Ocktober Film Festival Presents Short Film Calling Card Pitch. Have a short film idea? We are looking to produce the best short film idea.

Step 1: Submit a SYNOPSIS of your short film idea (3 - 5 sentences)

Step 2: Upload a 2-5 minute PITCH VIDEO talking about your short film idea. (Submitters only need to fill in Title, Synopsis, upload video and you are good to go for the first phase.)

September 11, 2017 we will announce the five (5) finalists who will be invited to participate in the Live Pitch Session at the Ocktober Film festival. The actual date of the Live Pitch Session will be Saturday, October 8th in NYC.

The five (5) finalists must be present at the event to be considered for the grand prize. Each finalist will be given 5 minutes to pitch their project idea to the judges. Final judge's votes will be tallied after all participants have pitched their project ideas. The grand prize winner will be announced and awarded the grand prize. The prize is as follows: Antoine Allen Films & Stuart Films, LLC will produce the winning short film idea and mentor the winner from start to finish. The winning film will be screened at the 2018 Ocktober Film Festival.

Producing Team IMDB Credit:
Stuart Films, LLC (Emelyn Stuart, Executive Producer) http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3572397/
Antoine Allen Films (Antoine Allen, Executive Producer)

Grand Prize winner will have their short film idea/script produced.

*Must be legal residents in the United States of America, must be 18 years of age or older at time of entry
*Must be an original idea.
*Script can not exceed 12 pages and final short film can not exceed 15 minutes.
*The five (5) finalists must be present at the one day event at the Ocktober Film Festival to be awarded any prize. Live event will be held in New York City

*Official Terms
Registration (July 24.2017- September 11 2017) Submission Cost $25
*Both Antoine Allen Films and Stuart Films, LLC will be listed as Executive Producers.
*All rights regarding distribution of the film will be held by Antoine Allen Films & Stuart Films.
*Where filmmaker is the Writer, he/she will receive writer credit. Where the filmmaker is Writer/Director, he/she will receive corresponding credit. If filmmaker has production company and assists with producing the film, he/she will receive a Producer Credit.
*Project can take up to one calendar year to complete (first screening deadline is September 2018).
*Only one application per film idea.

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