The Fayetteville Film Fest, now in its twelfth year, attracts films, filmmakers and audiences from all over the world to the gateway of the Ozark Mountains in beautiful Northwest Arkansas. We offer a wide variety of categories, reasonable fees and an experienced staff to manage your submission and help you have a great time at the Festival, November 5-7, 2020 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

The Fayetteville Film Fest is a cultural leader in our region, bringing world class film to our state, developing meaningful relationships with filmmakers, and nurturing the art of filmmaking by uniting a community of creators and supporters.

The Fayetteville Film Fest is committed to expanding and supporting our filmmaker relationships as well as those with sister festivals throughout the state and the region. We strive to connect our audiences with world-class independent cinema in an intimate setting, and provide filmmakers the opportunity to build community and share their passion for the moving image.

We are also keenly interested in supporting the burgeoning film industry in the Natural State. Throughout the festival there are workshops, panels and other events to compliment the screenings of our films, as well as numerous networking opportunities. (See below for a special discount on submission fees for filmmakers with an Arkansas Connection!).

The Fayetteville Film Fest is also an advocate for films and filmmakers as they enter the marketplace. In our twelfth year, we are an established festival with market potential.

Fayetteville, Arkansas, a highly artistic community, is home to the University of Arkansas and next to the headquarters of the largest retailer in the world including the largest distributor of DVD’s. We also happen to be a wonderful place to visit! Rated one of the top 5 places to live by U.S. News and World Report for several years running!

Winners will be conferred in the following categories:
Best of Fest
Best Arkansas Connection
Best Narrative Feature
Best Short Film
Best Documentary
Best Student Film

Winners may be conferred in the following categories:
Best Animated Film
Best Foreign Film
Best Music Video
Best Virtual Reality Film

All winners will receive laurels. Winners who are in attendance at the festival will receive a physical award.


1) ARKANSAS CONNECTION: We welcome and encourage submissions from Arkansas filmmakers. If your film has a clear connection to the Natural State - a principle crew or cast member based in Arkansas and/or production set in the state - you may use the waiver code FFFArkansas20 to submit your film for FREE before the Regular Deadline of May 31. Please include a justification for your Arkansas Connection in your entry form. Any submissions using the code who do not have a clear connection to the state will be disqualified and encouraged to re-submit with the appropriate fee.

2) All films in competition must have been completed after June 30, 2019. Student films may receive special consideration.

3) Feature films in competition cannot have been publicly available on any streaming platform or in wide public release in any format. Films with US distribution but not yet publicly available at the time of the festival screening are still eligible for competition. Short films may have been publicly available prior to the festival and are still eligible for competition.

4) All films submitted are subject to use for marketing purposes during and after the festival, in part or in its entirety, unless you request to opt-out.

5) FFF reserves the right to utilize any submitted material from this year's festival to promote future events produced by FFF. Short films that are selected for inclusion in the festival are required to provide a high resolution still for marketing purposes. Feature length films that are selected for inclusion in the festival are required to provide a full press kit including stills, a trailer and a high resolution poster promoting the film.

6) FFF does not pay rental or screening fees.

7) Films may be screened more than once during the Festival and at the Festival's discretion for future Fayetteville Film Fest events.

8) FFF reserves the right to change the category of any submission, to balance the program and give filmmakers the best chance of recognition for their work.

9) FFF only waives submission fees in extreme situations. We have tried to keep the submission fees low, but feel that waiving fees favors certain filmmakers over others. Please only request a fee waiver if your situation warrants extraordinary consideration.

10) FFF Board Members with films for competition cannot serve on either the Jury or Programming committee.

11) FFF screens films as downloadable digital files (such as .mov) during the festival. If your film MUST be screened as a Blu Ray, it is the filmmakers responsibility to ship TWO copies of the Blue Ray discs in container that is clearly labeled with the title, filmmaker’s name, phone number and email and FFF ID number. Please check your disc to make sure it plays in its entirety on consumer Blu Ray players. Screening discs will not be returned unless a return envelope with sufficient postage is provided. If accepted to the Fest, a press kit is highly recommended. We will communicate any problems with submissions, but the festival will not be held responsible for any technical failures that prevent your film from being judged.

1) Films must be the original work of the applicant. If the film is based on another person's life, book or other underlying work, the applicant is solely responsible for ensuring rights and agreements for usage. FFF expressly disclaims all liability or responsibility for any violations of the foregoing.

2) Applicants are solely responsible for obtaining all necessary rights and permissions from third-party materials included in their films, including but not limited to music, trademarks, copyrights and other intellectual property rights. FFF expressly disclaims all liability or responsibility for any violations of the foregoing.

3) By your signature you represent and warrant that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the regulations of the festival as described herein, and that to the best of your knowledge all statements are true. You represent and warrant that you have sufficient right, title and interest to convey the rights granted to the Festival herein, and you have not previously conveyed any rights or entered into any licenses that conflict with the rights conveyed herein. You represent and warrant that to the best of your knowledge, information and belief, your film does not infringe any copyrights or other proprietary rights of third parties, that the film is not the subject of any notice of infringement(s), and that the film is not the subject of any license or arrangement between you and any third party that would have an effect on your rights to exercise rights of copyright as set forth in this submission.

Overall Rating
  • Alex Verlage

    What an amazing Festival and and incredible location. The staff was incredibly friendly and helpful, the quality of films was exceptional and the networking was very helpful. I am extremely happy to have been a part of this festival and honored to have won the suspense category.

    If you have a chance to submit to this festival and attend, I'd very highly recommend it.

    December 2019
  • Kate Haug

    Excellent festival. I'm honored that Post-Election Works screened in the Fayetteville Film Festival. Great communication and programming. Thank you, Fayetteville!

    October 2019
  • Nick Frangione

    Fayetteville Film Festival and the people who run and make it possible are for the filmmakers, care for filmmakers, love filmmakers, and Fayetteville Film Fest is truly a major presence in the film festival circuit.

    October 2019
  • Michael David Charles Hicks

    Had a great time at the festival and enjoyed sharing my film “Eugene vs Humanity” with everyone that came. It was a great experience.

    October 2019
  • Denzel Jenkins

    I received a lot of positive feedback and met a lot dope people. Because of this I'm deeply motivated to keep going and improve with every project with the hopes of creating timeless art. Thank you for creating this amazing platform!

    December 2018