Seoul Indie-AniFest (Seoul Independent Animation Festival) organized by KIAFA, the Korean Independent Animation Filmmakers' Association.
Indie-AniFest presents spectacular independent animated films from Korea and Asia.
The festival offers a diverse range of works and opportunities for filmmakers as well as a chance to interact with audiences.
We strive for the values of independence, experimentation, passion, and vision by working together with independent animation directors.

Korean Competition: Independent Walk, First Flight
- Grand Prize: Star of Indie
- Prize for Independent Walk
- Prize for First Flight
- Jury Special Prize
- KIAFA Special Prize
- KAFA Special Prize
- Prize for Debut Film
- Prize for Music/Sound
- Audience Choice: Star of Festival (Korean)

Korean Competition: Animated Web Series
- Prize for the Best Animated Web Series
- Audience Choice: Star of Festival (Korean)

Asian Competition: ASIA ROAD (Except Korean Works)
- Light of Asia
- Prize for Asia Road
- Jury Special Prize
- Audience Choice: Star of Festival (Asian)

Feature Competition: MIRINAE ROAD
- Star of Mirinae
- Jury Special Prize
- Audience Choice: Star of Festival (Feature)

- Films should be completed after August 2020 and never previously submitted to Indie-AniFest.
- Works were produced in Asian countries.
- If a film was produced by more than one country it must have at least one Asian country included.
- Non-English language films must have English subtitles or provide English scripts.
- The result of ASIA ROAD will be announced on 4 July 2022, and MIRINAE ROAD is 1 August
- 한국 작품 공모(독립보행/새벽비행/랜선비행)가 6월 20일 (월) ~ 7월 1일 (금)까지 진행됩니다.
더욱 자세한 내용과 출품 요강 및 출품 신청서는 서울인디애니페스트 홈페이지에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.

Overall Rating
  • Wu-Ching Chang

    One of the most wonderful and sweet festival I have ever attend!
    Thank you Indie-AniFest!

    September 2021
  • stuti bansal

    Very welcoming and Wonderful event.

    September 2020
  • The Indie-Anifest Animation Festival was very well organised! The team prepared and assisted the filmmakers ahead for online video meetings with the audience after the screenings. The meetings themselves took place as scheduled, with a moderator and a translator. It was good to meet the other filmmakers online and see their films! Overall, the experience was great. I hope I will be able to able to take part in India-Anifest again!

    September 2020
  • Tzu Hsin Yang

    Best festival I've ever went!

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    This is so wonderful review! We were so lucky to meet you last year. We hope to see you again at the Indie-AniFest! Always welcome!

  • Ryotaro Miyajima

    Very high quality hospitality. Perfect screening equipment. Accommodation with easy access to the festival. Many staff who understand Japanese language. It was a wonderful film festival!

    October 2019
    Response from festival:

    Thank you. We were also really happy to meet you! We hope to see you again in the Indie-AniFest in the future!