Northern Europe first and largest international architecture film festival, since 2009.
In collaboration with the Swedish Association of Architects, Architect School Lund University, Lund Municipality, Skåne Culture and businnes. Via film screenings, Talks, debates and workshops, and via the award: ArchFilmlund Prize, will focus on urban and environments issues in the time of massive interference in big urban centres.

ArchFilmLund Prize/scholarship awards 2018 for:
1. the best documentary film,
2. the best architectural scenery in feature films,
3. the best animated film/the best visual effects.
4. scholarship for a young promising film maker.

We accept for the festival:
* long documentaries (over 20 minutes),
* short (under 20 minutes),
* animated (both)
* feature films (over 60 minutes, with "the best architecture scenery").

Lund International Architecture Film Festival, in Lund, Sweden, is a nonprofit organization.
Fees collected through the call for entry process assist in our operations.
Film projects may be produced anywhere in the world. Documentary and animated films should not be produced before 2016.
The Prize for "the best architecture scenery in feature film" goes to a film director for the hole production.
Nominate directors vill access passes to the festival and special attentions.

* We do not pay screening fees for the submitted work that will be programmed.
* Programming deceptions are made by the festivals directors and a selections committee.
* Films nominated for the festival will be announced August 15th.
* ArchFilmLund reserves the right to use images from films selected in Festival marketing.

Overall Rating
  • Dana Plays

    Wonderful experience in Lund at this festival, with a very hospitable festival director. A broad range of films around architectural themes was well programmed and extended into social, historical, political issues. The opening keynote and panel was timely and relevant to related issues, hosted by the museum. I also was charmed by visiting the city of Lund, a college town in the southern part of Sweden, lots of bikes and a very safe to walk everywhere, including at night, loved staying at the Grand Hotel, very homey and welcoming as was the festival. Special, eclectic experience.

    November 2017
  • Hans Christian Post

    A very nice festival, with an inspiring programme and a very cosy and friendly atmosphere. I can highly recommend any filmmaker to submit her or his film to the festival or attend as a visitor.

    October 2016