This is the second year of the "History, Arts and Science International Doc Fest". This is an independent international documentary festival that will take place in Athens from 14 το 18 December 2023. The themes of the films can be historical, cultural, artistic, educational, and scientific.
Numerous important scientists, artists, historians, etc from all over the world as well as important Institutions, Universities, and scientific organizations will participate, which will be announced along the way.

The prizes awarded to the winners are as follows:






The awards are presented at an event in Athens. The prizes are papyrus and a statuette with the badges of the festival and occasionally other gifts to the winners.

The festival receives entries from all over the world and creators of all ages and nationalities. Films with extreme political or racist views are not accepted. The festival accepts entries regardless of the duration of the films. However, in case of a tie, films from 15 to 75 minutes will be preferred. All entries will be made through the international platforms FilmFreeway, Without a box, etc., or by e-mail through the festival website so that we can send you the necessary entry forms. Participation in the festival implies the possession of all the property rights of each film, as well as that the applicant has all the required authorizations of the copyright holders of the film. Applicant acknowledges: Cantomed-WSMDF is a non-profit cultural organization and does not pay promotion fees. Cantomed can schedule up to three screenings at its discretion during the festival.

The selection committee of the films is appointed by the director of the Festival, who can replace its members, before the start of the selection, for a serious reason, as well as to modify points of the regulation. The members of the committee will be five with the director of the festival. They come from the field of letters, arts, and sciences and will be people of known value. If a film is selected as a finalist, you must immediately send us a .mp4 or .mov file without subtitles and an srt file in English for final screening.

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  • Leslie Streit

    Thank you for including An American Ballet Story in the festival.

    January 2023
  • thank you very much for everything

    December 2022