- Apply for career guidance | One2One Career Roadmapping

And much more...

Berlin Lift-Off is the first festival in the Lift-Off Season, playing a pinnacle role in professionally showcasing filmmakers looking to get their work in front of a truly global audience. This festival comes with unique opportunities for our filmmaker's skill-sets to be showcased inside a market that is hungry for new talent and fresh ideas.

Not only is our festival a global showcase for filmmakers looking to take that next step, we provide a free service where we take your work to the major film markets AFM, Cannes, EFM...etc All with the aim of getting your work acquired by distributors.

Lift-Off is a thriving global community of artists and your association can be as big as you want it to be. From global screenings, distribution, PR support and production work - just from submitting to us alone you are opening yourself up to some genuine opportunities that lie ahead.

Submission to any of our festivals in 2018 entitles you to free entry to all of our 2018 festivals around the world! Your submission confirmation email will include a 100% discount code which you can use upon purchase of your festival attendance tickets. 

It is definitely worth submitting to our other festivals as well to widen your work’s platform and maximise your networking opportunities. There are different judges per festival, giving your film a better chance of going forwards into the Lift-Off Network! The top films determined by the audience and judges get official selections at either of the next two Lift-Off cities.

If you are a filmmaker looking to broaden your global reach, building press interest surrounding yourself and your work - if you are keen to spread your skills around the world, then make no mistake, Berlin Lift-Off is a great place for you to start!

As Lift-Off grows its presence in the European Film Markets, we are noting an ever increasing hunger for raw talent. The European market is increasing its interest in independent global cinema, so press interest is high and opportunities are endless. Berlin plays a key part our networks ambition to become a driving within the film marketplace, be a part of it and submit to Berlin Lift-Off today!

Berlin Lift-Off Film Festival is a week-long celebration in the heart of the European Film Industry. Celebrating the excellence of true independent cinema in front of a truly global audience, with opportunities for professional growth into the wider Lift-Off Network and beyond.

❀ Berlin Lift-Off is one of the ten Lift-Off Film Festivals spread throughout the year ❀

Since 2011, the Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network has a unique model which is nothing like any film festival that has ever existed before. We are a professional showcase, supplying our filmmakers with the tools to build their own career launch pads. Going far beyond screenings, we give to every filmmaker who submits exclusive content driven towards career progression. To the films we screen we supply free PR support, career road mapping, representation at the major film markets like Cannes, EFM and AFM, and we supply all of the contacts and advice for you to take your career to the next level.

Lift-Off is NOT a community based local screening event focused on red carpet and celebrity, instead, it is a viable gateway into the film industry, designed to give filmmakers who may be disillusioned by the business a credible access point for movement into the wonderful, and forever challenging world of film.

We give genuine opportunity to filmmakers right from the submission level. Introductions to regional and international sales agents, distributors and talent managers.

To understand more head here - but be sure to come back...

❀ Lift-Off Season Awards - Pinewood Studios ❀

The Lift-Off Season came to its penultimate-conclusion after the final 2016 Lift-Off Showcase, London Lift-Off, back in December – finally concluding in our heavily anticipated Season Awards held from our truly remarkable home at Pinewood Studios in January.

The season awards are held at the end of every Lift-Off Season. It is the main awards ceremony where we congratulate, nominate and award the best the programmes in each Lift-Off of that year had to offer. Always fun, always busy, the Lift-Off Season Awards, although in it’s infancy, has already started to become a heavily anticipated event in the independent film calendar.

In 2016 we screened over five hundred films, promoting ten films from our online competitions into our live screenings, and taking one film all the way from the First Time Filmmakers Showcase, via London Lift-Off and ending with a best short documentary nomination with our Season Awards at Pinewood Studios.

Want to see our season awards in action? Check out our dedicated page where you will find photos, videos and links to everything that went on.

Berlin Lift-Off is a film festival that forms part of a wider network of connected film festivals around the world. A unique channel consisting of ten global cities and an on-demand platform. By submitting to any Lift-Off Film Festival you are giving your work the unique possibility of joining the only real alternative to global distribution and an institution determined to create a fairer industry.

Lift-Off's aim is to help you launch your professional life within film.

❀ Feedback ❀

When you screen with any Lift-Off City we will be asking the attending audience for their feedback, and we will be sending that feedback to you. Audience responses are vital in understanding how your work sits on its own merit, and we don't shy away from sending you the best of the best and the worst of the worst.

When your film screens around the world you might be surprised with what you can learn.

❀ Lift-Off Extended Feedback ❀

For filmmakers who are willing to pay for the valued time of the people assessing their work, we offer Extended and Extensive Feedback.

You won't get extended feedback unless you pay for it, this applies to community gold members as well.

The qualified reviewer gives a full breakdown covering every aspect of your work. This includes analysis of the film language, the acting, the technical aspects and the artistic intention. Included with this are next step recommendations and a retrospective review all in a concise and easy to decipher PDF - - as shown in the image below...

The feedback submission option is a simple flat fee which covers the submission to this festival and the reviewers time. This option is displayed at the side of this listing titled 'Lift-Off Extended Feedback' - this covers films or scripts of all types, lengths, media and genres.

The reviewers are made up of our festival founders James Bradley and Ben Pohlman, along with a fully qualified member of our selection committee. The overall goal is to build an understanding of the challenges, and to give invaluable insight into the next steps with professional and solid creative guidance - all delivered on a clear and easy to read multi-page, fully personalised, document.

Depending on demand, feedback can take up to three months to be delivered after the festivals commencement.

❀ Judge Transparency Feedback ❀

An excellent opportunity for filmmakers looking to acquire a clearer insight into how festival judges perceive their film, and how they can prosper in the indie film industry. Scores and notes for your submission, written by our qualified in-house judging team, will be collated and sent directly to you. Including the submission, you will also receive an exclusive eBook which details the criteria for getting selected into a film festival.


❀ Find our other festivals on FilmFreeway ❀

If you wish to spread your risk, all of our other Lift-Off Film Festivals are listed on FIlmFreeway. Simply head to the search section and type "Lift-Off" - you will then see a list of all of our brilliant festivals.

Each and every one of them will be at different stages of deadlines, so prices will vary, please take your pick.

Current active Lift-Off Cities...

✈ Berlin ✈ Manchester ✈ Tokyo ✈ New York ✈ Toronto ✈ Los Angeles ✈ Amsterdam ✈ Paris ✈ Sydney ✈ Melbourne ✈ London.

All of them are at different stages of deadlines, so prices will vary, please take your pick and follow the links provided below…

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London Lift-Off Film Festival

The Lift-Off Film Festival Global Network is fast becoming a community within itself. Our prizes and awards stretch from the submission level, all the way through to our season awards at the end of each year. We offer as much as possible to all who submit, our officially selected filmmakers, our nominees and winners.

This is what all Lift-Off Film Festivals have to offer our submitters, high scoring films, official selections and winners...

At the submission level.

❀ Value for your submission fee. Exclusive content emailed to every submitter up-to 24hrs from the time of submission.

❀ High scoring films. If your film scores high but isn't included in our final programme you will be invited to our Lift-Off Online Film Festival initiative, an online competition which runs parallel with the respective live city screenings - where the top two winners get official selections at either of the next two Lift-Off cities.

❀ Script Selections ❀

The top 5 Screenplays will be showcased across the Community platform, featured in the Lift-Off newsletter which is sent to our 35,000 filmmakers, and shared across social media.

Screenwriters will be invited to include their work in our online Community portal. The portal is a curated database of quality scripts that are looking for production.

Lift-Off Community directors and producers are actively looking for projects to develop. They can use the portal to find their next potential projects, and contact the writers directly to discuss the optioning of scripts, development and rights.
All entries should be completed scripts, short or feature length, and you should be actively looking for collaboration or development.


At the festivals.
Shorts, Music Videos and New Web Series.

❀ Short Film Prizes.Live Action Narrative and Documentaries ❀
Win Official Selections at proceeding Lift-Off Film Festivals.

❀ Nominations Short Films ❀
When short films screen at any Lift-Off Film Festival they are automatically open to receiving nominations for the Lift-Off Season Awards, held at the world famous Pinewood Studios at the end of our season, shortly after London Lift-Off.

Nominations for Shorts, Music Videos and New Media.

Best Short Live Action Narrative
Best Short Documentary
Best Short Animation
Best Music Video
Best Web Series
Best Director (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Actor (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Acting Ensemble (open for shorts, features and new media)


Features. Live Action Narrative. Documentary.

❀ Feature Film Prizes. Live Action Narrative and Documentaries. Official Selection at the next proceeding Lift-Off Film Festival.

Nominations for Feature Films.

Best Feature Live Action Narrative
Best Feature Documentary
Best Feature Animation
Best Post Production
Best Art Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Director (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Actor (open for shorts, features and new media)
Best Acting Ensemble (open for shorts, features and new media)

❀ Lift-Off Family Membership ❀

After all of the above, you will be regarded as part of the Lift-Off Family for the years to come. We want you to continue to engage with us, and as we grow we will welcome select directors in helping us to build our own productions, projects, and hopefully, join our jury and selection committees.

We accept all films and scripts in any length or genre.
Digital online submission screeners only.
Feedback is sent shortly after the commencement of the festival.

Proudly, we have no other restrictions for your work. This includes your works Premier status, it's age and/or whether your work has been made available online.

Overall Rating
  • Jacob Nizzola

    Lift Off is all about one thing...Community. The moment you are selected you feel a part of something special. From the personal contact to help you push your social media prescence and attendance levels, to the genuine audience feedback cards to the industry contacts you are left with after the festival. This is what film festivals should be about and I'm proud to have been a part of it. Here is to many more submissions and collaborations!

    March 2017
  • Vlad Dorofte

    My film got qualified for Lift-Off Seoul and James, Ben and the rest of the team are very dedicated to their work. I got a phone call from someone on the team that gave valuable advice about how I should be marketising my film from a distance and make an efficient PR campaign for the screening. Aside from the chance to meet other filmmakers and network you, together with the rest of the public, get the chance to rate the films you see. I got all the rating of my film from the public. Priceless for any filmmaker: veteran and beginner as well. Staff is very friendly and communication is prompt. Definitely recommend!

    March 2017
  • rebekah smith

    Our film SOLDIER BEE won the Seoul Lift Off FF's Best Short Film which we are truly grateful for, a huge thanks to the Lift Off team for inviting it to screen and also the wonderful audience for their kind feedback and votes.
    I highly recommend all filmmakers to submit to LO, as they're a passionate and committed team who really go the extra mile to support their filmmakers and offer lots of useful and valuable advice.

    February 2017
  • My film was entered but I was unable to attend. However the organisers will very communicative and very helpful. they kept me updated. The company does a lot for the artists.

    February 2017