Movies, parties, fun. That's what we do!

Full digital projection and sound including an IMAX, epic parties at waterfront estates, VIP/filmmaker lounge during the festival, all in the unique waterfront town of Gig Harbor! Our goal is the make the Gig Harbor Film Festival a must-attend on the festival circuit promoting fun from the opening night screening to the final awards.

"This film festival is a first-class event on so many levels! It's truly a filmmakers' festival.” – Dr. Jennifer Camota Luebke, Filmmaker

One of the fastest growing independent film events in the Northwest, the Gig Harbor Film Festival will run the last full weekend every September. Located just south of Seattle on the South Puget Sound, Gig Harbor has rich heritage, culture and charm reflected in the warm and enthusiastic reception shown towards filmmakers and audiences.

The Gig Harbor Film Festival is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization as defined by the IRS.

Please visit or call: 253-682-9585 for additional information.

All films submitted and exhibited are eligible for the following award categories.
Best Narrative Film (Feature & Short)
Best Documentary Film (Feature & Short)
The Gig Award (Given to a film that has challenged our thinking and broadened our social awareness. Gig Award nominees inspire hope and action and remind us of the persistent good of humankind.)
Made in Washington (Projects made in Washington state, or by local key cast/crew members)
Best Director
Best Actor

Rules & Terms
Gig Harbor Film Festival (GHFF) - Gig Harbor, Washington September 26-29, 2024
All genres accepted.

Submission Categories:

Feature Film = 60 minutes or longer runtime
Short Film = 59 minutes or less runtime
Made in Washington (Film must be at least partially filmed in Washington, or at least one key member of the cast/crew must be from Washington State)

Submitters must provide a Preview Screener as a link on either or including passwords. DVD, Blu-ray, or hard-drive copies of Preview Screeners will not be accepted or viewed.

All entries must be in spoken English or English SUBTITLED.

It is the responsibility of the Entry Submitter to submit their film in the appropriate category. If a film is submitted to an incorrect category, additional costs for re-classifying by GHFF must be paid before the film will be Previewed.

Films selected for exhibition during the 2024 festival, and entered under the Student Fee pricing will be required to forward a copy of a Student I.D. (valid at the time the film was produced) of either an Executive Producer, Producer or Director as listed in the on-screen credits. If no valid Student I.D. is submitted, payment to cover additional costs will be required by the Final Deadline. If not received, the film will not be exhibited and any entry fees previously paid will be forfeited.

Submitters whose films are chosen as an Official Selection for the 2024 Festival will be notified via email by June 30, 2024.

Upon acceptance as an Official Selection, the Submitter must send an Exhibition Screener (DCP, Digital) by August 1, 2024. Any Exhibition Screeners not received in the GHFF office by August 15, 2024 will be eliminated from the festival and all application fees will be forfeited.

The Official 2024 Gig Harbor Film Festival trademark and bug are the copyrighted property of GHFF and as such may not be used as a marketing or title card element without the express approval of the GHFF Executive Director. As such, any film accepted and exhibited during the 2024 Gig Harbor Film Festival has automatic approval for its use only when used to promote the submitted film in the edited form exhibited during the 2024 Festival.


Gig Harbor Film Festival is hereby granted the irrevocable right to utilize excerpts from any film submitted and accepted for Exhibition at the Festival for promotional purposes in various forms of media, online or mobile formats or social media and in any and all other such formats that exist now or may exist in the future.

Individuals or Corporations submitting any film for consideration hereby warrant that they are legally authorized to commit the film for Previewing and possible Exhibition in the Festival and understand and accepts the requirements and regulations as listed above.

Individuals or Corporations submitting any film for consideration shall indemnify and hold harmless the Gig Harbor Film Festival from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and costs of the court) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits, publicity, screening, and loss of or damage to the Preview or Exhibition Screeners entered.

GHFF in no way guarantees the Exhibition of any Submitted film nor its placement in the festival schedule.

Overall Rating
  • This is my second or maybe third time at Gig Harbor and while unfortunately I wasn't able to be there again I was told by my actresses who did how much of a fabulous time it was! I always hear great things about Gig Harbor and one of these days I want to make it because every filmmaker I know who's attended really raves about it!

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Hi Ash,
    Thank you so much for your review. It was an honor to screen 'Good Grief' and we were grateful to have Natalie and Tara attend to represent your beautiful and bittersweet film. As an alum, we really hope that you will submit for '24 and hopefully we'll see you at the GHFF next year!

  • I had an amazing time attending and screening my short film "A Future In Question" to the Gig Harbor Film Festival. The lineup up of films was outstanding and the location of Gig Harbor couldn't be more beautiful. Overall I found the entire festival very well organized with a ton of fun opportunities to meet other filmmakers and people from the community who are engaged and enthusiastic about the festival. It was definitely one of the best festival experiences I've had and I hope to return one day!

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Hi Chris! We were delighted to screen the WA State Premiere of your film and it was the perfect addition to the shorts block. Thank you for attending the Q&A's, which our audience loves.
    We truly appreciate your positive feedback as we do work very hard behind the scenes to make everything as smooth as possible for our filmmakers and film lovers.
    I hope that you will submit again for the GHFF and use the waiver code for our revered alums!

  • I hope to return in the coming years with a new project to show!

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Thank you, Cailin! We were honored to show the WA State Premiere of "Shop at the Edge of Town" and look forward to seeing your next work.
    We welcome our alums back with open arms and a waiver code!

  • Mitch Yapko

    I've been going to film festivals around the country for over 15 years, and I'm so happy to say that GIg Harbor was one of the top 5 festival experiences I've ever had. It's a festival for filmmakers by filmmakers and film lovers. It's a festival that promotes community and collaboration. The festival creates an environment where you get to connect with fellow filmmakers, board members and locals alike. Josh, Pamela, Kathy and the entire Gig Harbor Film Festival staff and volunteers welcomed us with open arms and bright smiles, and I can't wait to submit again for next year!

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    Hi Mitch! Thank you for this high praise from a veteran festival attendee and filmmaker. This feedback means so much to our hard-working team.😊
    You were a bright light everywhere you went, Mitch, and added so much energy and fun to our festival! Thanks for being all in and attending all the events! That is the absolute best way to enjoy all the GHFF has to offer.
    It was an honor to screen the WA State Premiere of "Un Homme and a Lady" and thank you for joining the Q&A.
    We look forward to seeing your submission for '24!😎

  • Matthew Rush

    It was such a pleasure playing at this year's Gig Harbor Film Festival! The team was incredibly generous and responsive to any and all questions. The Galaxy Theaters was a beautiful location and they went above and beyond to make the filmmakers feel comfortable and welcome! Can't wait to submit for next year!

    October 2023
    Response from festival:

    And it was a pleasure to have you, Matthew! Thank you so much for joining us at the GHFF this year. We truly appreciate your positive feedback and are glad that everyone felt so welcomed. It was an honor to screen "The Invasion" this year and we look forward to seeing your '24 submission!