The HorrorHound Film Fest and Script Competition (#H2F2) takes place semi-annually as part of the largest horror convention in the US – HorrorHound Weekend. HorrorHound Weekend and Film Fest have been the recipient of multiple Rondo Awards (an annual National awards program dedicated to horror, as voted on by the fans). Our events have won Best Horror Convention (twice), as well as Best Fan Event (twice). HorrorHound Weekend and Film Festival was also honored in 2016 by NUVO Magazine as recipients of their Cultural Vision Trailblazer Award for our continued support of independent filmmakers and cinema. HorrorHound Film Fest (an IMDb recognized event) was also named in Cinema Runner's "Indie Horror's Secret Seven," where HorrorHound was named the most influential brand in indie horror. Further, Lloyd Kaufman (President and founder of Troma Entertainment) officially recognized HorrorHound festival promoters with Official Troma Diplomas in 2018 for supporting Truly Independent Art. In March of 2022, Dread Central named the HorrorHound Film Festival as one of the Best Horror Film Festivals in the World.

For our Spring 2024 HorrorHound Film Festival, we added a script competition, expanding our showcasing of horror beyond the big screen. Accepting short and feature scripts, we are bringing all forms of horror cinema entertainment to our audience.

Our history:

Beginning humbly in 2007, our events have grown to over 35,000 attendees annually. Recurring venues include Indianapolis, Indiana in September and Cincinnati, Ohio in March (with other pop-up events hosted in such cities as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Columbus, Ohio, and Pasadena, California).

Over the years, HorrorHound has played host to significant events such as:

• The first official screening of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed: Uncut

• Jamie Lee Curtis’ only horror convention appearance, raising money for the Los Angeles Children’s Hospital (promoted on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”)

• A Nightmare on Elm Street Original Cast Tribute to Wes Craven

• The Horror Host’s Tribute to Vampira hosted by Daniel Roebuck as Dr. Shocker (largest assembly of horror hosts ever … at the time)

• The Monster Channel launched at our event in 2009 as part of “100 Years of Horror”

• The launch of the Horror Host Hall of Fame, in which HorrorHound has maintained involvement in (and host to the annual ceremony) for a decade).

• In 2012, HorrorHound Film Fest teamed with Elvira (Cassandra Peterson) for Elvira’s Horror Hunt – a film fest competition resulting in the winning feature and short receiving a gala screening at the historic Vista Theater in Hollywood. The films selected for the competition were first screened at HorrorHound Weekend.

• HorrorHound Weekend has been featured on multiple TV shows such as “Toy Hunter,” “Making Monsters,” and “Paranormal Paparazzi.” Furthermore, HorrorHound Weekend has been featured in the documentaries Scream Queen, King Cohen, Fantasm: A Convention Documentary, and served as the spotlight location on The Night She Came Home – a feature-length documentary about Jamie Lee Curtis’ appearance at HorrorHound Weekend (which has been included in every Halloween home video release since the 35th Anniversary Edition release of Halloween).

HorrorHound Weekend has included the HorrorHound Film Festival since its inception in 2007, and has been home to hundreds of advance or premiere horror and dark sci-fi feature and short screenings – including titles like The Devil's Candy, Hereditary, Summer of '84, Terrifier, Blood Fest, The Hole in the Ground, Camp Cold Brook, Tucker & Dale vs Evil, Maniac (remake), Let the Right One In, Turbo Kid, Murder Party, It’s in the Blood, Lake Eerie, Martyrs (original), Tales of Halloween, Murder Party, Old 37, Funhouse Massacre, Timecrimes, Found., Rec., Dear God No!, Black Waters of Echo's Pond, Cold in July, Chillerama, The Girl Next Door, Hatchet, and the aforementioned Nightbreed: Uncut.

Filmmakers and cast members are often in attendance to support the screening … over the years many of these names have appeared to do a panel or introduction – including Lance Henriksen (Lake Eerie, It’s in the Blood, Millennium After the Millennium), Joe Dante (Camp Cold Brook), Tom Atkins (Polybius), Robert Englund (Funhouse Massacre), Ethan Embry (The Devil's Candy), Robert Kurtzman (Lake Eerie, Funhouse Massacre), Kane Hodder (Old 37, To Hell and Back), Danielle Harris (Night of the Living Dead: Darkest Dawn), Michael Ironside (Turbo Kid), Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk (Tucker & Dale vs Evil), Michael Biehn (The Victim), Anne Bobby (Hanover House), Harry Manfredini (The Days God Slept), etc.

Our celebrity guests have often commented on how much they enjoy their experience at HorrorHound Weekend. It was this reputation that led Jamie Lee Curtis to choose HorrorHound for her one and only convention appearance as well as Clive Barker for choosing us for his first screening of Nightbreed: Uncut.

During 2020, thanks to the Cover-19 pandemic, HorrorHound Weekend physical events were sidelined due to quarantine declarations by the government. As part of our efforts to maintain the HorrorHound Film Festival, we switched to online virtual events for May and September, 2020. These events were livestream weekend-long ventures managed by in-house original platform programming to maintain safety for all screening films (including IP watermarking and hard user login interface). The events expanded fan interaction with live chat and video chat features as well as filmmaker Q&As. The virtual aspect of our event was so exciting, reaching a larger fanbase than we could otherwise, and showcasing the potential growth of reaching more and more new audiences – that we will be maintaining this aspect of #H2F2 as part of the overall HorrorHound Weekend experience in the coming years.

In September of 2021, we returned to physical screenings as well as continued our virtual screenings during HorrorHound Rewind, an online event that featured film screenings, panel screenings, sneak peek of upcoming guests, and much more. This event will be part of the HorrorHound offerings for years to come.

In March of 2022, Dread Central named the HorrorHound Film Festival as one of the Best Horror Film Festivals in the World.

Also, in March of 2022, HorrorHound Weekend and HorrorHound Film Festival launched a new award, the Icon Award. The first award recipient was Adam Green.

Awards include:
• Judges Choice
• Best Feature
• Best Short
• Judges Choice Script
• Best Feature Script
• Best Short Script
• Best Directing Short
• Best Directing Feature
• Best SFX Short
• Best SFX Feature
• Best Lead Performance Short
• Best Lead Performance Feature
• Best Supporting Performance Short
• Best Supporting Performance Feature
• Best Cinematography Short
• Best Cinematography Feature
• Best Sound Design Short
• Best Sound Design Feature
• Best Production Design Short
• Best Production Design Feature
• Best Writing Short
• Best Writing Feature
• Best Editing Short
• Best Editing Feature
• Best Trailer

HorrorHound LTD. is hereby granted to the right to utilize any excerpt from any film, script, and/or trailer submitted and accepted for exhibition at the Film Festival for promotional and/or advertising purposes. The individual or corporation submitting the film hereby warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screenings or the script for select script readings at the convention, as well as an online virtual screening for films during our HorrorHound Rewind event, and on our Roku channel, virtual screenings for press, film market distributors, and other on-demand screenings for the promotion of the film festival and HorrorHound. Films might be chosen for any or all of these categories. Roku presentation of the film shall be for one year following HorrorHound Weekend and auto-renew at the end of the year. Either party may opt-out of the Roku screenings via email at any time. The submitter understands and accepts these requirements and regulations upon submission. The submitter can modify these permissions on the submission form. It is agreed, by submitting, to allow HorrorHound, and any and all of its subsidiaries, to screen this film without any associated screening fees. By submitting the film, the submitter shall indemnify and hold harmless HorrorHound LTD. from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney’s fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screenings, and loss of or damage to the screening projects entered.

Award winners not present at the show have 120 days from the end of the festival to claim their physical awards and arrange shipment for them. Any physical awards not claimed by that time will be forfeited, although the filmmakers will retain the title of winner of that category. Physical awards are not guaranteed if not claimed, only the title of the winner of the category is guaranteed. Filmmakers have the right to refuse any award title or physical award upon winning. Award categories are subject to change dependent on the films received.

No films accepted with a release date more than three years prior to the event year. Example for the Spring 2024 season, release dates can be no sooner than January 1, 2021.

Film Deliverables:
• 800x450 image 72dpi (Horizontal) Video Thumbnail
• 540x800 image 72dpi (Vertical) Poster Image
• Exhibition screener: Preferred H.264 Stereo, 20-45mbps bitrate (minimum variable), 720 MINIMUM 4K Preferred or Apple Pro Res
• 60gb maximum file size
• 3 seconds black before file and 3 seconds black after credits
• Embedded subtitles for all non-English submissions

Script Deliverables:
• PDF of script in industry script formatting
• Scripts should have no identifying information on the title page (no writer names, no phone number, no address, no email). The title, page count, log-line, and tag-line should be the only information on the title page.
• Poster for script
• Summary for script
• Pitch deck if available
• Ratings and notes on scripts will be released after the event

Overall Rating
  • Kenny Foo

    Honoured to screen my short “Slash” at HorrorHound! I couldn’t attend in person but looks like a massive, well-run event. Thanks team!

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so very much! Our audience enjoyed 'Slash' during our Horror Comedy block. It was a hit! Looking forward to seeing your future projects! Take care!

  • Film Title "Blue". HorroHound is an amazing experience that I highly recommend. Zoe is incredibly passionate and professional as is the entire team. They care very much about the filmmakers and genre and the communication is impeccable. You really feel like you are part of a family and that there are real people behind this festival. I decided to travel to Indiana for the convention and am so glad I did. Being there in person and getting to experience the personal connections as well as be a fan of the genre was an experience I will hold on to for a long time. Sometimes when we make films, there is very little reward other than the experience making it. Having a festival like Horrorhound out there provides the ability to celebrate with other like minded filmmakers the joys and pains of the process and that alone was worth it. Thank you Zoe and the entire Horrorhound team, I hope to come back soon!

    September 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much, Eddie, we're humbled by your kind words. We strive to give the filmmakers the best experience possible. Our staff and volunteers are family and we love to bring in new members of our hound family with each filmmaker that attends. Once your a hound, you're a hound for life! Hope to see you again soon!

  • Sydne Horton

    If you love the horror genre and genre filmmaking, this is the festival for you! There are so many fans of the craft, fantastic panels, and a killer team behind the festival.

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much, Sydne! I was GREAT having you at HorrorHound!!!

  • Justin Seaman

    One of the best run and organized film fests I have ever attented. The amount of time spent by Zoe and her team to pull this off with such success must have been exhausting, but well worth it. Very impressive. It's always great to meet new filmmakers at these events and network and I'm glad to become a part of the HorrorHound family. I urge all filmmakers to submit and to attend if you can.

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you so much, Justin. It was a pleasure screening two of your films for our audience. Looking forward to seeing you again sometime soon at HorrorHound!

  • Bryon Jones

    The Horror Hound had our film The Curtain Call Gang screen at the fest and some of us were able to attend for the first time. Our mouths were on the floor. Great venue, great special guests, and you can tell it was well planned and put together. Now if we can just get an award 😆

    August 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you for everything, Bryon. Keep sending us amazing films and you may very well get an award or two!!