Back atcha again with a sequel! Popcorn Roulette is spinning the wheel, as we bet on another selection of short films!

**Who are we?**

Originally a movie critique show, Popcorn Roulette branched into hosting regular movie nights for the public. Eager for a chance to work directly with independent film makers and to show off their hard work, we started a film festival! The pandemic threw everybody for a loop; but while other festivals cancelled, or chose to go online, we held fast and waited until we could safely show the films submitted to us to a live audience. Everyone had a blast, and we're doubling for another round!

**What makes Popcorn Roulette Special?**

Popcorn Roulette works closely with HC Media, a multiple award winning public media outlet. We love creating interviews in our studio space, and we take advantage of our non-profit status to film PSAs of our festival for other local outlets. Since we're attached to a movie critique show, we'd also love to get our directors in on the action and film some episodes where they get to talk about the movie they obsess about the most. We're interested in creators, and we want to give those creators access to an audience.

**Where is Haverhill?**

Haverhill, is the Queen Slipper City and the inspiration for Archie Comics. We're 40 minutes north of Boston, MA, 40 minutes south of Manchester, NH, and a stop on the Amtrak line. Haverhill is an old mill city on the Merrimack River that blends rural and urban life, with a vibrant artist community, and an excellent selection of restaurants and ale houses. It's a beautiful place to screen a movie.

As for Popcorn Roulette, you can find more about us at

Best Film
Best Comedy
Best Drama
Best Documentary
Best First Time Filmmaker
Best in New England
Best in the Merrimack Valley

No experimental films. We like them, but we want to focus on stories with narrative and plot. Abstract and open-ended plots are still welcome. Documentaries of all kinds are welcome.

No obvious horror. Thriller and suspense are welcome.

Short films only. Maximum length: 39 minutes.

English, or subtitled in English only.