The Anim!Arte Festival is just for Animation Short Films !
The maximum duration of each film is 15 minutes.
Anim!Arte is an international festival of animated films made ​​by children and youth, and made ​​for children and youth.
In 2019 will be held the 15th edition of Anim!Arte, celebrating 18 years of the festival.
The Anim!arte 2019 will take place in October (03 to 12) in the brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro. During the event, competitive films made by students and professionals will be shown to a large audience.

For International Students (students from around the world), there are two competitive categories (only for animated short films): Maxi (18 years or over) and Mini (under 18 years).

For International Professionals there are two categories: "Environmental films", and "World Cultures" .

And we have 2 more categories where both professionals and students can submit films and participate: “Music Video” and “Fulldome”

There are also 2 exclusive categories (only for Animated short films) just for students who are enrolled in educational institutions in Brazil: Maxi (University Students) and Mini (High School Students, and Students of Elementary Education).

Anim!Arte Trophies

Only the films that contain at least 70% (seventy percent) of animation (in any technique) will be accepted.
Each author (director or proponent) may inscribe a maximum of 5 (five) animation films.
Will be accepted only submissions for films concluded until June 30, 2019, which did not participate of the Festival Anim!Arte in the past years. The submission is free.
The maximum duration of each film is 15 minutes.
The film can be sent by e-mail through download link to:, or by post mail.
It is necessary to send (by email or by post mail) the Authorization Form (Avaible on the website of the festival), filled up and signed (the signature can be digitalized).

The selected animations will be projected following the program prepared by the Festival's organization board.

If the film has dialogues in language other than Portuguese, it will be necessary the sending of a text file with the dialogues of the film in English (if possible, with the time code) to the email:
A version of the film with English subtitles is welcome to facilitate the work of translation and subtitling for the Portuguese, but the version that will be shown at the festival must be submitted without subtitles.


After the end of the 15th ANIM!ARTE Festival, some films will be selected for an exhibition in itinerant format in different Brazilian cities, and in other countries around the World.
Some stages of the itinerant circuit of Anim!Arte Grand Prix (which will be previously communicated by the organization of Anim! Arte) will be competitive, with specific prizes in the places where the films will be shown.
In the end of the Anim!Arte Grand Prix Tour, when the last competitive stage of the itinerant circuit of Anim!Arte is done, the winners will be announced, from the overall score of all itinerant stages performed.

The Ranking with the overall score of each film in the various stages of the Anim!Arte Grand Prix will be constantly updated and made available on the website and by the social networks of the Anim!Arte Festival.

The coordination of the event will previously announce the dates and locations of the itinerant circuit.

Overall Rating
  • Melissa Culhane

    Delighted that A Quack Too Far was selected for this festival :)

    March 2020
  • Paul Johnson

    Thanks for including "Metal Mouse vs The System" in Anim!Arte 2019!

    November 2019
  • Thank you for having us.

    October 2019
  • It was an excellent experience!

    October 2019
  • Bacači Sjenki

    Great festival, great films and detailed catalogue. And great opportunity for our films. Hospitality and Networking we are also giving hi5 even if it is virtual - for now. All the best to best festival.

    October 2019