Founded by St.Petersburg Filmmaker’s Union and St.Petersburg International Film Forum festival is held annually with the assistance of the St.Petersburg Government and the Committee of Culture.

Festival’s aims are to encourage audience interest in the works of young filmmakers, as well as to short-length films, and to highlight different developmental trends in young cinema from different countries.

Festival program includes:
• First Feature Film Competition
• First Short Film Competition – fiction, documentary and animation films
• Student Short Film Competition – fiction, documentary and animation films

Traditionally in addition to these competition programs the festival also offers Cine -Parallel non-competition program, special thematic screenings, presentation and retrospective programs.
As well, master-classes in filmmaking are open to the public, as are round tables, seminars, art exhibitions and concerts.

First Feature Film Competition - Best Film
First Short Film Competition:
Best Fiction Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Animation Film
Student Short Film Competition:
Best Fiction Film
Best Documentary Film
Best Animation Film
Best Director
Best Script
Best Camera
Best Sound
Best Production Designer
Best Animation Artist
Best 5-minute Fiction Film

Conditions and basic requirements:
The Selection Committee is exclusively in charge of the competition programs.
Only fiction, documentary and animation films produced after January, 1, 2014 will be accepted. Production year of the selected films will be determined by the copyright on the carrier.
The maximum length of student films is 30 minutes, 45 minutes – for debut short films and the minimum length of feature films is 60 minutes.
Individual and institutional entries are accepted.
Entry forms and videos must be received before the 15th of September, 2015.

Please, note that we won't consider your submission without filled entry-form, which you may find on our website.

The participants should submit to the Selection Committee:
• Completed and signed Entry-Form
• Film on DVD subtitled in English/ alternatively dubbed in English or an internet link to, etc. including a password
• Dialogue lists in English*
• Stills from the film*
• Picture and a short director’s biography*
(*on CD or by e-mail)

Films selected for competition must be provided in high-quality copy suitable for festival presentation in one of the following formats: 35mm., DCP, mkv., vob., BD, DVD (no menu, regional code or protection), with English subtitles.

Such screening copies as mkv., BD, DVD must be received by the festival program department no later than the 30th of October, 2015; 35mm. prints and DCP copies – no later than the 15th of November, 2015, depending on the print schedule.

The participants should assume all costs connected with the transportation of film copies on DCP and DVDs to the Festival.
The Festival Management will assume all costs connected with the transportation of 35mm. prints and film copies on DCP back and will sent them back to the addresses mentioned in the entry form within 3 weeks after the Festival.
DVD copies will remain in Festival Archive.

The Festival Management guarantees not to transfer or to use films for commercial purposes and also preserves a right to use 2-minute-lengh fragments of the films for the Festival advertising purposes.

The Festival Management reserves the right to select the film for a screening in the official “Echoes of the Beginning Film Festival” non-commercial presentation programs, which will take place after the conclusion of the festival in Russia and abroad within the framework of cooperation with the international film festivals.

One member from the film crew of the selected film will be invited to participate in the Festival.
The Festival Management will assume booking and hotel accommodation costs as well as the visa support for the international participants.
Travel expenses are paid by the participants themselves.