The International Freethought Film Festival is a niche film festival for the bold. Examples of themes in the Freethought niche are those that challenge what some societies and cultures deem beyond challenge, such as religion or government policies. The examination of truth claims that are of interest to skeptics, such as paranormal claims, alternative medicine, UFO's, psychics and astrology, fits this niche. Films that shed light on Human Rights violations, and stories of women and men who take a humanistic approach to affect positive change in society, have a home at IFFF. The clash between scientific findings and religious/superstitious traditions is a common theme among submissions as well.

Official film selections get exposure outside of just the film festival , Freethinkers around the globe are seeking more films that reflect their idealism in entertaining ways, in addition to documentaries. The Freethought Film Festival Foundation works with national and international secular organizations to share these films and recommend them to their members. Exposure at the International Freethought Film Festival will launch your film toward an eager audience within the secular movement.

Many film festivals select films that generally steer clear of major controversy. Not us! If your film reflects any of the aforementioned ideals, submit it. We affirm that having the freedom of expression completely negates the concept of having the courage of your convictions. We strongly believe that rationalistic and artistic are not mutually exclusive.

Competitive categories are for student films, which are considered for scholarship award. Best of the fest in non-competitive categories receive honorable mention/laurels.


-Film subject matter should reflect freethought concepts by promoting reason, critical thinking and freedom of inquiry, and be of interest to freethinkers.

-For Shorts categories, only one Screener disc per film. Compilations on a single disc will not be considered.

-Length of Shorts: Under 59m

-Length of Features: 60m+

-Initial submission formats should be FilmFreeway Online Screener, DVD or other digital format to be accessed via online private access link. Features selected to be screened at the International Freethought Film Festival must be in DVD/Blu-Ray-NTSC (Region 1 or 0) or high quality digital download.

-A Press Kit including still photos from your film is required with your winning entry. Resolution should be a minimum of 300 dpi and in png format for print & 72 dpi in jpg format for web graphics. A One sheet is requested for selected features.

-Only one film submission per entry form.

-All entries must be completed projects

-Films that are under a distribution contract are not eligible. Films should not contain any content that violates copyright laws.

Overall Rating
  • This is a brave film festival with organizers who are willing to take on films that other festivals are plainly just too scared to. I am so honored that my film The Truth: Lost at Sea was chosen, and would have attended had I not been overseas at the time. Communication was great too.

    September 2019
  • Maryanne Galvin

    Although unable to make it the Pittsburgh PA area this time, we are nonetheless delighted to have been among the Official Selections at this forward thinking, cutting edge festival. Bravo to Andrea and her stellar crew for outstanding communication throughout the process. A few of my DC area friends made it to our screening of A Scratch for Every Itch and enjoyed the small but enthusiastic crowd. Here's hoping this festival continues to grow and I look forward to future opportunities with this devoted crew at the International Free Thought Film Festival.

    September 2019
  • Kai Staats

    While I was not able to attend in person, I am pleased with the level of communication afforded me as a filmmaker whose film was shown. Looks like a great group of critical thinkers.

    May 2017
  • Marjorie Wright

    We salute this brave, cutting edge festival for taking on topics, which others are too cowardly to address. We were honored to screen in Orlando and with so many thoughtful and incisive films. I loved that the Freethought FF made available the trailers for their films on their website. That was quite forward and unique. Although our budget didn't allow us to attend, Andrea very kindly answered my email and told us about the attendance, which we really appreciated.

    May 2017
  • Randolph Benson

    A true gem of a festival! The films were compelling and absolutely unique, and the post screening Q&As were fascinating. Exactly what you want in a film showcase. The venue was awesome and the projection was top-notch. Many might see Orlando as only a resort town, but the downtown is really cool and the arts community is large and vibrant. Attendance could be better but that's only because we need to help get the word out. Let's support small, niche festivals because, unlike the large homogenized fests, these are where the true artistic visions can be seen.

    May 2017