The She Shot International Women's Micro Film Festival will be screened on International Women's Day, Wednesday the 8th at 6.30 pm, 2017, at Backlot Studios, Melbourne. The festival provides an opportunity for women directors who have made films under ten minutes in duration including credits to submit their film. Any genre will be considered from any country with English Subtitles. The festival is a celebration of women directors and their vision within the micro short film platform. Films selected as finalists must also have clearance to be partly screened online, and directors available for a Skype interview which will be shown on the She Shot TV program in Australia.

The She Shot Best Film Award for "Best Film by a Female Director" from the selected finalists. The Australian Directors Guild have also kindly offered an associate membership for the winner of Best Film too. Plus $250. cash prize!!

*Films to have been completed after January 2014.
*Films to be under 10 mins in duration, including credits.
*Films to have English subtitles.
*Films to have been directed by a woman; A woman is someone who currently identifies as a woman when it comes to gender or sex. If there is a co-director, they must also be a woman.
*Entry Price is $25.00 AU per film.
*Submissions close 20th of February.
*Short Films to be submitted can be any genre.
*Finalists to have clearance of their films to be partly shown on the She Shot TV program in Australia.
*Finalists to be available for a Skype interview.

Overall Rating
  • Elizabeth Gray

    I wasn't able to attend the festival, but working with She Shot was the best! My music video "It's Christmas And I Don't Like U 2" was one of five films to win the "Highly Recommended Award". These are a great group of people and very very supportive of women filmmakers in all occupations and genres. I "Highly Recommend" them!

    June 2017
  • Leanne Campbell

    The ladies did an amazing job of presenting female film maker films! They acknowledge every film maker in attendance. It was great to stand out the front of the audience with so many other female film makers!
    Fantastic venue.

    March 2017
  • Anastasia Dyakova

    Absolutely outstanding festival, the screening, the communications, people - thank you very much, see you next year)

    March 2017
  • Great festival. I am so happy that we submitted to it.

    March 2017