The "Golden Flower Award" Beijing International Children's Film Festival, supported by the Children's Science and Education Committee of China's largest Children's Culture and Arts Promotion Association, was held in 2018. Now it has become the largest children's film festival in China. Partners in the Asian market are invited to recommend excellent films to promote cultural exchanges, cooperation and distribution. This year, we will expand the number of screening and forum exchange activities of young filmmakers to other venues on the basis of past successes. Launch richer and more meaningful new projects, such as public services in mountain villages and campus screening.

The Beijing International Children's Film Festival is a non-profit film festival supported by the Red Cross Foundation of China. The 2022 Film Festival is open to films from all over the world. More than 100 films were screened, with more than 5 million young people and children watching online. "Child friendly" offline screenings were held in Chinese cinemas, schools and art centers. At the same time, round tables, art exhibitions, drinking parties and other activities were held

Public services: The expenses of the film festival are used for organizing activities, and in cooperation with the Red Cross Society and other foundations, the festival donates film watching activities and cultural facilities for disabled children and left behind children.

In 2023, the BRICS competition unit will be added, which will be supported by TV BRICS. BRICS countries will select 5 awards and hold special screening activities

Award categories include: feature films, animated and documentaries
Competition Units
Internation Competition
Asia Competition
Local Competition
BRICS Competition

Non- Competition Units
Children Care

Best Film award (Golden Flowers and diploma)
GFA global influence (Golden Flowers and diploma)
Best child production (Golden Flowers and diploma)
Teacher Choice Award (Golden Flowers and diploma)
Parent Choice Award (Golden Flowers and diploma)
Family award (Golden Flowers and diploma)

The above prizes are awarded in different competition categories

Bonus 5000-10000

If you can't come to China , we will express the trophy certificate for you. And needn't pay fee for express.

We welcome international creators come to China, participate in on-site awards and screening activities, and communicate with Chinese creators.

Open competition registration requirements
[production year] films completed after January 2019.
[origin] global.
China premieres
[language] English subtitles srt.(we‘ll translat in chinese )
[category]feature / animation / CG, etc. All types.
Designed for children aged 1-16.
Suitable for children aged 1-16.
"A film for adults and children to entertain together. What adults want their children to see. "
[length] more than 60min / less than 40 min
[projection fee] none

Selected films need to provide the following materials
1. Director's photo
2. Director's Introduction
3. Film Introduction
4. HD poster
5. Stills
6. H.264 format English subtitles

Producers, distributors or other institutions that apply with their film have to obtain the approval of persons involved in the production about participating in the festival. Films may not be withdrawn from the festival´s programme after the committee has send out its confirmation.
The applicant/participant allows Film Festival to pass on film excerpts (maximum length of 2 min) to TV stations for the purpose of media coverage. The same holds for production stills or film trailer, which are used for promotion purposes in print products and the internet (including social media) or by the organiser free of charge. If in this context a special copyright is required, this has to be reported explicitly to the festival.

Overall Rating
  • Kurt Shaw

    An excellent festival reaching an immense number of children and families in many different Chinese cities. Good communications, excellent promotions.

    April 2022