Making the most of the Mediterranean climate and the picturesque landscape of Kefalonia, SeaNema Open Air Film Festival is the only film festival in Greece, and one of the few worldwide, in which the film projections are not hosted in cinema halls but in specially formed areas by the sea.
The Festival aims at becoming an important meeting point for acknowledged and new filmmakers alike from all over the world, who will have the opportunity to promote their work and enjoy themselves, along with a numerous audience, in a dreamy place under the sound of Ionian sea waves.
Our goal is to continue discovering and creating new “film corners” on many beaches and coastal areas of the island, so that in the future, during the Festival, the whole island of Kefalonia will transform into an endless open air cinema, always with free entrance for the audience.

Kefalonia is one of the most popular summer destinations for vacations in Greece as it is the largest and one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian Islands. Venetian aura hovers over the whole island, countless bays and capes, caves of mythical beauty, fields, olive groves, forests of black firs and the highest mountain of the Ionian island’s, the legendary Ainos, all these form an unparalleled geological mosaic of kaleidoscopic beauty which shall charm any visitor. The island’s enchanting shores and innumerable beaches will also leave no one untouched. A rare beauty, idyllic and diverse, suitable for someone searching for adventure, serenity or fun, Kefalonia doesn’t keep its secrets hidden but just waits for the visitor to reach the island and generously gives them to him.

Best Film Prize: cash prize of 1.000 euro.
Audience Prize: DCP Mastering for the awarded director’s next film (a kind sponsorship by the Authorwave company).

For third time, SeaNema Open Air Film Festival shall inaugurate the National Competition Programme of Short Films, in its effort to support actively and give voice to new Greek filmmakers.
Greek Directors over 18 have the opportunity to submit fiction movies to the Festival in order to join the competition and claim the awards.

Only greek short Films can participate.
Duration: 40 minutes maximum.
Year of Production: after 05/2016.

Overall Rating

    SeaNema Open Air Film Festival is not only a festival, but a unique experience! Great oranization and communication, hi-level movies and many events and workshops making it a festival that you want to be there even if you do not compete. Congratulations to festival team!

    August 2018