EKOFILM is an international film festival about the environment, natural and cultural heritage. It brings a wide range of viewers the latest findings about the condition of nature and the environment in various countries of the world and in many cases facts about dealing with serious issues. EKOFILM is gaining increasing respect on the international level. It is among the oldest environmental film festivals in the world, an important platform for encounters between the general public and film creators, experts and the state administration. Every year, several foreign experts attend the festival and it is a member of the international institution ECOMOVE (www.ecomove.de).

The MAIN THEME of the festival for 2018 is WATER IN THE LANDSCAPE.

The announcement of winning films and awards ceremony will take place on 12 October 2018. The international juries will present the following awards at the festival:

- Minister’s Award – Grand Prize of the Festival
- Festival President’s Award
- Best Film Award in category: Beauty of Nature
- Best Film Award in category: Central European Films
- Best Film Award in category: Short Films

The juries have the right not to present the awards. The film creators are expected to attend the awards ceremony in person or send a recorded speech.

Documentary, acted, animated and experimental films focussed on protecting the environment, natural and cultural heritage, issues of sustainable development, changes in consumer patters and other current environmental issues can be registered to participate. The main theme of the festival for 2018 is WATER IN THE LANDSCAPE.

The deadline for registering films (including sending films) to the festival competition is 30.4.2018. Films are registered using the festival registration form. Registration refers to the day on which a fully and correctly completed registration form was delivered along with all the annexes and the registered film. Only works created after 1 January 2016 that have not been screened at previous years of the festival can be registered for the competition sections. The runtime and genre is unlimited, and the number of films submitted by one competitor is also unlimited. The condition is that the film represents a suitable topic concerning the environment and/or protection of natural and cultural heritage. Registered films in preview quality can be delivered for assessment by the expert evaluation committee as an electronic link with a password (preferred by the organiser) via a storage site (Vimeo / YouTube / FTP / ….), or by post on a DVD / Blu-ray carrier. Each film must include an English script.

Registered films will be assessed by an expert selection committee, which will decide on inclusion of the films into the festival competition by a majority vote by 30 June 2018. If the film is chosen for the competition section, the applicant will be informed immediately and will also be obliged to provide the film at its own expense in MPEG2 PAL 720x576 (4:3/16:9) format by 15 September 2018. The applicant will send the registered film in the highest quality and without copy protection. The event manager prefers the sending of the film electronically in the form of an electronic link with a password (preferred) via a storage site (Vimeo / YouTube / FTP / ….), or by mail on a DVD / Blu-ray carrier.

The event organiser is entitled not to include the film in the competition if the applicant does not send the aforementioned materials. By sending these materials, the author grants consent to use within the presentation of IFF EKOFILM.

By registering the film for the competition, the applicant as the owner of distribution rights and copyrights agrees to the free screening of the film at the festival. The applicant grants the event managers the right to present a trailer and photographs from the film free of charge on any television station in the Czech Republic, on the internet and at cinemas for the purpose of promoting the festival. This trailer must be no more than three minutes long. The applicant takes into account that the films will be provided to the Ministry of Environment archive. By submitting this registration form, you also consent to screening at the Ekofilm Echoes (non-commercial screening of festival films across the Czech Republic, which can be organised free of charge by any institution / civic association).

All costs related to insuring the film, sending promotional materials and transporting the film from the country of origin are borne by the applicant. Copies of registered films (DVD or Blu-ray carrier) and originals of the awarded films will remain permanently in the festival archive.

The EKOFILM festival management will appoint international juries for both competition categories (3-5 experts and creators), who will evaluate the competing films. The members of international juries must not participate in the creation of any of the competing films. The festival president appoints the chairman and members of the juries at the recommendation of the event manager and organiser.

The organiser of EKOFILM 2018 is the Ministry of Environment (Vršovická 1442/65, 100 10 Prague 10) and the event managers are Key Promotion, s.r.o. (Karolíny Světlé 30, 110 00 Praia 1), the Partnerství Foundation (Údolní 33, 602 00 Brno) and the Department of Environmental Studies of Masaryk University (Žerotínovo nám. 617/9, 601 77 Brno).

Festival dates: The 44th EKOFILM 2018 festival will take place from 11 – 13 October 2018 at Nám. Svobody, Brno, in Scala cinema, on the premises of the Partnerství Foundation and Masaryk University.

Overall Rating
  • Antoni Krastev

    Great film festival, an honour to be part of it!

    November 2018